Cloth Diapers–My Opinion On Brands


When we started using cloth diapers several months ago, I knew I wanted to try several different brands.  One of the main pieces of advice that I heard was not to put all my cloth diapering eggs in one basket, so I’ve tried several brands, and we’ve developed some favorites!  This is a post on my opinion of the brands we’ve tried.

First, a few terms (note, this isn’t a comprehensive list, I’m just covering the terms that I use in this post):

Inserts - The absorbent part of a cloth diaper.

Pocket diaper – This type of diaper consists of a cover that has a “pocket” that you slide the inserts into. The insert itself doesn’t touch your baby, the inner lining of the cover is against your baby’s bum.  You can use one or two inserts to adjust the absorbency.

Snap-in Inserts – This type of diaper has a cover and inserts that snap into the cover – so the inserts are right against your baby’s bottom.  One plus to this type is that you don’t have to separate the inserts from the cover before you wash them like you do with pocket diapers.

One-size – Diapers with multiple rows of snaps so you can adjust the diaper to fit your baby as he/she grows.

Fitted diapers – Diapers that are made for a specific size, similar to the different sizes of disposables.  You have to buy the next size up as your baby grows.

Bamboo and Microfiber – Different materials that inserts are made of.

Minky – Material sometimes used for cloth diaper covers, has a protective coating on the inside to make it waterproof.

PUL – Polyurethane Laminate – A waterproof material used to make cloth diaper covers.


Alright, on with the reviews, shall we?


gDiapers Fitted – $37-40 for a 2-pack on Amazon, not including inserts


Inserts with Plastic Liner and Cloth Cover (inserts not shown here)

I was not a fan.  I tried these because we had a gift card we needed to use and the store sold gDiapers.  These diapers are a little pricey since they don’t come with the inserts – you have to buy inserts separately to lay inside the plastic liner.  When I did use them I got leaks because there is nothing to secure the inserts to the liners, so they just slide around.  I like the fact that in theory you can use the cover and plastic liner over again if it’s just a wet diaper, but I didn’t get to try because of the leaks.

Maybe I’m using them wrong and need to give them another try?  I don’t know.  As of right now I’m not a fan.


Oh Katy One Size - $17.95 on Amazon


Pocket Diaper

I really, really liked this cloth diaper when we first got it.  I liked the way it fit Wyatt, and I hardly ever got a leak with it.  Wyatt grew quite a bit though after we got it, and I feel like we went through an awkward stage where it didn’t quite fit him right, and we got a few leaks.  We’re over the hump again now, I think, because I haven’t had any problems the last few times I’ve used it.  I think this diaper would especially be good for smaller babies – it’s pretty trim, and it buttons up pretty small.  I’m thinking I’ll probably get a few more of these before our next baby, since I’ll probably start cloth diapering the next baby at a younger age (we started around 7-8 months with Wyatt).


I don’t have a good comparison picture since I only have one Oh Katy diaper right now, but this is the diaper snapped all the way down.  It’s pretty small when you see it in person. I think it would fit a new baby just fine.  I’ll let you know for sure when I have a new baby to try it out on.


Fuzzibunz One Size – $19.95 from Sweet Bottoms


Pocket Diaper

I heard so many good things about Fuzzibunz, but I feel like it didn’t really live up to my expectations.  This is the diaper that we get the most leaks with, and I’m really not sure why.  I think certain brands just fit the shape of certain babies better, and this one did not work for Wyatt.  I’ll try it on the next kid, but I feel like my Fuzzibunz experience is a good example of why it’s a good idea to try a few different brands when you first start.


Kawaii One Size – $10.25-10.75 from Sweet Bottoms


Pocket Diaper

I love this diaper!  We have had very few leaks with Kawaii diapers.  They also make a heavy-duty nighttime diaper (the polka dot one in this picture), and with both inserts Wyatt has gone 12+ hours in that diaper without a leak at night.  I’m planning on buying another of the nighttime diapers so we can use cloth more at night – right now we use mostly use disposables overnight.  These diapers are also a much better price than the majority of the brands out there, and they work better than the other brands I’ve tried.


