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What I Read In March | 2018

Now that we're halfway through April - let's talk about what I read in March!  If you follow me on Goodreads, you have probably already seen a bunch of these.  Prepare yourself for one very unpopular opinion.

Books I Mentioned:

A Wrinkle In Time by Madeline L'Engle
Chronicles Of Narnia by C. S. Lewis
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith
My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier
When Is It Right To Die? by Joni Eareckson Tada
Wishtree by Katherine Applegate
What Came From The Stars by Gary D. Schmidt
The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt
The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
Okay For Now by Gary D. Schmidt
Bachelor Nation by Amy Kaufman
Answers For Homeschooling by Israel Wayne
The Reformation by Stephen J. Nichols
Anne Of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery
Emily Of New Moon by L. M. Montgomery
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

What are you reading these days?

Thoughts On Homeschool Rooms

Each year in the spring, I start to think in the direction of all things homeschooling (at least ever since my kids have been old enough for me to think about school).  I start planning next year's curriculum, I break out all my books about homeschooling, and I watch a bunch of videos on Youtube.  I happen to follow several homeschooling moms on Youtube (one of these days I'll put a list together for you), and I've come across quite a few "homeschool room tour" videos.

Now, most of you know that I was homeschooled growing up, and this homeschool room idea honestly surprised me.  I had never even heard of having a "homeschool room" until the last couple years.  

We do not have a homeschool room.  You can watch this little video to see our current homeschool setup:

We do most of our schoolwork together right now, and it happens most often at the kitchen table. 
The kids seem a little less wiggly when I have them sit at a table (which is probably also why most homeschool rooms feature a table).  Occasionally we do work on the couch, but that's always a little more chaotic.  Since the only table we have is in the kitchen, that's where we work.  This works out really well for us, and I'll often have Wyatt read to me while I fix dinner or whatever.  Having him at the kitchen table allows me to multitask part of the time (and he actually seems to read better when I'm not sitting right next to him looking over his shoulder).

When I was growing up, we did not have a homeschool room.  School was a more casual affair, and my mom gave us a lot of freedom as long as the work got done.  As a child, I would grab my schoolbooks in the morning, and take them wherever I felt like doing school that day.  My typical routine was to fix a big glass of ice water and lay down on my stomach in the morning sunlight that came through our living room window.  In the afternoon when the sun shifted, I often put on my swimsuit, gathered up my books, and did school in the hot tub (in retrospect, kudos to my mom for not worrying about me dropping my textbooks into the water).  Doing school wherever I wanted weirdly made the whole thing feel less like work and more like fun.

So honestly, even if I had an unused room, I'm not really sure if I would designate it as a homeschool room.  I don't want to restrict my kids to doing their schoolwork in just one area of the house.  As a former homeschool student, I know how much I enjoyed shifting to different areas throughout the day, and as the kids become more independent with their schoolwork I want them to have the freedom to go wherever is easiest and most fun for them too.

Though I tell you, if I had an extra room, I would definitely consider a homeschool library room...

Do you have a room designated for homeschooling?  Or do you just do schoolwork wherever, like me?

Halfway Through Impressions | Book Babbles Vol. 2

Halfway Through Impressions | Book Babbles Vlog Vol. 2 | Through Clouded Glass

It has been a while since I did a Book Babbles Vlog!  I know I said I was going to do these more often, but the summer got away from me.

I am naming this vlog "Halfway Through Impressions", because I am notorious for reading a book halfway through, then finding another interesting book and starting that one - and then reading that one halfway through before starting another one.  I have had probably up to ten books going at once because of this bad habit.  Lucky for you, I am only reading six at the moment, and I'm giving you my initial impressions today!

Book Babbles Vol. 1

Do you have one of those friends that you can get together with and it always feels like you saw them yesterday?  It could have been months since you last saw them, but you are able to pick up right where you left off and talk like you were never apart.  My friend Erin is like that.

I don't get to see Erin very often, but when I do we always have a great time.  We talk about everything under the sun, from husbands and babies, to taxes and politics, to TV shows and books.  Especially books.  Erin and I both read a lot, and we have similar tastes - I love visiting bookstores with her.  We'll walk along the Christian book section and point out different ones that we have read, and explain why we liked them or didn't like them.

Last time on one such visit, as Erin and I were haunting the back wall at Barnes and Noble, I realized I really like to talk about books.  

Then another dear friend, Felicia, (who I've never actually met, but we've known each other since we were 12 years old), started a book YouTube channel.  I have so enjoyed watching her talk about all her favorites.

And so I thought, why not?  I am going to do a book vlog.

I am hoping to do vlogs on all things bookish once a month or so - I love reading other people's thoughts on books, but there is something fun about hearing someone talk about a book they liked.  I am excited about this series!  This is the first installment.

