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And Just Like That, She's Two

My Dear Clarice,

What a year it has been, Darling!  Your first birthday party seems so long ago, but at the same time your second birthday snuck up on me.  You have grown so much in a year!  And now you are two.  As I type that I picture how you draw out the word "two" when we ask how old you are, how your lips form this cute little "o", and you cross your eyes a little as you look at your hand to hold up three or four fingers.  

You walked shortly after your first birthday last year, but you were content for months to just say your ten favorite words, including "daddy", "mama", and "bebe" - your name for that pink bear that GG got you for your first birthday.  I should probably note here that Bebe comes everywhere with us, and you really do consider it your baby.  You tuck it under blankets for naps, you've tried to feed it a bottle, and you cradle it in your arms and rock it.  I have to wash it every other week at least, and it will probably be falling apart soon.  I have no doubt my future includes many patches of Bebe.

You also went through this funny stage where you kissed everyone with Bebe, but my favorite right now is when I am about to leave to run errands by myself, and you run up with your arms in the air, and say "hug!" and "kess!", your little lips puckering.  I bend down to kiss you, you say "mwah!" with your little arms wrapped tightly around my neck and you lift your feet off the ground.  You're so light that it doesn't even hurt having you swing from my neck for a few seconds.

You've really started talking just in the last couple months, and now that you've started you try to say everything.  You are constantly copying what everyone says, and sometimes you'll jabber sentences and crack me up.  Even though you just started talking, you can really hold your own in a conversation.  You say the cutest things sometimes, and I need to remember to write them down more in your memory book.

The other day you were not feeling particularly well.  It was cold outside, but you were determined to follow your big siblings outside to get me some wood for the fireplace.  A minute or two later you were on the porch, the last three inches of your pants soaking wet, and you were crying.

I got you dried out, but you wouldn't really stop the crying; after getting your big siblings settled back inside and cleaning up the kitchen, I checked on you, scooped you up, and climbed onto Gwen's bed to sit with you and calm you down.  Less than five minutes later the crying was reduced to a few shuddering breaths, and you were fast asleep.  You had your little arm wrapped around me, and your head resting on my shoulder.

I wasn't about to move, Baby Girl, because you were an almost-two-year-old.  I know from experience that almost-two-year-olds don't fall asleep on their mama's shoulder very often anymore.  I held you and snuggled you for a good hour and a half while your siblings played in the next room.  Taking in you little eyelashes, and your perfect pink lips, and your wild curls, and your even breathing.  And I guess I'm writing that here, because I know it might have been the last time you will fall asleep on me like that.  We have so many exciting firsts ahead, and so many lasts too that will probably slip by unnoticed.  But I'm holding on to this one, this sweet memory in my heart of my baby, snuggled up next to me and breathing against my skin.  

Now on to the glorious two's, Darling!  I can't wait to see what your third year holds.  I love you more than I could ever say.


Always My Baby

We are on the countdown to Clarice's first birthday, and I laid in bed last night thinking, How did this happen? Where did the last year go?  Clarice still seems so little to me, but she is growing so much!

Her little personality just keeps singing through more and more, and it cracks me up.  She's my little firecracker.  When she is unhappy, you know it, and when she is happy, you know it.  She screeches either way, and you have to look at her face to see whether she's happy or mad.  Most of the time it's happy though, and I love her little grin!  She has the sweetest smile, but when she is really amused by something she'll grin and scrunch her eyes - it almost looks like a grimace, but it's just her expression to show she's excited.

She is suddenly much more mobile, and she's been crawling and climbing on everything.  She's figured out how to crawl on her hands and knees, and she pulls up with furniture onto her feet now.  The first time I came in her room and found her standing, she scrunched her face and bounced up and down, so proud of herself.

Her hair has definitely started filling in, and she has little blond curls at the back of her head.  I love them so much, and hope they stick around for a while.  Her eyes are still bright blue, and I love seeing how different colors bring them out.

Clarice has four little teeth.  I have a feeling more will be popping through soon, but for now I love the four she has, the way they shine when she smiles.  She puts them to good use too, and she dug right into a full peach at the peach festival - I looked down and suddenly there was a two-tooth bite out of one of the peaches in our bag, so we let her have at it!

