"Mom Day"

When I was a kid, my mom would occasionally take us kids out individually.  We usually were just doing a little shopping, running some errands - occasionally we went somewhere fun together too.  We'd get ice cream, my mom would maybe buy us a little toy.

I didn't grow up in a big family - there were only three of us kids, but I really loved those "mom days", as we called them.  Even in a family of three kids, it was rare to get time with mom all by myself.  I loved having her full attention, without any competition.

As my kids have gotten bigger (and as we've added more of them), I've started to realize that my kids need "mom days" too, especially since there will be five of them.  They need time with just me, giving them my full attention, talking about the things that interest them.  So I've been putting off my grocery shopping until I can go in the evening or on the weekend with just one kid.  It's been so fun to see their little personalities come alive when there is no one around but me and them.

Yesterday was Wyatt's turn.  We met Derek at his work and switched cars, Derek taking the little ones home, and me buckling Wyatt into the other car.  I asked Wyatt where he wanted to go for dinner, and he chose Golden Corral (of course - it's an all-you-can-eat buffet).  He made different dinosaur noises as we drove, and asked me a million questions about extinct or rare animals.  We started talking about narwhals.

He bounced alongside me into the restaurant, and we ate too much comfort food and dessert while looking up pictures of narwhals on my phone.  He stumped me several times with his questions, and it's fun to see how he soaks information in, and what kind of things interest him.

We shopped for groceries, we talked about Christmas, and when we found some ornaments at Walmart we had to buy some.  One for the boy's tree, one for the girl's tree.  He bounced alongside me to the register, bounced alongside me to the car, and talked all the way home about how much fun the day was.

I hope he grows up someday and remembers our "mom days" with fondness too.  I hope he never gets too old to enjoy them, because I'll be scheduling individual "mom days" as long as they still want to.  

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The Lady Okie said...

I'm part of a working mom group on Facebook, and someone posted over the summer and asked if anyone was doing anything special even though most of us still work and don't have a summer off. Someone posted and said that every summer, she takes a day off work and spends one individual day with each of her kids and leaves the others at daycare/school. I loved that idea and am going to do that with my kids too. I think one-on-one mom time is important and fun!

Ariella said...

I found your blog on Blogger through our mutual interest of coffee. ;)

One on one time with children is so important. Enjoy every moment of it!

Gina babybluemom.com said...

My mom did this with us girls growing up and it's some of my fondest memories. Thanks for posting this because my older two have been acting out lately and a little one on one time seems like the perfect help.

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