Bible Songs From My Childhood

First of all, in case you missed it, congratulations to Brittney Galloway at Far More Than Rubies - she just announced that she and her hubby are going to have a baby! I'm so happy for you Brittney, I know you're going to make a wonderful mom!

Thought I'd better throw the above paragraph in there, because if you're anything like me and get way behind in your Google reader, you may have missed it! And it's super exciting news - very happy for you, Friend!

On to the regularly scheduled programming . . .

I have fond memories of the songs of my childhood.

My sweet mom must have gotten so tired of listening to kid's music tapes all the time. We didn't listen to the radio much in the car growing up - we mostly listened to our children's Bible tapes, some of my mom's Christian music tapes, and Christian radio. My mom was careful to make sure that we were listening to and watching good, pure things when we were young, and I so appreciate her desire to protect our minds now that I'm going to have a sweet baby of my own.

I plan to do the same with my kiddies. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't seem appropriate to be listening to songs about break-ups, hook-ups, drinking, or other bad stuff that sometimes get played on the radio when there are innocent, impressionable young minds listening. Nope, I'm going to constantly suffer through children's music too.

At least these days we have more resources to help us as parents. I plan on burning a couple "child friendly" country music CDs or playlists, filled with nice, innocent songs, and Derek and I could listen to that with the kids in the car sometimes. Plus there are way more Christian music radio stations now, which will be quite helpful too.

But I mainly want my children to listen to songs about Jesus. I want to teach them about Him and His love for us from a young age.

I'm so not up on all the new Christian child resources out there now. But here are some of my favorites from when I was a kid.

The Donut Man. I was very pleased to find out that Donut Man music is still around! It seems like all the really good ones disappear over time. These tapes (well, they're CDs now) are filled with fun Bible-related songs and even memory verses.

I think one of my favorites was The Centurion's Secret song, which told the story of the Centurion soldier who asked Jesus to heal his servant.

I also loved the whole Good Shephard album - lots of good songs on that one.

There are apparently a bunch of new ones too, and ones that we didn't happen to own when I was little, so the Donut Man website will be a good resource I think.

Another fun one is Psalty the Songbook. Just so happens that this one still exists too! I looked on the website and can not for the life of me figure out which album we had when I was a girl - we only had one Psalty tape. But just trust me, these are also good ones (especially the "Kid's Praise" albums - I have a feeling it was one of those).

One year for Christmas we each got a new Bible Song CD. We'd all listen to each other's CDs (weren't we so good at sharing?), and one of my favorites was my sister's CD. She got one of Steve Green's Hide 'Em In Your Heart albums. Basically it's just Bible verses put to music. Even to this day I still remember some verses because of those songs. I think this is an especially good thing for Christian kids to listen to, because it's just God's Word - and His words do not return empty but always accomplish the purpose for which He sent them (Isaiah 55 10-11).

Oh my goodness, Google is a wonderful invention! I wasn't sure I was going to find any of these CDs anymore, because they were made a long time ago - but with the help of Google I've found every one!

This one is just fun. The Rappin' Rabbit tape was one of our favorites as kids, just because it was so different from our other tapes and fun to listen to - but it still included good, godly principles in each of the songs. Unfortunately it appears that they are no longer making this one, but you never know, someone might decide to re-release it someday.

And that, my friends, is my "Bible Music For Kids" resource list. What kind of songs did you listen to when you were a child? Do you think they influenced you even as you grew up?

It's so refreshing to know that most of these are still available to buy. Makes me want to search for other items from my childhood before they all disappear.

Maybe I'll have to do another one of these posts on children's books . . .

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Rachel and John said...

So handy! I too want my kids to listen to good music only. At our church some of the little boys run around singing rap and it makes me so sad for them. They don't even know what they are saying!

Brittney Galloway said...

Thanks so much for the congratulations!

I totally agree with you about the music. Although, for my sanity, I might introduce them to a little Frank Sinatra once they are of school age, ha! I love the Veggie Tales songs-they lend themselves to so much discussion about morals and what God would want us to do!

Ashley said...

Those look like some good albums! I think I'll have to remember this when I have kids. I remember listening to kids Christian music and other Christian music when I was a kid too - and the meanings still stick with me today! As for kids songs we listened to Wee Sing Bible Songs (they still sell it!) and Christian music, Amy Grant & Jars of Clay. I might have to whip those tapes out today... :)

katie said...

I have heard from others that the Praise Baby cd's are really good too, but I haven't actually listened to them! My husband is always singing the songs he learned at VBS or Awanas (and at church and home) and I am constantly thinking of hymns because that is the music we grew up listening to!

I also like Brittney's idea about Frank Sinatra and I am also known to like some instrumental music as well!

Jenene said...

I love the idea of putting together a kid-friendly mix of music that my husband and I listen to.

My sister and I had the tapes and books for the Nine Fruits of the Spirit. It had something to do with stories in Agapeland? I can hardly remember now.

And Psalty. Lots of Psalty. And I often listened to grown up praise and worship tapes as a kid. I didn't notice the difference!

Amber said...

You've got a good memory! I have to be honest...I don't really remember what I listened to outside of the kid songs we sung in church. I think most of my tapes were Collin Raye, Ricky Skaggs, Phil Keaggy, and a handful of others. Haha! Born a country girl (thanks to my daddy)!

chloƫ. said...

Aww Psalty! I loved him! And it is amazing how many Bible verses I know today solely because of listening to Bible songs growing up. They also taught me all the books of the Bible, which I still know today.

And for when they're really little and you're looking for more lullaby-type music, my mom found this amazing CD of soothing music that is all set to scripture. So not your typical cheesy lullabies! I actually enjoy listening to this album while I do my quiet times. Here's the link where you can listen to some audio clips:

Amanda said...

oh my heart just skipped a beat when you mentioned psalty!!!!! i LOVED that as a kid. and i have so many fun memories of singing along and in kid's choir.

MrsErvin said...

Hi Callie! I recently found your blog and it has become a fast favorite of mine :)

I have a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. They LOVE music so I am constantly looking for "baby safe" tunes. We have a local station that although its not christian it is very family friendly so that is great for in the car. Veggie tales has wonderful music for them to dance their little tails off to. In the evening I like to put on "Jim Brickman" or some other insturmental cd to calm down with, they love that too.

I am so excited for you as your continue your journey towards mother hood! Thank you for sharing it with us :)


Amanda said...

I adored Psalty when I was a kid! I still sing some of the songs now :) Thanks for the other ideas, too!

Jessica said...

I remember a lot of these, too! Psalty was one of my favorites. I remember when the children's choir from my church got to see Psalty live! Haha it was a highlight of my childhood ;-)

Widge said...

I had that exact psalty album!!! oooh the memories :)

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