Kawaii One Size Minky/Bamboo  - $12.95 from Sweet Bottoms


Pocket Diaper

I did buy the minky, bamboo-insert Kawaii diaper, and I didn’t like that diaper as much.  Bamboo inserts are very soft, but the fabric is also not as firm as microfiber inserts, and when I used the bamboo inserts with the minky cover (which was also not as stiff as the PUL diapers), the insert tended to slide around inside the diaper, and when it wasn’t laying flat we had leaks. 

I started using microfiber inserts with the minky cover, and the bamboo inserts in PUL covers, and we haven’t had any problems with it this way.  I do like the bamboo inserts in theory – they are slimmer and just as absorbent as microfiber, plus they are supposed to have less of a tendency to develop odor, but I do not like the bamboo inserts with the minky cover.


Sunbaby 4.0 One Size – $5


Pocket Diaper

These are my favorite diapers.  We use these most because I have more of them, and they leak less than the other brands I’ve tried (they are about the same as our Kawaii diapers as far as leaking goes).  They fit Wyatt really well.  I’m not sure how they would work on smaller babies (as in less than 6 months old), because they run a little bigger than the other brands I’ve tried, but I’ll be trying them on our next baby in the first six months so I’ll let you know.  These diapers are still going to fit Wyatt for a while, and they work really well with his shape.

Plus they are really cute.  They have a bunch of fun patterns and colors.  A lot of brands charge more for patterned diapers, but Sunbaby had a lot of options and they were all the same price (Kawaii also has a lot of patterns for no more expense).

Plus they are cheap!  They are made in China (I’m not sure what I think about that), but the company was started by a mom in China. They are half to a fifth of the price of other brands.

A few drawbacks are that (1) you have to order them directly from her, so they take a little while to get all the way from China to the US, (2) they are not sold in the US anywhere, so you can’t check them out before you buy, and (3) you have to buy twelve or twenty-four diapers at a time. 

But at $5 a diaper, twelve of them only cost me $60 (and when I bought them shipping to the US was free).  I’d only get 3-5 of any other diaper for that amount, and so I decided to give them a try.  I’m glad I did, because they are my favorites.  When we get pregnant with our next baby I’ll be ordering more of these.

Note: I did check out the website again and it looks like they are selling two sizes now – but they are still adjustable in size, they just have a slightly bigger and smaller option.  The bigger size just looks a little longer.  Technically they would still be “One Size” diapers since you can adjust them as your baby grows.  It also looks like they have more buying options now – you can buy just six instead of twelve or twenty-four.

I could go on about Sunbaby diapers, but instead I’ll just say that if you have any more questions about that brand to send me an e-mail at


Itti Bitti Tutto One Size - $24-27 on Amazon


Snap-in Inserts

I was really interested to try an Itti Bitti diaper because they have a reputation of being one of the slimmest diapers on the market.  So when the opportunity presented itself to buy one used from a friend, I had to give it a try.

I was disappointed.  They don’t seem any slimmer than any of my other diapers.  I’m sure the fitted Itti Bitti’s are slimmer than the one-size diapers, but I’m not spending $20/diaper on fitteds when my baby will just outgrow them in a couple months and I’ll have to buy more (who has money to spend that much on a full stash of fitted Itti Bitti’s anyway?).  I don’t think they are worth the money.  Not even close.  But I’m glad I bought one to try or I would have always wondered.

 My favorite diapers are by far the Sunbaby and Kawaii diapers.  I think Oh Katy diapers could be my favorite for younger babies, but I’ll have to wait and see.  I really don’t even have to try any others besides those three brands at this point, unless it’s for fun. 

The only other brand that I’m curious to try would be Rumparooz, because I like the idea of the double layer of elastic around the legs – I think it might be handy for the first few months before solids, if you know what I mean.  But at $23-25 a diaper, I’ll have to think long and hard about it.