The other day I was swinging her at the park, and her little hands were white-knuckling the sides of the swing.  She looked up and gave me a face somewhere between afraid and excited, and it cracked me up.  Do you remember that movie, Chicken Run?  Her little afraid face made her face look just like that, barely smiling eyes and a little horizontal oval of a mouth with four little teeth in the middle.  It cracked me up and made me want to scoop her right up, but she decided the swing was fun and laughed then, so we continued on with it.  I do believe she's a fan now.

We stopped nursing last month.  I knew I would wean her sometime around one year, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized didn't need that kind of emotion to deal with when I would already be handling a bittersweet first birthday.  She had been nursing less and my supply was decreasing, and one day after church I was nursing her in her room and she fell asleep.  I was sitting there, praying about when to stop, and I just got this feeling like this would be a good time.  I didn't want to not remember her last time nursing; I didn't want it to peeter off without my noticing, until I was left wondering what happened.  So I memorized every little feature, her sweet little eyelashes and arms wrapped around me, and then I laid her down, closed the door to her room, and cried a little.  It was a good decision though.  I have the sweet memories to hold, and we are both enjoying a little more freedom.  She still falls asleep in my arms when I give her a bottle.


My Sweet Clarice,

I know you are getting bigger, but you still just seems like this little thing to me.  Your feet are still tiny, and I just have this mental picture of you as my tiny baby - but you're really not.  You're almost one.  As with all of you kids, I'm hanging on to every little bit of babyness in you that I can.  I love it when you snuggle with me, or fall asleep in my arms, or reach up your hands for me to pick you up.  I love the way you sit on my hip, or rub your eyes when you're tired.  I love the way you still hesitate when you crawl on your hands and knees.  I love the way you bury your little face against my chest when you are scared or hurt.  I'm hanging on to all of these evidences that you are still my itty bitty baby, because someday soon I'll turn around and realize you've become a toddler.  And I'll be sad then, but not too sad because you'll give me joy in every season - and because you should know, darling, that you'll always be my baby.  I love you more than words.


First Watermelon And Words


Well, my sweet girl is ten months old, and this post is very late.

July seemed to sweep by in a hurry this year, and I woke up at the beginning of August realizing that we haven't even done anything this summer, excluding vacation.  And since we haven't done anything interesting, I've been slacking on taking pictures of the kids, which means Clarice's imaginary nine month album is going to be rather sparse.  Poor Clarice!  I'll just explain as much about her little personality I can instead.

This month the scrunch-nose smile has returned, and it is so darn cute with her four new teeth.  Two upper and lower teeth have popped through her little gums, and it makes her look slightly older and even more impossibly cute.  When she is happy she'll jerk her arms up and down (kind of like that old dance "the jerk" - look it up), and she gives the biggest grin, nose scrunched and four teeth shining, and little blond curls poking out from the back of her head.

This month Clarice officially said her first word - which I am counting as "da" for Derek. Up until now it has mostly been happy screeches and tongue clicks.  I think she would be right at home in one of those South American tribes that uses clicking in their language.  It is hilarious how much she enjoys clicking her tongue!  But she recently started saying "da" when Derek arrived home from work, and it seemed more intentional than in the past.  Shortly following "da", she started saying "hi".  Only imagine the word "hi" drawn out with a strong southern belle accent, with no actual long "i" sound.  Then she figured out how to combine her only two words, and when Derek arrived home she said "hi da", like a little Georgian native, even though we've never been to Georgia in this family's life.    No "mama" is in sight.

When I realized that we hadn't done anything this summer, I took us to a park with water fountains.  The fountains are down some steps in this little concrete bowl, but the draining system must not have been working the day we went because it was full of three inches of water.  I plopped her down in it anyway, and she had so much fun, smacking the water with her little hands and grinning up at me.  The kids would run by and splash her little face, and she would look briefly startled and then scrunch her nose and laugh again.

I bumped her up to size 4 diapers, not because she fills them out but because they seem to work better at night right now.  She is probably between a size 3 and 4.  Her favorite thing to do is eat finger foods and pouches of puree, and if everyone else is eating but her, you will hear about it.  She screeches, with a very serious look on her face, to let you know when she is unhappy.  She was very focused and clearly thrilled with her first slice of watermelon this month; she felt like such a big girl, eating the same thing as everyone else.  Give her a rice puff cookie or a slice of apple and she is happy as a clam, but she has recently started boycotting green vegetable purees.  Only the green ones.  It doesn't matter if it is 90% apple and mango, if there is a green vegetable in it she (literally) turns her nose up at it.  She seems far too young to be this picky.  We have been nursing twice a day.

