Cloth Diapers–First Impressions


First of all, I just want to say that this post is not going to be a “how to” post.  I’m not going to do reviews of all the different products we’ve used so far. 

We still use cloth diapers very part-time.  Mostly because I don’t have a big enough stash built up to do them more than that.  My plan is to add a diaper or two to my stash every paycheck.  In another month or two I might have enough, but for now, we only use cloth on the days that I’m home.  I’m not an expert on this subject, and I don’t feel like I qualify to do any sort of informative post until I’m doing this nearly full-time.

This post is mostly about my first impressions of cloth diapering. 

On The Diapers Themselves

They are cute.  Cute, Cute, Cute.

Right now, I like pocket diapers best.  They’re easy to prepare, you put them on just like disposables.  They seem to have about the same absorbency as disposables.  They do leak occasionally if I wait too long between changes, but so do disposables, so they are pretty comparable in my opinion.

I haven’t tried any fitted diapers, I’ve just done the one-size-fits-all kind.  I haven’t had any trouble with these.  I can see how they might not fit a younger baby very well, but they work really well on Wyatt.

On The Laundering Process

The part that is the most hassle is finding a brand of detergent.  You can’t use normal detergent on cloth diapers, so you have to buy a special kind.  This is slightly annoying, but I suspect it’ll become less annoying as I continue with this.

It’s also annoying that you can’t use normal diaper cream.  I like my petroleum jelly, because it’s cheap.  The diaper cream that works with cloth diapers is no where near as cheap as good ‘ole Vaseline.

Other than those two annoying factors, doing cloth diaper laundry isn’t too big a deal.  I just throw the diapers in there, pre-rinse, then wash a normal cycle with a second rinse using the fancy detergent.  Then I hang up the diapers and throw the inserts in the dryer.  I haven’t had any problems with them taking a long time to dry or anything.  It’s really like any other load of laundry, except for the extra rinse at the beginning.

On Detergents

The detergent I’m using right now has “enzymes” that help break things down and kill bacteria.  I really like this detergent because of that, but I’m thinking I might have to switch in the future because we have hard water.

If you have hard water you need to use some sort of water softener when you wash, so I’m using separate water softeners right now, and it just isn’t cost effective.  I’ll have to switch to a different detergent that has water softeners but no enzymes, meaning I’ll have to get Bac-out or some such product to get the enzyme benefits. 

I think it will still be more cost effective to use the other detergent and a separate enzyme product though than to use this detergent with separate softeners, just because of the price.  It’s hard to know how much I’ll save until I can know for sure how long each type will last me, and I won’t know that until I’ve been doing this longer.

Just my thoughts on detergent.

On Dirty Diapers

Wet ones are easy, it’s the dirty ones that are more difficult.  I’ve only done a couple dirty diapers using cloth, and I really wish I had a diaper sprayer.  I’ve been using a water bottle to “squirt” water on the diapers to clean them off.  It works alright for now, but I think a diaper sprayer would make this whole process way easier.

The dreaded dirty diapers are what most people fear most about cloth diapering (me included).  It’s easy with disposables – you just take the diaper off, throw it in the trash, and never think about it again.  If you have any kind of fear of dealing directly with dirty diapers, I wouldn’t recommend you start cloth diapering without a diaper sprayer. 

Thankfully, I’m pretty comfortable with “the dirty work” and I always have been, so it hasn’t been much of an issue for me.  After that first diaper it was no big deal.

On The Whole Process

My biggest issue is the “special” brands of detergent and diaper cream you have to buy to use with cloth diapers.  I did a whole cost analysis of cloth diapers that takes this into account, and that will be up next week, so keep an eye out for it.

Other than that, I’m finding this whole thing kind of fun!  Wyatt looks really cute in the diapers, and I really don’t mind taking care of the washing and such.  I’m really looking forward to trying out more brands of diapers as well, and I get kind of excited when my cloth diapers come in the mail.

Will I stick with this?  You know, I think I will.

Stay tuned for more on cloth diapers over the next couple weeks!

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Danielle said...

Glad to hear you are loving it! We have been cloth diapering for 6 months and I hate to say it but the detergent issue is still annoying/confusing! But I am too cheap to buy the special cloth diaper detergents. I like to use the 'cloth diaper safe' detergents from grocery store. I can give ya the link for the chart if you are interested!
I am also just nw starting to venture out and try new things!
My hubs made my diaper sprayer. He is a plumber but the guys at Lowes were a major help!!
Also, & has more reasonably priced one size diapers and they are both great diapers!

Emily Powell said...

I totally deleted the email you sent me with the website you used to buy the diapers...can you send it again?

LeAnna said...

Great post! Glad you're finding cloth to be something feasible right now. I just washed and dried a load yesterday (in the dryer, because it was raining). Hoping I'll stick with it thru potty training with Sprig, because it's been a money saver for us.

Hannah said...

Glad you are liking cloth! We still do it and Lydia is about to turn a year. I will say that the poopy diapers get easier when they start eating more solids. Now her stool just kind of peels off the diaper and I don't have to do any spraying. (we have a diaper sprayer and I honestly don't use it very much...may be interested in selling it to you if you want it)
Also I just started using RockinGreen detergent. It works really well and it's lasting a long time for us. they also sell different types of detergent for people with hard/soft/normal water.

Hope you guys are well. Haven't commented in a while. sorry

She Said... said...

interesting. I have always been curious about cloth diapering, but I feel like I am not home enough with little one to actually try it and sitters don't usually like to deal with them. But maybe for our next baby... I can't wait for the cost analysis. I am a total numbers lady.

HIS daughter said...

Awesome! Now I am getting more and more excited about trying it! :) I can hardly wait till this baby gets here! lol :)

cait said...

Great hearing your thoughts! Glad things are going well so far! I plan on just trying to use normal "cloth-friendly" detergents if they end up working well. I found this great outline here on pros and cons of regular detergents. Hope it helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are liking it so far!

Breena said...

I'm new to your blog today and love it! I'm your new GFC follower :)

(ps - You should check out the very adorable giveaway I have going on right now!)

MrsErvin said...

Diaper cream and cloth diapers can be a pain. My little guy had a really hard time with food allergies that gave him horrid diaper rashes. We had a to use a medicated ointment so figuring that out with cloth was a challenge. The best solution? Liners! I bought a bunch of fleece liners for about a dollar a piece. When we had to use the cream i woukd just place the liner between his hiney and the diaper. Voila! The best part was that they were so cheap I could just toss them if need be. They do make disoisable liners to make poop clean up easier, and I think those would probably work well too. Sorry for the long comment! This one just stumped me for months when we started cloth.

MrsErvin said...

Cloth diapers and rash cream can be a real pain. The best way to use whatever cream you want with them is to buy a stash of cheap or disposable liners. I used fleece liners with my little guy that were about a dollar a piece. When we had to use cream I would just place the liner between his hiney and the diaper. Voila! Super easy and a lot cheaper than special cream. The cream still does a number of the liners but it saves the diaper and you can just toss then when they get too trashed.

jessi bridges said...

Great thoughts. It's definitely something that takes a little time to get used to. But I think it's worth it in the end.

If you have a removable shower head next to the toilet, you can use that as a sprayer. I don't even use one tho. I just put gloves on and dunk the diapers in the toilet and rub everything off. I find it works better than a sprayer anyways :)

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