Up The Stairs (House Tour Part 3)

When we were first married, the upstairs of this house was the only part of the house that was finished, but boy, did it look different.

Rough hewn, yellowing wood, which was actually house siding, on the ceiling.

Raggedy carpet from wall to wall.

Old, beat-up wood trim.

The cheapest doors you can buy at the home improvement store.

Dirty white walls.

A bathroom that was not worth noting.

No overhead lighting in the bedrooms.

An old kitchen with white laminate countertops and no dishwasher.

Windows that would barely open, and a sliding glass door that let cold air through in the winter.

But it had a gorgeous wood stove and vaulted ceilings.  The bones were good.

My dad helped us update the kitchen, because that was just necessary.  We lived in one of the upstairs bedrooms until Wyatt was born and we moved downstairs.  I painted the walls, trying to put a bandaid on a house we couldn't afford to fix up yet.  And we just dealt with it, for 8 years.

Finally two years ago, we decided we were staying, we might as well make this place somewhere we would like to live!  Most of the work was concentrated on the upstairs, for obvious reasons.

What did we do?

Ripped out the carpet and put new (fake) wood floors in.

Tore out all the trims and doors, and replaced all of it.

New windows, and a new sliding glass door.

Covered up the ceiling with white planks (which did a ton to brighten it up, let me tell you).

Repainted everything a brighter color.

Remodeled the bathroom.

So basically, we redid everything except the kitchen (which had already been redone) and the wood stove (which really can't be improved upon).

I really wouldn't necessarily recommend doing all the work yourself, which is what we did, because it was a miserable, crazy few months.  But we saved a bunch of money, and it finally looks the way I want it!

A few notes:

You'll notice the couch is green and the chairs are tan in a few photos.  The pictures were taken before I bought new couch covers a year and a half ago.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen the new covers.  I'll put a few updated pictures at the end so you can see, but that's why not all the pictures match!

Bathroom not pictured because the lighting is horrible in there and it's terribly hard to take a good picture of it, but trust me, it's nice now.

So that was what it looked like right after our remodel, but a few months later I got a few new couch covers.  I didn't feel like re-taking all the photos, so here are just a couple more recent shots to give you an idea of how it looks a slightly different now.


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Michelle said...

Your house is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it! So cozy and inviting. Your before description sounds a lot like our current house 😂 you give me hope that we’ll get there too!

Emily Powell said...

Love the light and airy feel. I feel like we're kind of in the same boat. Sell and move or stay here and totally finish the remodel. Ehh..who knows!

The Lady Okie said...

You have such a lovely space! So light and bright :)

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