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I think cloth diapering can be awfully intimidating to start out.  I am committed to this now, and I still have days where it intimidates me!  But I have found a lot of encouragement from ladies in the blog world who also use cloth diapers.  I asked some of my cloth-diapering blog friends (who have been doing this longer than me) for some advice for newbies, and I got a lot of great tips!  Here is what some of them had to say.


Hi, I am Danielle and I am very excited that Callie asked me to give my opinions and tips on cloth diapering! I have been cloth for about 6 months, so I am no expert but I will share the main things that I have learned! First of all, don't be scared to give it a try! I was terrified at first and everyone was against it and now, I love it! I wish I would have started sooner! One thing I learned was that you don't have to have the $30 diapers for them to work. I used Comfyrumps ( and Go Green pocket diapers ( which are reasonably priced but work wonderfully! Two websites that I use for cloth diapering accessories because they have free shipping are and and these both have Facebook pages where you can call out to other mamas when you need help! Such a wonderful resource! I love my diaper sprayer, and we went to Lowe's and got all the stuff we needed to make it ( the guys usually know what exactly you need, or there are videos on Youtube) and it was cheaper! My biggest piece of advice is just try it, If you don;t like it you can at least say you tried :) And don't be afraid to ask for help!”

-Danielle at This Is The Stuff


"Favorite brand of diaper? Bum Genius 4.0

What you need to get started? To start full time: at least 12 diapers, a pail and wetbag, detergent. If you want to do cloth wipes too (and you might as well!) you'll need about 20 wipes and a spray.

Why you decided to use cloth? Cost of disposables, environmental impact, chemicals in disposables. I am so glad I started cloth diapering. I love it. I love that we don't have a ton of garbage. I love that Henry has been rash free since we started (except for the teething rash we have right now). I love that we've spent about $300 on our cloth diapering supplies and not a penny more. That will be all we spend on diapers.

Helpful resources? Blogs! My Life in Transition and Mama at Home were the ones I first read before I was even pregnant. I also have a cousin and a close friend who cloth diaper so they were good resources too.

Is the laundry difficult to keep up with, and any routines/products that make it easier? No. For some reasons Cloth Diaper Laundry is fun! I look forward to doing it. I just wash every other day using Rockin' Green detergent. Sometimes I use a color safe bleach as well.

Is there anything you wish you knew before you started? No. I think I was pretty well prepared. It really is as simple as it sounds.

I read on a few blogs that it is safe to use vinegar in your rinse to help fight odors. BUT on the bum genius website it says not to, because it can wreck the PUL cover. It IS ok to use bleach once a month and that works great for me. I also came across this chart of detergents and I wanted to pass it on!”

- Rachel at Rachel and John


“Favorite brand of diaper? bumGenius. There's a reason they're the #1 cloth diaper brand. They really know how to make great diapers.

Nov 24 2What you need to get started? Diapers, a pail liner, a wetbag, and if your baby eats solids, a diaper sprayer.

Why you decided to use cloth? We decided on cloth diapers to save money, and I'm so glad we went that route! Our budget truly cannot support buying disposables.

Helpful resources?, especially the "My Recommendations" page.

 Is the laundry difficult to keep up with, and any routines/products that make it easier?  I do diaper laundry every other day, so that dirty diapers aren't sitting around too long. It's not difficult because the machine does all the work. I just switch it from rinse to wash to rinse, and add some detergent.

Is there anything you wish you knew before you started? I wish I knew about those snap-on onesie extenders! I think Sophia could have worn a lot of clothes a lot longer if I could have closed them around her bulky butt! :)

-Jenene at Prairie Girl Gone Coastal


When you get past all the pee and the poop and the initial sticker-shock of cloth-diapering, it all comes down to one thing: The laundry.

If I had a dollar for every person that's told me, "But I just don't have time to do that much more laundry. It would never get done," I'd be rich.

Ask any cloth-diapering mama, though, and they'll tell you that's simply an excuse.

The laundry, in reality, is not that bad.  In fact, my workload has not increased by more than 20 minutes a week, I'd say, when it comes to laundering diapers.

The trick, honestly, is having a routine: Wash on the same days, at the same time, every week.

For me, I do diapers every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 11 a.m.  I run my four cycles (a cold rinse, a hot wash with soap, another hot rinse, followed by a cold rinse) then I throw all hemp and microfiber inserts, plus my pre-folds and fitted diapers and cloth wipes, in the dryer while laying my diaper covers, wet bags, pail liners, and pockets on a drying rack - outside if it's sunny – to dry.  In the evening, right after my daughter goes to bed, I stack everything up and put it in it's respective places in her room.

In addition, every 6 weeks, over the weekend, I strip my diapers - using several hot soaks and rinses and white vinegar - to make sure the diapers don't get any ammonia build-up.

To keep myself accountable, I pencil it all into my planner, and I set timers so I remember to go back and turn on the next rinse cycle on my washing machine.

Honest to goodness, it takes me no time at all.  And, truth be told, I do not have a huge stash of diapers.  I'd say I have a moderate amount, but most mamas I know run with way more.  And, yet, I've never gotten to the point where my child was wearing her absolute last clean diaper on her butt while all the other cloth diapers were racing against the clock in the washer and dryer.  With a schedule, you just don't get to that point, no matter how few diapers you have.brajchel_headshot

The key is to have a routine and stick to it.   My child hasn't worn disposable diapers since her first week of life, and if I have my way, she never will.  There's really no need.  It's cheaper and, thanks to my laundry schedule, easier for me to cloth-diaper.”

-Brittany at Living In The Moment



Stay tuned for more tips next week!

P.S.  I tried to get in contact with every blog friend or follower of mine who I knew used cloth diapers, but if you are a blog friend/follower of mine and I missed you, and you have some tips you are just itching to share, you can e-mail me at

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HIS daughter said...

LOVED THIS POST! Thank you so so so much! Wow answered a lot of my questions and I can hardly wait to tell Jason! :) Thanks for sharing :) It is so neat to be able to look to Mom's who have gone before for advice!!! :)

katie said...

I think this series on cloth diapering is so cool! I am not a mom, yet, as you know! And I honestly would have been intimidated and uninterested in cloth diapering before you started posting your experience and others. I would have thought that it was gross... BUT this series has definitely given me something to think about and I might jump on if we ever had a little one.

Natalie said...

whoa, I did not know about onesie extenders! Wonder where we can get those. That is one of my only qualms with cloth is that Callyn's onesies are pulled tight to fit around them!

Rachel and John said...

Thanks for asking me Callie!

Ashlee J said...

Thank you for this post! We will be cloth diapering, and it is intimidating at first! But I'm really excited! We only bought one size diapers, so we will be using disposables for the first few weeks. But after that it will be cloth all the way!
I love when my diapers come in the mail. It's like Christmas! :)

Jenene said...

Callie, I had no idea you knew so many moms who use cloth diapers! You are so lucky to have so many online friends to turn to! I wish I had more women to turn to when we first started, but thankfully cloth diapering has worked out quite well for us. Not too much trial and error.

Amanda said...

I can't wait to start CDing! These super helpful posts have gotten me all excited! I'm waiting for a few more supplies to come in the mail so we'll be all set by the time Natalie is born. And I LOVE the new blog design for the holidays! It's super cute!

The Barker's said...

Thanks for doing this!!! So helpful for us cloth diapering moms!! =)

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