My favorite moments this month have been when she falls asleep in my arms, because she doesn't do that as much anymore, and I've noticed.  I'm going to miss it when she stops.  She falls asleep, and her sweet little dark eyelashes brush her smooth skin.  Her lips are pink, her elbows are dimpled, and a little blond curl sticks out on top of her head.  My own living baby doll, with her little breath brushing against me.


My Sweet Clarice,

This month was quiet and sweet with you my darling.  We really didn't do much except just live.  There have been lots of days of playing, lots of peek-a-boo, lots of baby giggles and splashing in the kiddie pool.  Lots of grins, and naps, and snuggles.  Lots of little baby arms reaching up, because even now you are happiest when I'm holding you - and those are my happy moments too, with your little head resting against my shoulder.  I love you Sweet Girl, more every day.


We Have A Dream Vacation Baby

Clarice is nine months old, and is officially a dream vacation baby.

We went on a camping trip to Wyoming this year, which I'm hoping to write more about, and I was prepared to end the week in a zombie-like state from lack of sleep.  But Clarice barely cried during the long hours in the car, and I would look back to see her little feet sticking out of her carseat, moving happily.  Feet can move happily, you know.  Clarice has very expressive feet. She loved the campsite, and she went straight to sleep when we laid her down at night, usually only waking up once.  I was shocked by how rested I felt each day, and it was the best vacation surprise.

Then she got her first tooth.  On vacation!  And we barely even noticed.  To say we were impressed is an understatement.  Clarice, you can go camping with us anytime.

So among the firsts this last month was first time camping (on the outside), first tooth, and first time swimming.  Clarice has also started scooting along the floor, in her own, undefined way.  I hardly ever seem to see her actually moving, but I'll turn around and when I look back she is halfway across the floor.  She has figured out how to get from laying down to sitting up by herself too.

Sleeping before vacation was so-so, on vacation it was wonderful, and since we've been home it's been not so wonderful.  She has been waking up 3-4 times each night, but in the little one's defense, she has also been sick.  She has a sniffly nose, and it's so sad to see her smiling through eyes all red and nose running.

She has taken the happy noises to a new level this month via "the happy screech".  Sometimes one of the kids will be playing with her, and I'll hear the screech and start to scold the older ones for making her cry, but then I'll realize she's laughing!  Her brothers and sister can make her laugh so easily, and I love to see their relationship develop.  Her face lights up whenever she spots her siblings.

She is loving her solid foods still, but she gets a frustrated with purees.  She will eat them, but she looks so longingly at everyone else's food.  She is most happy when I give her a piece of fruit or a vegetable that she can gnaw to death.  I'm not sure how much makes it to her stomach, but it's so cute watching her try.

She's still half nursing, half bottle feeding, and I think I'm hanging on for the night and nap time feedings alone.  Derek enjoys giving her a bottle at night because she curls in and falls asleep while she eats, and I like to nurse her still for the same reason.  She curls her little legs up against my stomach and falls asleep while she eats, and I just love it.  It's the easiest way to get her to fall asleep in my lap, and I want to hang on to it for a while longer.


Dear Clarice,

Darling, you have grown so much this month!  All of a sudden you are so much more independent.  You are happy playing by yourself, feeding yourself, and falling asleep by yourself.  But you still reach for me, sometimes when things are not right in your world, and sometimes just because you want to be with me.  It's sweet to see you grow more and more, and honey to my heart when you still reach up for me.  I love you, my sweet darling.


I'm Glad She's A Non-Crawler

Almost anytime I go somewhere, someone asks me the ages of my kids.  I guess we are quite a sight, me with my three little ones trailing behind me and one in a stroller.  I answered, and Wyatt chimed in.

"No, Mom, Clarice is 7 months." (I told you we get asked the ages of our kids often.)

And I had to explain that another month had indeed rolled by, and she is eight months old now.

Time. slow. down.

She's Still A Baby, I Tell You

Sometimes life gets away from you and you realize that your baby daughter turned seven months old two weeks ago, and you never wrote an update for her.  Oops!  Life is busy around here right now, to say the least.  In addition to continuing to work on our home updates (we're getting so close!), it seems that every other day I have been driving into town for some activity.  Not so this week.  As Derek termed it, I am boycotting all events this week that aren't strictly necessary, just because I am in such desperate need of a break.