(Also, I said the first book in the series I'm reading was called "Table For Two" in this video.  Strike that. It's actually called "A Table By The Window" by Hillary Manton Lodge).

What is a book you are excited about reading in the near future?

Jesus Is Better | Hebrews 1-2

Photo 13
(I originally took this photo for The Peony Project's Instagram feed.) 

I have decided to do an in-depth study of the book of Hebrews - to read why, check out my first post in this series!

I think the main thing that I have learned so far is that if you don't understand the Hebrew culture and traditions, you are not going to understand Hebrews.  Which totally makes sense since this is a letter to Hebrew Christians.  I thought I knew a decent amount about Judaism, but there are so many subtleties in the Hebrew traditions, and knowing those subtleties goes a long way in understanding where the writer of Hebrews is coming from.

The main point of chapter one is that Jesus is better than Moses and the angels.

As a modern day Christian I was thinking "Well, of course He is!  Why are we reading about this?"

I learned that this was not actually a given for the early Hebrew Christians.

The Hebrew Christians that are addressed in this letter came out of the Old Covenant of sacrifices to cover their sins.  In the Old Covenant, the High Priest would sacrifice a bull to atone for the sins of the people, as well as his own sins, and he had to do this year after year.  This was a system passed down through Moses, and it was given to Moses by God, through angels.

But then God became a man (Jesus) and brought about a New Covenant that changed everything.  The Hebrews weren't sure how much of the Old Covenant they should keep.  They didn't understand the sufficiency of the New Covenant that Jesus brought through sacrificing Himself for our sins.

The writer of Hebrews was trying to show them that this New Covenant was fully sufficient and superior to the Old Covenant.  It replaced the Old Covenant, because it was better.  In order to show them that the new was better than the old, he needed to show them that Jesus is better than Moses, and the angels who they believe passed the Old Covenant to Moses.

I think my favorite aspect of chapters one and two is that the writer shows with Old Testament scriptures why Jesus is better than Moses and Angels - it's such a smart way to do it since the Old Testament scriptures obviously carried a lot of weight for the Hebrews.

The author of Hebrews goes over so many ideas through the scriptures he quotes.  Jesus has inherited a more excellent name than angels because He is called Son. He made the worlds.  All things are made by Him and for Him.  All things will be put in subjection under Jesus.

And then after all that, Hebrews reminds us that even though Jesus is so much better than everyone and everything, He is not ashamed to call us brethren.  We are His children.

As His children, He holds us in His hand, and through his death and resurrection He releases His children from bondage to sin.

As His brethren, He was made like us in all things.  He was tempted like we are.  And He can aid us because He overcame those temptations and lived a sinless life.

He doesn't give aid to angels, but He does give aid to us.  He became a perfect sacrifice for our sins, and we are His children when we believe in Him.

What a beautiful thing to belong to Jesus.


In addition to studying Hebrews, I have decided to try to memorize it as well.

I'm not sure why, but I recently picked up a book that has been sitting in my shelf for years, called His Word In My Heart by Janet Pope.  It is all about memorizing Scripture.

I used to memorize chapters of the Bible as a girl, but I haven't memorized any new verses in years.  This book really made me want to start memorizing Bible verses again - if you need some motivation, I definitely recommend it.  The whole thing was very timely, because I started reading this book right as I started studying Hebrews - so it only seemed natural to start my memorization with Hebrews.

Ever since I decided to memorize Hebrews, I've been hearing about the importance of Scripture memorization everywhere, so I think it's just a confirmation that this is a good thing to focus on right now.  I've also realized how much more I get out of Bible study when I memorize the verses that I'm studying!  It makes a big difference to me in remembering the context, and I understand the subtleties of each verse so much better when I can remember all the verses around it.  That is especially useful when studying book that is as complex as Hebrews.

So all that to say, my goal is to memorize a chapter a week.  I've got the first two chapters of Hebrews down.  I'm falling a little behind in my memorization schedule, but I'm working on chapters three and four now to try to catch up.

I recorded a vlog of me saying Hebrews 1-2 from memory, because knowing I have to record myself saying the verses is good motivation!  Here it is - I'm reciting from the NKJV if you want to follow along, though I know I mixed up a couple of the words in this video.

If any of you want to join me in memorizing chapters of the Bible (whether it's from Hebrews or a different book), I'd love it if you'd post a video of yourself saying your verses - then come back here and let me know so I can check it out!

On Books And Me (Vlog)

A couple months ago Michelle, from I Hope You Dance, gave me the Sunshine blog award!  I have known Michelle for years (in real life), and I like following her blog, reading about her life, and about all the books she reads!  She is like a super-reader, and I am always amazed at how many books she can read in a year. She shares my love for reading, but she's better at it than me!

I always think these awards are fun, and it's a good excuse to do a vlog.  So watch the video to hear my answers to the following questions!

