How To Make Blog Images Lay Flat Against The Background

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For my blog, I really like the look of having my images laying flat against the background.  Not only does it look cleaner, but when I want an element to look like it's embedded in the page, I just make the background white!  This lets you do images that appear round, triangular, with rounded edges, or like the text is embedded into the post or page.

(This seemed like a good time to share a picture of Harvey.  He's kind of cute, even though he drives me nuts sometimes.)

Unfortunately, Blogger automatically adds this annoying shadow/box thing around the photos you add to your blog.  If you're like me and you want your images to just lay flat against the background, there is a way to remove the photo shadow that Blogger adds!

Lots of people have written very nice tutorials on this, so rather than re-write one here, I'm just going to point you to one that I think explains things well.

 How To Remove Image Shadow In Blogger

One thing that I will note is to make sure to hit the space bar after adding the HTML to custom CSS box!  I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working, and then I realized I just needed to hit the space bar to get the code to register.

Also, I've noticed lately that when I upload a picture with a white background, it sometimes appears a yellowish white on my actual blog.  Which kind of defeats the purpose of making the text look embedded. I was even having problems with my new header because of this!

Thanks to some experimentation and good 'ole Instagram informational sessions, I learned that it's some sort of issue with Blogger and .jpg's.  So if you want the background to truly be white, save your image as a .png instead and it should work!

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Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Thanks for posting about this! Blogger definitely has a few quirks... :)

Kaitlin@Homemaker Design said...

Thanks Callie! I never thought about removing that boarder but I think I will - because I prefer to not have it!! So I shall bookmark that link! :D

A note on your yellow background issue - I have run into this for myself and my SIL - and it's actually a Google issue, not blogger! Though you have found a way around it, that works - I can let you in on the terrible secret that plagued my SIL and myself. Apparently when you upload your photos to Blogger, they are stored in you Blog's Picasa album under your Goggle account (which you probably already know)- well for whatever reason, a while back, Google decided that when you upload new photos it would default and 'enhance' those images for you. And by enhance I mean RUIN! I spent FOREVER trying to figure out why my photos were 'off' in some way! :P Anywaays, in order to change this (if you still wish to upload .jpg) is to go to your Blog's Picasa album and look to unselect the option to have Google automatically enhance new photos on upload. I can't remember where exactly - but it's there...somewhere....

So yeah....a long comment here....but though, just in case you were interested in the root of the problem - I know it was driving me and my sister-in-law nuts!!

And again - thank you for the link - I'm excited to change my images!! :D

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