A Thanksgiving Outfit Idea (And Other Musings)

Thanksgiving is tomorrow!

What a weird year it has been for us.  I was about to type that the year seems like it has gone by really fast, but in other ways it has seemed like a long year too.  If you were in my house today, you'd probably see me scrambling around, making pink fluff salad and sweet potato casserole for our family gatherings over the next couple days.  Little ones would be crawling around at my feet, or asking me what I'm doing, or pestering me for a cookie.  

And maybe I'd tell you a little bit about how thankful I am to have these children, how thankful I am to have a hard-working husband, who has the blessing of a good job. I'd be thankful for our house renovation this year, and doubly thankful that it is mostly finished headed into these winter months.  I'd be thankful for a good church to worship the Lord in, and a good country that offers us the freedom to live out our faith, and I'd thank God for both even as I pray for peace and wisdom for our leaders of both.  

Today we bake, and tomorrow we gather with family and friends and give thanks to God for all He has given us - and most of all for the gift of forgiveness of sins and salvation through Jesus. What a sweet time of year this is.

I'd probably have flour on my clothes, and my counters would be a mess, but I'd stick the sweet potato casserole in the oven and sit down and ask you what you are thankful for too.

And then after you shared, we'd probably talk about something frivolous and silly, like what you are going to wear to Thanksgiving dinner (which believe it or not is what I originally sat down to write about).

I weirdly always feel like I need to match my clothes to the season, particularly the outdoor natural colors of the season.  So in Winter I like white, black, navy, and ice blue, in Spring I go with pastel-flowery colors, summer gets all the brights, and in Autumn I go with colors that you might see on a tree.  Thanksgiving is in the fall, and has a lot of colorful foods on the table, so those are the colors I gravitate towards.

Please tell me that's not as weird as I feel like it sounds?

So here you go, a little Thanksgiving outfit idea for you today.  I may or may not be wearing this tomorrow, but it struck me as a Thanksgiving-like outfit.  You know, I can match the cranberries.

Shirt: Forever21 (this year)
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: JustFab (only $15 right now!)
Sweater: Jane.com
Earrings: Can't remember.

What I like about this outfit for Thanksgiving:

-The aforementioned cranberry color.

-The jeans that don't look like they are made out of stretchy material.

-The flowy shirt, so no one can see the post-dinner pooch.

Our Thanksgiving dinners are pretty casual, but if you wanted to dress up you could switch out the sweater for a blazer or the jeans for faux suede or leather-paneled leggings.  I went with my strappy shoes for warmer days, but with the weather turning cooler I'd probably switch them out with boots instead.

So what ARE you wearing to Thanksgiving dinner?

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Carol Blanchet said...

Your outfit is darling! I often like to dress up a little more - like church clothes - for the holidays, but this year I'm thinking a bit more casual. Wish I had your top! :-)
Also - I just want you to know that I stumbled upon your blog (I don't remember now how I found you) but I really enjoy reading. It's always nice to find a sister in Christ.
Have a wonderful - full of thanks - holiday.

Callie said...

Thank you so much for commenting Carol, I am so glad you found me! I've been perusing your blog too and am excited to read along more! I totally get wanting to dress up more - I waffle back and forth between wanting to dress up and wanting to be casual! I guess it depends on what all we will be doing. :-)

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