Learning To Laugh

I was standing in the kitchen, making dinner and cleaning up, when I heard it.  A little hiccup-type sound.  Wyatt was laughing, and I was afraid Clarice was upset about something, so I rounded the corner to see Clarice on the couch, giggling at Wyatt's antics.

Clarice has laughed since about two and half months old, and it usually sound like a drawn out "huh/hee" sound.  But this time she hiccup-giggled along with it.  It's hilarious to watch her laugh, because it is almost like she doesn't know how and it surprises her when it bubbles out.  It grows from a "ha" noise to a gurgle-chuckle.  I can't even describe it, but I love it so much.

Dainty Little Feet

(Clarice's dainty little three-month feet.)

One of my favorite things about Clarice is her feet.  I just remember looking at her little feet when she was born, and they were so dainty.  One of my favorite things to do is put her in the baby carrier and grab those little feet with my hands.  They are so tiny, my palms just wrap around them.

I grabbed her feet a few days ago, and as I felt her delicate toes, I realized that her feet had grown.  Still dainty.  But now the arch of her foot doesn't nestle into the space between my thumb and finger quite the same way.

Obviously she needs to grow, but it doesn't stop me from wishing her feet would stay tiny forever.

It Started With A Smile

The house was relatively quiet, which is a rarity these days.  The kids were playing nicely (ie. no one was crying or screaming at the moment), and I had just finished nursing Clarice.  She was laying on my lap, alert and content, and I caught her attention.  I started talking to her, and she studied my face. Then I saw it - a little crinkle at the corner of her eyes, a scrunched nose, and the most beautiful tilt to her lips.

My baby's first smile, on November 5th.  And thus we started Clarice's second month.

One Month Later

Have you ever had that experience where an event simultaneously seems so recent and so long ago?  That is how I am feeling right now thinking about Clarice's birth.  Has it really been a month already?  But at the same time, how is it that a month ago we didn't even know this little darling yet?  It seems like she has always been here!

She's HERE!

She is HERE!

Clarice Adelaide was born last Wednesday at 6:34 AM!  We had a great, smooth birth and we are home now!  The kids are adjusting well, and we are all doing great! Miss Clarice is an easy-going baby (as so many of you told me late babies often are), and she is just beautiful.  We are treasuring these sweet little days as a new family of six!

Thank you all for your encouragement during the unexpected wait for our little lady to arrive - I am just so thankful for how the Lord worked out every detail of her birth, and she is every bit worth the wait!  We are so blessed.

Check back later this week for Clarice's birth story, and follow me on Instagram for all our daily goings-on!  I can't wait to share more in the weeks to come!

36 Weeks - We Are Having A Baby This Month!

You know what I find annoying?  The way they, whoever "they" are, decided to move back the marker for reaching "term" in a pregnancy.  It used to be 36 weeks back when I was pregnant with Wyatt, and 37 weeks was full term.  Now I think 37 weeks is term, and 38 weeks is full term?  I don't know, I just know I have reached 36 weeks, which would mean I have reached term if this were four years ago!

Almost Ready - 34 Weeks Baby #4

Another two weeks have gone by already!  I took an un-intentional blog break over the last week and a half, and it was a good break - allowed me time to get things under control before this little girl arrives!

I am now 34 weeks in this pregnancy, and Baby Girl definitely seems to be growing.  Her kicks and movements are much stronger.  As far as I can tell, she has stayed head-down, and her movements are so much more fun now there her feet are higher!  I can feel little limbs and her bum through my belly, and she seems to have gotten a little braver and is interacting with my poking and prodding a little more.

A Baby Celebration! (32 Weeks Baby #4)

This week I am 32 weeks pregnant with our fourth baby!  Only two months (or less) to go.

I am feeling good this week, except for heartburn that is ramping up a little bit.  Hopefully this means Baby Girl is growing some hair, but we will see!  I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions here and there.  I feel like our little girl is doing somersaults in there, because ever since my last doctor's appointment her kicks have been all over the place.

Breech Baby - 30 Weeks (Baby #4)

We are into the thirties now!  I am thirty weeks today.

We had a doctor's appointment a week or so ago, and I had another ultrasound since they couldn't see everything they needed to last time.  The tech was really sweet, and she kind of went over all the anatomy again.  It was fun to have practically another whole anatomy scan and spend all that time looking at our girl!  