If you are thinking of trying cloth diapers, keep in mind that Sweet Bottoms Baby Boutique has free shipping within the US on any order.  Also, I am an affiliate of Sweet Bottomes Baby Boutique, so if I linked to Sweet Bottoms in this post it was an affiliate link, and I do get store credit when someone buys something through the link.  Just to be up-front about it.  But I did order cloth diapers (and our diaper sprayer) from them before I ever became an affiliate.  I mean, who doesn’t love free shipping? Anyway . . .

If anyone has any questions about any of the brands that I listed, let me know!

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Danielle said...

So glad it is working For you! I love me some sweetbottoms :) i wasnt impressed with fuzzibunz either, I am so glad to hear it wasn't just me. I have been wanting to try an oh katy!

Kelley said...

So I think I might give CD a try.....looking at the sunbaby ones. do you use the inserts?

Emily Powell said...

LOVE this post. I bought GroVia and I really like them but they are so expensive once you add in the inserts and boosters. I spent nearly 60 dollars for one cover, two inserts, and two boosters!

Unknown said...

Great post! Something funny- we get more leaks with our Fuzzibunz than any other diaper, too. I'm not really sure why, but I have noticed that their inserts are significantly smaller than, say, Kawaii's, for example.
I also was incredibly disappointed by Itti Bitti Tutto. I bought three to try as nighttime diapers, and they failed miserably. The fit was also horrible on my son. I ended up selling them after only trying one!
Kawaiis and Sunbabies are my favorites as well. If I could start over, I'd probably have a full stash of just those two!

Unknown said...

PS: we used Rumparooz when Elliot was a tiny baby, and they were very bulky and did leak. I'd be curious to see how they'd fit him now, though.

Amanda said...

I'm still loving my Sun Baby diapers the best, too! We just received our second order in the mail. The Fuzzibunz fit ok, but they don't seem as absorbent as other brands and the other day, they leaked through the stitching around the legs! If you ever want to try Bum Genius, has sales every so often. I bought six diapers that were seconds for half off. I can't tell a difference in quality between them and the three "firsts" that I bought. And because the seconds didn't come with inserts, I use my extra Sun Baby inserts in them. You've made me want to try the Kawaii's now!

Natalie said...

I just went with only ONE brand of diapers because it seemed easiest to me-bum genius. I have loved them so far, but am thinking maybe for baby 2 to check out some others. Those sunbaby diapers totally intrigue me-they are SOOO cheap!!!

Unknown said...

Great post! I love CD it has saved us money, its better for baby, the environment and its cute.

I have always used bum genius and LOVE them. I have never had a leak and I cloth diaper at night (add the newborn insert as a doubler and a hemp liner to beef up absorbency) I know they are expensive to start but I got them on ebay for about $350 for 20. Highly recommend them :) I'm 9 month into CD and they still look brand new.

Anonymous said...

Glad you found a brand you love! I adore my blueberry/swaddlebees diapers and thirsties is a close second but only for nighttime. For day time they are too bulky.

Brittany Ann said...

I feel the same way about FB. Not a fan. And yep. My China cheapies as they call them are some of my favs too:)

Amber said...

Thanks for the brand review! I had never heard of Kawaiis or Sunbabies. If #2 proves not to be as sensitive as Eden, and I can successfully CD him/her, I'll definitely try out those brands. They're WAY cheaper! Wish I had known about them when I was trying it with Eden...wouldn't have wasted so much money.

Ashlee J said...

Hey Callie! I was so glad to see what you think about Sunbabies. Cost was definitely a concern for us, and I loved that they were so cheap! I ordered 24 of them to start. The only other diapers we have are 1 econobum, which I have yet to try on Hazel and 2 fuzzibunz. I only use sunbabies on her, I love them so much! We started her on cloth at as soon as they fit her which was at about 8 weeks. I could also go on and on about Sunbaby diapers!

Ashley Lee said...

Kawaii & Sunbabies are in my top LOVES!!! I have recently bought a few Thirsties, && they are amazing!!

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