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Fixing...our minivan.  The van was making a funny noise, so we took it into a mechanic, who recommended we take it to a transmission specialist.  We paid a painful amount to get the transmission, which was supposedly falling apart, fixed.  Goodbye family vacation.  Only to get the van back and realize that it is making the same exact noise.  No one knows what it is or how to fix it.  I'm just mad we got the transmission re-built when that wasn't even the issue, but I guess eventually it would have had to be done anyway.

Wearing...these $2 shoes from Walmart.  They are having some great sales lately!

Feeling...quite upbeat this last week, because spring, actual spring, is in the air.  Last Friday it was nearly 50 degrees in the mountains.  The kids played outside all afternoon, and I didn't even have to shout to close the door to keep the cold out, because it wasn't that cold.  I didn't realize how sunshine-deprived I was getting.  I loved all the snow in February, but a week of sunny days was much needed.

Reading...The Lake House by Kate Morton, but also the homeschool catalog.  I am considering switching curriculum for a few subjects next year, and trying to decide what would be a good fit.

Borrowing...a tablet device from the library that I thought would be good for math review for my kids, but instead ended up calling them an idiot!  One of my kids brought the tablet back after practicing math facts and told me with a furrowed brow that the tablet had said (exact quote) "You idiot, what's wrong with you?" when a question was answered wrong.  Is anyone else as shocked by this as I am?  We don't call people idiots in our house, and I'm mad that a math program would call a child names just for getting a problem wrong. I guess it was supposed to be funny, but I wasn't laughing.

Hearing...that the grocery stores are selling out of toilet paper because everyone is freaking out about the Corona virus.  After my friend told me this, I realized that I was running low on toilet paper at home, and maybe I should see if the grocery store really was sold out.  And it very nearly was!  I snagged the last few packages of cheap generic because the only other option was a pricey Quilted Northern, and I resent that I had to contribute to the grocery store selling-out just because other people are panicking.  Can we all just calm down a little about the Corona virus?  I am so sad for the people who have died because of it, and it's a terrible and tragic thing.  But for the let's-clean-the-grocery-store-out type, we are in the United States, which is probably the best place in the world to get a scary virus.  We have a very high quality of medical care available to us here.  Maybe take a deep breath, say a prayer for people who are in more danger than you are, and try not to freak out.  No one wins when people can't buy toilet paper.

Recommending...picking a personal area of study for the year.  I mentioned this before, but in 2020 I am trying to learn more about World War 1, and I've done the same in past years with the Cold War and Winston Churchill.  It's amazing how much clearer different aspects of history can become when you learn more about just one area.  I've been really enjoying reading, listening to podcasts, and watching movies about World War 1, and I understand it better than I ever did when I learned about it in high school.  I think I'm going to make a habit of picking a topic each year to focus on studying, because it's been really enriching.  Have you ever done this, and what topic did you pick?

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Jinjer-The Intrepid Angeleno said...

****No one wins when people can't buy toilet paper.***

Stands up and applauds. Best line of the year so far.

Also, very cute shoes and the van / transmission situation is beyond annoying. So sorry!!!!

Felicia said...

Cute outfit! :) I'm so tired of people panicking about the coronavirus. Stockpiling is just so silly. But had the same situation as you about the toilet paper the other day, we were running low so I made sure to grab a pack before the stores run out over here too.

Michelle said...

I'm horrified that program calls kids idiots! That is never ok! Ugh.

I am so over the Coronavirus meltdown. My dad works in a clinic/hospital environment so all day he's dealing with the CDC protocols and setting up quarantine areas. I get why he's on edge about it, but my parents are just freaking out over it. They've been trying to wrap me up in the hysteria and several times I've had to put my foot down. I'm about to give birth and cannot worry about a pandemic right now!

Jenna Miller said...

Can you share some of the podcasts you’ve been enjoying?

Elizabeth said...

The panic is driving me nuts too, BUT I think a quarantine is the simplest way to stop viruses from spreading...I just don't get all the panic-buying. I'm going to be slowly adding a few extra things to my grocery basket in case Russia follows suit and people go crazy. Speaking of which, I actually have a book on the Black Plague on my Kindle! I thought it would be an interesting thing to research, although of course it's scary to think about. In homeschool we did a really quick WWI unit and will be starting WWII, going more in depth over the next few years of homeschool. Another interesting topic is the Siege of Leningrad. I already read a lengthy book about it, but I definitely want to keep expanding on my knowledge of Russian history since we live here.

Chantel said...

I can't believe that math program called your kid an idiot! I mean, I believe you, but how horrible!!

I love the idea of picking a topic of study each year. I don't know if I would be committed enough to stick out an entire year on the same topic but I'm going to give this some consideration!

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