We got a few adorable shots of our little girl's face, and she was so grumpy!  She had this little frown on her face the whole time.  At one point she scrunched up her face, like she would have let out a loud cry if she was on the outside.  It was pretty cute!  Apparently she is not a big fan of ultrasounds.

My Little Future Boxer (28 Weeks Baby #4)

Third Trimester Maternity Style : 28 Weeks | Through Clouded Glass

I am 28 weeks pregnant this week!  For me, 28 weeks is kind of the sweet spot in pregnancy.  I feel like my bump is just large enough to get that cute basketball look, but I don't feel huge yet.

26 Weeks Baby #4 - Uncomfortable

I am 26 weeks pregnant now!  The last couple weeks Baby Girl has been developing hearing (she should be able to hear Derek talking now, as well as me), and she is probably starting to practice breathing movements!

GIRL! (24 Weeks Baby #4)

We are finally back from vacation, and I was able to sort through all my pictures!  We took the 24 week belly pictures the day we left for vacation, so this update is really late - I'm really 25.5 weeks now.

Of course the big news is that we finally revealed the gender to everyone . . . and it's a GIRL! We are so excited to be expecting another little lady!  I think it will be good for Gwen to have a little sister to play with.

Honestly, I was a bit surprised!  I try not to get my head set on one gender too much either way, but for a couple weeks there I was pretty sure it was going to be a boy.  I tell you, my pregnancy symptoms have been so weird this time around.  This is my fourth baby, so I figured I could make a pretty educated gender guess, but I have had boy and girl symptoms throughout most of the pregnancy!  When my dad was joking at our ice cream social gender reveal party that it was twins, I told him he shouldn't mess with my head, because my symptoms were making me wonder for a while there!

I am so happy it's a girl though, and Derek and I have a good idea of what her name will be.  It may change, because I am not 100% sure, and I like to keep my options open, but it's pretty likely.

Now that I know it's a girl, I am anxious to go shopping and get started on her baby quilt!  I have an idea in my head for the color scheme, but it all depends on whether I can find the right fabric for what I have in mind.  I did see some cute decorations for the "baby corner" at Hobby Lobby though, so I will probably pick those up soon.  You can check out my baby Pinterest board for some of the quilt patterns I'm looking at!

Baby Girl is now officially "viable" (even though babies can survive as early as 22 weeks!), so that is kind of exciting! Lungs and taste buds are developing more this week.  I can tell the lungs are developing, because I have already felt some hiccups from our little girl here and there!

This little girl is not a big mover, but I can tell she is getting bigger, because when she does move it is more pronounced.  I can tell by the movements that she is still sitting really low down (which I think is weird, since I am carrying higher).  For a while I think her days and nights were mixed up, but now I am feeling more movement during the day - now if she can just keep her schedule straightened out until she comes!

I have been feeling great, with just some back pain when I am on my feet too long.  Most of the other unpleasant symptoms have subsided, so I think I have entered the easy part of pregnancy! I should get moving on all my baby projects while I still have the energy!

Maternity Outfit Details:

Jean Jacket - Target (similar)
White Patterned Shirt (which is actually supposed to be a dress) - Forever21 
Pilazzo Pants - Target (similar)
Shoes - JustFab
Earrings - (which was a limited time deal, but I also like these ones.)

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas)

Finally, the post about our gender reveal party last weekend!  The official theme was "ice cream social", but I am unofficially dubbing this party "the party where nothing went as planned but it all turned out okay anyway".  Because really, nothing went as planned.

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

(I made these ice cream cone pins so guests could wear their guess - blue for boy, red for girl.)

It started with the fact that we decided to try doing this party at a park - I thought, "Self, won't that be so much easier on me, not having to clean the house for a party?"  Ha!  It was a lot more complicated trying to figure out a park location than I thought.  We finally picked one that was first-come-first-serve, with plans to get there several hours early to claim our spot.

Then we got there and our park was taken!  

Enter 15 minutes of internal panic for me as we drove around to find another location.  We finally settled on a park shelter that we thought was our only option.  It honestly didn't look to impressive from the road, but when we walked over there we realized it was actually a perfect (and quiet!) location!

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

(Our color scheme ended up being aqua and red, since those seemed like good ice cream social type colors - and the black was just a necessary evil because of how we wanted to do the reveal, but in the end I felt like it worked.)

