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I decided to review "Our Last Great Hope: Awakening The Great Commission" by Ronnie Floyd because the description reminded me of the book "Radical" by David Platt, which I found to be very thought-provoking and inspiring. "Our Last Great Hope" is about what we as churches and individuals can do to work toward spreading the gospel of Jesus to those who haven't heard it - "fulfilling the Great Commission". I was hoping to glean more motivation to do what I can to share the gospel from this book. It did not disappoint me.

You can tell from the outset that Floyd is very passionate about the Great Commission. The first few chapters seemed to be directed more at what churches can do to help further the gospel, and I was afraid I wasn't going to get much practical application for myself since I'm not a church leader. But about halfway through the book Floyd starts focusing more on changes that individuals can make to more effectively reach people for the Lord. I loved the section on evangelizing our children, and the chapters on "talking Jesus more" and reevaluating finances to do more for God's Kingdom were challenging and offered just what I was looking for when I picked up this book in the first place.

One thing that bothered me at the outset was that I felt Floyd was focusing so much on how we haven't "fulfilled the Great Commission" in the sense that there are still people who haven't heard about Jesus. It was almost as if he was discounting all the work and energy some of the great Christians in history have put forth to bring people to Christ and saying it wasn't good enough.

As I continues reading, however, I understood more of what he meant - he's viewing the Great Commission more as a measurable goal (ie. every person on earth hearing about Jesus), as opposed to an ongoing work, which is how I always viewed it before. He speaks throughout the book about missionaries in church history as examples to be followed, so it became apparent as I read more that he was not discounting their work as I thought in the beginning.

I found myself trying to think of ways to save money to offer more to mission work, ways that I can get involved in spreading the gospel, and I was motivated to pray more for missionaries and those who don't know Jesus. Any book that gets me thinking more along those lines is very worth reading. I'd recommend this book to any Christians who are looking for some inspiration to get more involved in obeying Jesus last command to us to "go make disciples of all nations . . .".

Note: I received this book from BookSneeze for free in exchange for this review. This is my honest opinion.

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Amanda said...

Each year, our denomination encourages all of the churches to do a study at the beginning of the year. It usually happens on Wednesday nights during January and February. A couple years ago, it was on the great commission. We read a book that sounds similar to the one you just read. It was "The Great Commission The Solution..." by Raymond F Culpepper.

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