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We had a lovely Thanksgiving last week.  We went to my parents' house and Derek's mom came with us.  We ate a lot of food and too much pie, played the A Christmas Story game (you know, like the movie?), and laughed and enjoyed each other's company. And now we have apparently charged full-speed ahead in the countdown for Christmas.  I'm still trying to get my bearings.  No matter how hard I try to plan ahead, Christmas always manages to catch me a little by surprise each year.

Speaking of surprises, I'm working on a freebie for all of you who are regular readers of my blog (hopefully will be up tomorrow), so I'm going to keep this "currently" short and sweet.

Wrapping...nothing.  All the presents arrived in the mail this week, so now I just need to buckle down and get them wrapped!  I actually don't enjoy wrapping presents very much.  I wish I did, but there are just so many to wrap, it gets overwhelming.  I'm going to be recruiting Derek to help me tonight while we watch a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Lighting...Christmas candles.  Weirdly, my favorite ones this year are not from Yankee Candle, as per the norm, but instead I'm really enjoying some that I found at TJ Maxx.  They have some great scents, and the candles are cheaper than Yankee, so that's a plus!  Anything pine scented is my favorite this time of year.

Baking...also nothing, but I am hoping to start on ginger cookies this week.  I've learned over the years to keep my Christmas baking to a minimum.  I'm always tempted to try a bunch of new recipes, but when I do that I tend to just get overwhelmed.  I may bring one new recipe into the rotation though, if things ever slow down enough.  I'm thinking some sort of candy recipe.

Sending...a present to my lifelong penpal, Felicia.  Keep an eye out, friend!  I'm also waiting for photos to arrive in the mail so I can start sending Christmas cards in earnest.  I decided this year to just use the boxes of Christmas cards I have collected over the years with a photo tucked inside, instead of our usual photo Christmas card.  It's actually been less complicated and stressful this way, not to mention less expensive since I'm using cards I already have!

Enjoying...quiet days at home, especially if it's snowing like it is today.  So far the first week of December has been chaotic and a little stressful, but today we have the whole day stretched out ahead of us.  We might read some Christmas picture books or bake something or do a Christmas craft.  It feels like the world is my oyster when I have a quiet day at home to work with.

(Wyatt took these photos for me a couple weeks ago - not too shabby, right?  He's getting better at using the big camera!)

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Anne said...

Wow, gorgeous photos! Looks like a perfect setting for a quiet day at home with Christmas things to enjoy. I didn't seem to find a Christmas candle when I pulled out all of my decor stash this year, so I think I might get to treat myself to one :) Thanks for linking up!

Felicia said...

Goodness, I'm with you on Christmas sneaking up. I feel like I've been planning for a month but I still have so much to do! I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to get it all done by next weekend so I can binge Christmas movies for a few evenings ;) I'm always trying to bake 900 recipes but I'm forcing myself to narrow it down to 3, and just do a few double batches. I will be checking my mailbox!! Yours will hopefully going in the mail early next week :D You are so gorgeous, friend!

Kristin said...

Great photos!

Oh gosh, I love wrapping. Since I was the oldest of 3, my mom would give me all the gifts starting when I was in high school, labeled who they were for, and I did all of her wrapping for her for yearssss.

Rachel said...

I've been wrapping little by little as I've gradually found presents this year. In the past I've usually done it in one big session...but big chunks of 'free' time are rare to come by! So the gradual method is working well for me right now. I am very much looking forward to baking some Christmas cookies with my sisters around Christmas week!

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