How'd Those Resolutions Go?

Last year was the first year in...well, maybe ever?...that I actually set goals for the year.  I have tended to avoid making resolutions because I have always been sure that I would fail at them anyway, but last year I decided to give it a go.  Let's see how I did on my resolutions, shall we?

2019 Goals:

-Spiritual: Memorize the book of Hebrews.  I did not do well at this.  Before 2019 I had memorized through Hebrews chapter 4, but it had become pretty fuzzy.  In 2019, I basically really solidified Hebrews 1-4 in my memory, and that was it. I didn't memorize a single verse of chapter 5.  Fail.

-Marriage: Write Derek one note per month. Yeah, I didn't do this at all. Fail.

-Motherhood: Document my children better.  I had a specific goal of taking one picture of each kid per week, and writing down one thing about them.  I did not do any of that, but I do think I succeeded at the more vague overall goal of documenting the kids better.  I shared cute things the kids did and said more often on the blog and on Instagram.  In addition, I printed a ton of photos in 2019, which is something I haven't been consistent about before.  Semi-Success.

-Health: Go sugar free one week per month.  I actually did this!  I didn't record whether I did it every month, but I did sugar-free weeks frequently, and I felt great every time I did.  Success!

-Reading: Participate in the unread shelf project.  I did this, but not as much as I wanted to.  I did sort through my unread shelves, got rid of a ton of books I'm no longer interested in, and read a stack of the books I already had.  I have a ton more to go though, so it's still in progress.  Semi-Success.

-Blog: Try some posting routines.  I was semi-consistent with themed posts, like my "Stuff I Like" posts, and "The Wednesday Five" which I started in the fall.  Success.

-Financial: Save $1000.  I was not as consistent with this as I wanted.  I was using a weekly saving chart, which I think would have worked well if I used a weekly budget, but I don't.  I work with a monthly budget, often do my grocery shopping monthly, etc.  Since the saving schedule was weekly and my budget was monthly, I often forgot to hold aside the money I wanted to save.  I only ended up saving about half of the $1000.  Semi-Success.

I thought this was going to be a travesty when I sat down to write this post, but I am so relieved to see that I only out-and-out failed in two areas!  Being successful or semi-successful at 70% of my goals is good enough for me.  Even though I didn't check in with my written goals as often as I probably should have, I did find that just having these goals tucked in the back of my mind helped me make more progress than if I had made no specific goals at all.

So, will I make goals again this year?  Yes, I think I will.  Stay tuned next week for those!

How did you do at your 2019 goals?
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Jinjer-The Intrepid Angeleno said...

Thanks for telling us about The Unread Shelf Project. I've looked at several other read your own books types of projects but I think the key with The Unread Shelf is that you have to either read the book by the end of the month or get rid of it! I think that will be very motivating for me. LOL

I look forward to hearing what your 2020 goals are!

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