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I’ve got more cloth diapering tips from fellow bloggers this week, and they have some really helpful advice if you are thinking about cloth diapering!  Read on.


I used Josiah's Nest blog to help me get started.  Moriah was so helpful in giving me pointers and answering all my questions.  And I just kept asking others who were doing cloth what they thought.  I believe all of us ended up using a different brand *lol*  Like I said, it's like disposable.  Some styles work and some don't =)

DSC_5962-2I say, use disposable for the first month or two.  You will go through so many diapers and I found that it was too expensive to invest in the extra small sizes for my baby since she would only be in them a short amount of time.  Also, like most, everyone gives diapers at showers (even if we told everyone we were using cloth).  So, use up all the newborn diapers first then make the transition after the baby stops going through 100 diapers a day.  We made the big switch around 3 months.  Again, my baby is super small (about 10% percentile for weight and height at the time) so any diaper was huge on her.  Once we made the switch it worked out perfectly and I loved it!!!

As for supplies and such, you want at least 12-15 diapers to start with.  The baby will go through about 8 a day depending on amount of poops, etc so you want to have enough for an entire day plus a good start the next so you have time to wash and let them air dry.

As for washing:  I use charlie's soap and do a hot wash with a cold rinse with an extra rinse.  Then I do 2 extra rinses with warm/cold water.  My washer is HE so I can set it up so it doesn't seem so bad - haha.  Takes about an hour and 30 minutes with our washer.  I then let them hang dry.  You CANNOT use regular soap or detergent, diaper rash cream, etc with these diapers.  I also hang them outside when it's warm to let the sun bleach them if there are any stains.  Charlie's soap does great with getting them super clean =)

Good luck and feel free to contact me with any questions =)

Or if you want to buy the fitted size small Fuzzibunz off me to try.  Its a good way to get them used initially so you aren't paying full price to see what brands you end up liking!”

-Ashlie at The Barker’s


So far we've only used one brand of cloth diapers, BumGenius Organic Elemental All-in-On One-Size. I don't have many complaints about them but I would say if you have the opportunity to try a few different kinds, go for it and don't jump in with 2 feet and commit to one brand right away. I wish I'd gone the way of sample packs to start with (just so I had something to compare to)!  To get started I would suggest a 6-10 diapers that way you get a feel for them before you have to go wash again. Add in a wet bag and some detergent and you're all set!  We use the BumGenius detergent since we could buy it in bulk. WeResize_DSC0227 also have several Planet Wise wet bags (for daycare and home). I don't really find laundry to be too much of a burden, I would say on average, abut 5 extra loads over 2 weeks (though we do have way more diapers than necessary!).  The best way we've found for doing laundry is starting the load after he goes to bed (for maximum number of diapers clean at a time).  Throw a (big/dry) towel in and it cuts down on drying time.  We are just starting solids so the wash part has been pretty simple so far. Also, if you go to a daycare center, don't let that discourage you, you can do cloth diapers at daycare (just might take some extra effort)!  Just don't get discouraged/overwhelmed by it all!

I wrote 2 posts about cloth diapers.

The before:

The after (part 1-before solids):

-Lauren at Meet The Chapmans


First of all, I've only been cloth diapering two kids for about 3 years, so I'm far from an expert. However, I have been able to try many different cloth diapering systems and have finally decided what works well for us. Which brings me to the first point of cloth diapering; different things work for different families. Keep this in mind when you're purchasing cloth diapers. It's far better to buy one or two of a style, see if it works for your baby, and then later decide if you want to purchase more. The wonderful thing about cloth diapering is that if you purchase a diaper, use it a few times and find that it's not quite working for your baby, you can easily resell it on Ebay, or Craigslist. I purchased a lot of our cloth diapers through the popular Mom and baby deal-a-day sites (such as Baby Steals, Hippo Baby Bargains, Baby Half Off, etc) and in that case, it was very helpful for me to visit and read their product review pages. On their website, Mom's have given unbiased reviews on nearly every cloth diaper out there. So helpful, considering many of them go into detail about the build and weights of their babies.

Our favorite cloth diapers have been GroVia, Thirsties, and BumGenius (in that order). After a few years of cloth diapering, I now prefer 100% cotton against babies bum. The sun bleaches cotton so much nicer and they do not hold odor like the synthetics do. We do a combination of all in ones, pocket diapers, and fitted diapers with covers. I really don't have a preference over one or the other, after a while it's all easy. Even my husband doesn't complain, he just grabs the nearest diaper and puts in on the nearest kid. :)

If you're finding yourself intimidated by cloth diapering, you're not alone. At first it is overwhelming. So many choices, and you want to make the right ones the first time. But, you have to remember this is not the biggest parenting choice you'll make. Try it, if it works great, if not you can sell your "stash" and no harm is done. But, I will say that if you are wanting to try it at all, go for it! Some people insist that it will take time away from their family to cloth diaper their child(ren), but it absolutely does not. It's just as quick to change a cloth diaper as it is a disposable, and when it comes to the laundry - it's really nothing. wmmomma&kidsOne or two extra loads a week, depending on how many diapers you have. It might take a longer wash cycle, and a good cloth diapering detergent, but unless you don't have an automatic washing machine, you do very little of the work. I do hang my cloth diapers on the line to try in permittable weather, but I'm also one of those crazy people that like to don my clothes pin apron and feel the sunshine on my bare head.

It's absolutely impossible for me to write about cloth diapering in short form, but I'll pass on a few links that I've found helpful through this cloth diapering adventure. Much is by trial and error, but I can assure you that when you find the right cloth diapers, you will enjoy the ease and huge, huge money savings. (My friend Amelia has an excellent 5 part series on cloth diapering, including how to sew your own!) (A blog post I wrote back in April, with a little more detail about what works for our family.)”

-Leanna at Thoughts And Whatnots


If you are thinking of giving cloth diapering a go, just do it! It is not as complicated as some might think. In fact, for me, it is truly easier than dealing with disposables. Perhaps it's just because that's what I'm used to now. You can find many gently wedding_1097used cloth diapers for cheap (try online, garage sales, consignment sales, craigslist) if you are just wanting to try it out before you invest a lot in it! Of course there are a ton of products that are involved in cloth diapering, but many of these are not necessities. All you really need to start is some diapers, wipes if you are planning on using cloth wipes as well, detergent and a wet bag or pail to put the dirty diapers in! My favorite thing about cloth diapering is that while many of my friends are dealing with blow outs and stains on their babies cute outfits, I have not had to deal with it once because the cloth diaper keeps it all contained. That, and the fact that it's better for my baby's bum and I'm saving lots of cash this way!”

-Natalie at Extraordinary Love



Thank you ladies for all your fabulous advice!

I'm going to take a break on the cloth diapering posts until after the New Year, but when January comes keep an eye out for a cloth diapering resource post, and my story/final thoughts on cloth diapering!

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Thanks for posting these! It is giving me a lot to think about and consider.

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We cloth diaper too and love it!

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Thanks for posting my comments!!!! It's so much fun to cloth diaper and truly the best for baby and the environment!!! =)

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