Derek and I got the park set up, and I figured since we started about 3.5 hours early we would be sitting around bored for a couple hours - I was wrong!  We took that entire time just to set up and eat lunch.  It's a good thing we thought we had to get there so early to claim a shelter!

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

(We provided basic vanilla ice cream and toppings.)

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

(Ice cream floats, of course.)

Guests started arriving, and we had them pin on their guesses!  Initially when we were planning our party we didn't know how many people would be there, or if everyone would know each other, so we prepared some games.  We almost always have a couple games at our parties, because it breaks things up if some of the guests don't know anyone, and it keeps things from lagging - but we honestly didn't end up using any of them, because it was a smaller group and everyone ended up knowing each other!  The visiting was going so smoothly that we didn't think we needed to interrupt it with games.  But I'll include our ideas anyway, just in case you want to use them.

Gender Reveal Party Game Idea 1: Sticking with the ice cream theme, we were going to give everyone slips of paper with an ice cream flavor on it (some common, some obscure).  Everyone would be allowed to ask each other yes/no questions to try to figure out each person's ice cream flavor.  They could write their guesses down on a piece of paper, so be entered into a drawing for a prize (in our case, $5 Cold Stone gift cards).

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

(Prizes for the people who guessed the gender correctly.  And I didn't get around to coloring them all because my pink Sharpie was a nightmare, and I didn't have time.)

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

(I sewed up this bunting one day, since I had fabric on hand that matched our color scheme! I thought we would use the bunting as a "finish line", but we didn't end up needing it for that, so it was just a cute decoration.)

The park ended up being perfect, because there was hardly anyone there except us.  The kids ran around and played on the playground, and the adults visited, and we all ate ice cream.  My dad kept saying he thought it was really twins, and he even pointed out one of the ultrasound pictures that kind of looked like it - I kept telling him that they told me there was only one!

Gender Reveal Game Idea 2: Since this was an ice cream social/picnic type thing, we thought we would do traditional picnic races!  We would divide the guests into Team Boy or Team Girl (according to their guess), and have them pick representatives from each team for the races.  We were thinking of doing a sack race, a three-legged race, and possibly an egg-and-spoon race.  We would keep score, and give prizes to whichever team won the most races.

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

Gender Reveal Game Idea 3: One of our contests did actually work out - on our invitations we told guests they could bring ice cream to share if they wanted, and the most interesting flavor would win a prize ($5 Cold Stone gift cards)!  Since we had an extra prize, I picked two winners - my friend Brianne brought a custom ice cream flavor based on my favorites, and my friend Ashley brought Marionberry Pie ice cream!

(All the big siblings.)

(Derek and me at the party.)

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

 Finally it was time for the reveal (actually we skipped ahead to the reveal, because it was windy and all our balloons were blowing away). We put two safety pins in two envelopes, and had each team pick a member to race across the grass for the envelopes, and then race back to pop the balloons.  One of the black balloons had colored confetti in it that would give the answer!

I don't have any pictures of the confetti because I realized during the race that my friend's child was sitting under THE balloon, and I hurried over there to move him so he wouldn't get confetti in his eyes.

Then the confetti balloon popped . . . and all the confetti just kind of fell to the ground.  When we tested it out at home the confetti flew everywhere, so that wasn't quite what we thought would happen.

Then some of the glitter confetti we used kind of looked blue in the sunlight, and it mixed in with the red confetti.  After all the twin talk, everyone just kind of looked at me and Derek since the colors were a little confusing...

So we called out "It's a GIRL!"

Yeah, not exactly how we planned it, but it turned out okay!

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

We are so excited to be welcoming a sweet little girl into our family!  It'll be so fun to have another baby girl to dress up, and I'm already scheming on how to buy all the headbands I want (because it just seems like she should have some brand-new ones)!

Overall, I am really happy with the way the party turned out - it was fun, and even though I was more stressed during the planning phase of this party, the party itself was one of the most enjoyable for me!  It ended up being the perfect group of people, and we had a great time.

I have to mention though, that Wyatt was really disappointed that he didn't get to take a turn racing, so we might have to invite some of his little friends over soon and remedy that.

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party (With Game Ideas) | Through Clouded Glass

(Note: I also picked a winner for my Starbucks giveaway for guessing the gender correctly - and Kristy H. won!  Thanks to all of you who played along - I had so much fun reading all your reasons for your guesses!)

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