If He Couldn't See Your Heart . . .

As I've said multiple times before, one of the things I love about having an iPod is the podcasts. I love being able to subscribe to podcasts and listen to them anytime I want. I enjoy listening to music, but I get bored of music after a little while and I just like to listen to other radio programs. Hence my obsession with talk radio.

Well, right after I got my iPod for Christmas I also subscribed to some Christian radio podcasts. I love listening to certain Bible programs or the Focus on the Family radio program, but they're never on when I can listen to them - but now I can listen whenever I want!

I have about a forty-five minute drive to work each way, so it's the perfect time to listen to my lovely podcasts.

One of my favorite sermon programs is Grace To You, which is John MacArthur's ministry. I think he gives good, solid, biblical teaching in his sermons.

This past Friday I was listening to a sermon series by John MacArthur called "God, Satan, and Angels". You can download that series for free at John MacArthur's website, or subscribe to the Grace To You podcast - it aired in 2009 so you can sync the episodes of this series to your iPod that way as well.

I just finished the part of the series on the attributes of God, and in the last sermon I listened to, John MacArthur said something that really hit home for me.

He was talking about one of God's attributes - His Omniscience, meaning that God knows absolutely everything. He knows what we do wrong and what we do right, He knows our motives, He knows everything that's going on in the world, He knows how things are going to turn out in the end, He even knows how things would have turned out if we had chosen to act differently. He is absolutely all-knowing.

To illustrate the point that God knows what's going on in our hearts, John MacArthur told the story about the Lord Jesus asking Peter whether Peter loved Him. After Jesus asked Peter several times and Peter told Jesus that he did love Him, Peter finally said "Lord, You know all things; You know I love you."

MacArthur then went on to say that it's a good thing the Lord is omniscient, because if He wasn't omniscient there are some days He might not even know that we love Him, because it wouldn't be obvious.


I was really convicted by that. I had never thought of that before, because obviously the Lord is omniscient and even though I mess up and do wrong things, He can see my heart and knows that I still love Him, even though I'm not acting like it. But I shouldn't just rely on the Lord's omniscience to give Him the knowledge of my love for Him - I should show it. It breaks my heart a little bit to think about the days when there really is no outward sign that I love the Lord - that I belong to Him, that I follow Him, that I serve Him.

How ashamed I am when I think of my behavior in that light! Because if the Lord couldn't see my heart, much of the time He might not be able to see that I love Him.

No one is omniscient but God. No one else can see my heart. No one else can see my heart. They can only see my actions. What a sobering thought. If there are days when the Lord might not be able to see my love for Him if He wasn't omniscient, how can I expect anyone else to see it?

I need to live my life with one constant question in my mind - if the Lord couldn't see my heart, would He be able to tell that I love Him right now? When I'm in the middle of an argument I need to ask myself this. When I'm having a bad day and feeling grumpy I need to ask myself this. Whenever I'm just living my daily life I need to ask myself this.

Because I belong to Jesus, God chooses to see me in the light of the righteousness of Christ, and not in the light of my own sins. He chooses to look past my daily failings and see my desire to follow Him and serve Him - what mercy He gives me, to choose to look past the obvious sins and consider my heart instead! In the light of such mercy it is such a little thing to serve the Lord through my daily actions - but how hard that little thing is at times! But He only asks that I continue to try - that I never stop trying.

No one but You, Lord, can see my heart - they can only see how I live my life. Help me to show them my love for You through every action.

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katie said...

excellent post!

ParisPink said...

Really like this post. Thank you for sharing. I left something for you on my blog!

Kelley said...

what a wonderful post! Thank you for that insight! It is so true!

Unknown said...

I love your blog Callie! You are always so encouraging! I wanted to tell you that I have chosen you as a recipient for a blog award. Check it out over at my blog!

Unknown said...

great post! wow that really hit home..thanks!

Sarah Louise said...

AWESOME post! It almost brought tears to my eyes. It really made me think about the awesome powers of God, and they way I live my life. Thanks :)

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