18 Ways To Wear Mustard Yellow Leggings

A month ago my friend let me borrow some mustard yellow leggings (they may have been of a certain brand that is "all the rage" right now).   She said something about not being sure how to wear them, and I told her I thought a lot of things could go with yellow leggings - and I put together a few outfits to prove it to her and myself.  I may have gotten a bit carried away!  But I thought I would share my outfit ideas with you all, in case you too wonder how to pull off colored leggings for everyday wear.

(In this whole process, I realized how many things I have that really would go with this color - so I may have bought myself a pair of mustard yellow leggings.  They may have been from Forever21.  Because I would like the $4 price tag.)

So I give you...eighteen ways to wear mustard yellow leggings!  Yes, eighteen.  I told you I got a little carried away.

Late Summer/ Early Fall Ideas

Autumn Ideas

Winter Ideas

I think there are a couple formulas to making colored leggings fit into an interesting outfit:

1. Use a neutral-colored top (like white, grey or black) that covers your behind as a base, and then layer interesting pieces over that (like coordinating scarves, patterned kimonos/cardigans, jackets/vests, pretty jewelry).

2.  Wear a multi-colored patterned top that coordinates with the leggings.  Notice I said coordinates.  The great thing about patterned tops is that it doesn't have to have mustard yellow in the pattern for you to pull it off.  As long as the colors don't clash with yellow it still works.

I hope this post is helpful if you have been wanting to hop on board the colored legging-train!

Do you own any colored leggings?  What tips do you have for how to wear them?

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Angie said...

Such cute ideas! Now I'm going on a hunt for mustard leggings!

Bethany Lammott said...

Can I hire you to shop for me? :D

Katelynn DiCarlo said...

Great variety of options!! I usually shy away from bolder bottoms because I'm not quite sure what to do with them.

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