What's your favorite book genre?
What's your favorite time of year and why?
What made you want to start blogging?
Favorite time to read?
How do you find out about new books? (Goodreads, blogs, friends, etc)
Beach, mountains, or in between?
What is the best movie you have seen lately?
Do you mark (highlight/underline) things in your books such as a good quote?
Predictable books or more mysterious?
What is your favorite snack?
What is your favorite book of the year so far?

Excuse my rambling, and the fact that I am wearing pajama shorts.

I'm throwing this post together at 10:30 at night (and I still have to squeeze in a shower), so I'm not going to take the time to tag individuals now - but keep an eye out on Twitter, because I might tag a few of you there!  I'm sticking with the same questions, because I like the ones Michelle came up with, so if you are tagged (or if you just want to) write a post or do a blog with the same questions I listed above!  I'd love to hear your answers!

Vlog - 11 More Questions

Alright, one more blog to answer Brittney's questions as part of The Liebster Award nomination!  Thanks again Brittney!

I had fun recording these videos to answer the questions.  I love watching vlogs because it makes me feel like I know the blog author a little better.  I think my videographer skills could use some work though.  I'll see what I can do.

Here is the list of questions I answered, with the corresponding place in the video.  So you can skip to the questions that interest you if you want.

Salty or Sweet? 00:14

Name one of your blessing this week. 00:25

How did you name your blog? 00:44

What is your favorite color? 1:24

What was your favorite childhood board game? 1:45

Cats or dogs? 1:59

What was your most memorable high school moment? 2:20

Describe your dream date. 2:45

If you could drive any vehicle, what would it be? 3:09

What is your guilty pleasure? 3:37

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 4:14

And yes, I did end up cutting my hair!  And I love it.  I also feel like I finally have a hair stylist of my very own.  This is the second time I've gone to Mandi for my hair, and she does an amazing job!  I also got some highlights, and a little bit of red added too, and I love the color.  I'll post some pictures of my hair with the post tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Vlog - 11 Questions

I'm doing a vlog today.  A couple of sweet bloggers, Chamel and Brittney, awarded me with the Liebster blogger award!  The Liebster award is intended for blogs with under 200 followers, but I totally think I still qualify, because (1) at the time of receiving the award I had less than 200 followers on Bloglovin, and (2) I have less than 200 followers on Twitter.  

So I qualify.  And I'll probably use the same rules when I pass the award back out.

Part of the award is answering a list of questions from the person who gave it to you, and I thought it would be fun to do a vlog for the questions!  So that's what I did.  

A couple things to note:

1. I'm talking really fast and probably didn't explain myself the best because I was trying REALLY hard to keep this video under five minutes . . . and I failed.  But only by a minute.  Forgive how rushed this feels.

2. I was debating straightening my hair before the blog, but decided to forget it.  There is one little curl that is sticking out from my head and it's driving me nuts.  Oh well.

3.  I really didn't take a lot of time to think through all my answers for this, so you get the improv version of me - ha!  Which is probably more fun and conversational anyway.  Because most people don't rehearse their conversations before they have them.

4. All those loud hammering noises are from Derek hammering nails outside the window.  He's fixing our porch because it was rotting away, and it's become a huge project.

5. Here are the questions I'm answering in the vlog, along with their corresponding start points in the video - that way you can skip to the questions that most interest you.  Please take advantage of this information and skip over my rambling to your heart's content!  It won't hurt my feelings.

The questions for today are from Chamel, and they were good ones!  Another blog with the questions from Brittney coming soon!

What is your favorite movie? 0:24

What encourages you the most? 0:39

What is your favorite Scripture and why? 0:51

What is your hobby? 1:29

Where do you like to shop? 1:42

What is unique about you? 2:19

What is your favorite thing about blogging? 2:42

What is your favorite concert that you've been to? 3:17

What would be your advice for an upcoming high school senior? 3:49

What is your favorite season? 4:52

What are three words that describe you? 5:20

AwardVlog1 from Callie on Vimeo.

Also, I think some person sits behind a computer and hand picks the most unflattering frame for the previews on these videos, just to annoy me. *sigh*

A Vlog

I decided to do a vlog today, just for fun!  

Rae, if you're reading ask Jeff if he's proud of me, huh?  I finally ventured into using the movie-making tools on the Mac.  Obviously I still have a lot to learn.

A few things to note:

(1)  Something weird happened to the sound when I was recording and it wasn't synced with the video.  I tried to fix it, but it's not perfect, and it's driving me nuts.

(2)  Isn't Wyatt cute, munching on his quesadilla?  Obviously we are still stuck in the quesadilla rut.

(3)  I know, I am doing a weird clicking thing with my mouth in this video - those of you who know me in real life, do I really do that a lot, or is it just video-recording nerves?

Okay, watch away, and hopefully you all still want to be my friend after viewing my quirky mannerisms.

GBTB-What I'm Passionate About from Callie on Vimeo.

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