Simple Secrets To A Happy Life Review

I recently agreed to review "Simple Secrets To A Happy Life" by Luci Swindoll, mostly because the title drew me in. Who doesn't want to have a happy life? And simple, practical tips are always my favorite.

I loved this book. It contains fifty chapters each on a different "simple secret", which include everything from thoughts on friendship, taking care of your health, and helping others to fun suggestions like setting up a home library or cooking a special meal just for yourself. The chapters are brief and read almost like blog posts, which is right up my ally. But even though each chapter isn't very long there is a ton of wisdom packed into each one, gleaned from Luci's 80 years of life experience.

I love Luci's writing style, and her personality shines through each chapter. In the process of reading this book I think I've also found another favorite author, and I'll be looking for other books by Luci Swindoll after reading this one.

I definitely would recommend this book for anyone and everyone. It was sometimes helpful, sometimes thought-provoking, and overall an encouraging and inspiring read!

Note: I received a copy this book from Book Sneeze, a review program run by Thomas Nelson publishing group, in exchange for this review - this is my honest opinion of the book.

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Lauren said...

i love Luci! I saw her at a women's conference and she was so fun! I bet this book was a great read!

Amanda said...

thank you for the book review! i love luci too.

psychelyn said...

It's been a long time since I haven't read any book which could inspire me. I've indulged myself into digging more historical books which has relation to my trips :)

I could use this one too :) Thanks for the review.

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