Don't Judge A House By It's Paint Color (Home Tour Part 1)

When we first bought our house it was painted an ugly tan color.  Truly, it was ugly.  One of the first things we did when we moved in was to paint it.

What I couldn't figure out was what color to paint it.  

In the mountains, most homes have lovely cedar siding, maybe even with log accents.  This house had none of those things and needed paint.  But as a young newlywed with no experience picking paint colors, I had no idea what to choose.  What was a good color for a mountain home?

I ended up going with a pale green, with darker green trim, but I was never completely satisfied with it.

A couple years ago we undertook a major remodel after realizing that moving wasn't in our near future.  If we had to stay where we were, it was finally time to put some effort into making this house look the way we want, to make it comfortable and pretty for however many years we would be here.  Most of the projects were on the interior, but I felt like the outside needed to match the newly polished inside.  

I chose Le Luxe by Behr.  Derek taped up the trim and started spraying the outside of our home, and I have to say, we were both terrified.  It looked so...dark!  It looked almost black!  But we persevered, added the white trim, and in the end I loved the color so much.  Now our house not only looks polished, it's the perfect color backdrop for my instagram photos!

Most mountain homes still have cedar siding, but I have to say, I love the way this color looks for a mountain/forest home.  It brings to mind stone or slate, it doesn't match the surroundings, but it goes. I love the way it turned out!

(These photos were taken two years ago, in the fall, obviously.  Look how tiny my babies are, and how much Clyde looks like a Charlie Brown character!)


If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I invited you all to join in on sharing photos of your house over the next month!  I'm running a linkup, just because it might make it a little more fun (or if you are on Instagram, use the hashtag #bloglandhometours).  Share photos or even stories of your home, write as many posts as you want and organize them however you want, and come share them here so we can all check them out!  No need to link back here unless you want to, but I do reserve the right to delete links that do not fit this linkup.  I'll share the same linkup in each post, so come back and share on any of my house posts for the next month or so! I can't wait to see everyone's homes!  It's like we're all having coffee at each other's houses!

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Michelle said...

I absolutely LOVE the color of your house! That’s pretty much my dream house color. Ours is mint green, and while I really like it, I have visions of a dark blue house.

Felicia said...

I love your house! That colour is beautiful, it's so stunning against the fall foliage!

Emily Powell said...

I LOVE this color!

Heather said...

Wow, I love the color!! It's gorgeous. Also, I love how it pops against the trees.

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