Tractor and Plane Books

Wyatt has two things he loves right now - anything related to transportation, and animals.  But he's been especially interested in tractors, trucks, trains, planes, and cars for the past several months.  Any mechanical thing that moves.

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This week Wyatt and I opened up some new books that Teresa from Barefoot Books was kind enough to send us!  

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One of the books was "I Wish I Were A Pilot", which was a book with a ton of vehicles in it - airplanes, cars, ships, submarines - you name it.  Wyatt loved looking at all the pictures and pointing out the things he knew, and there were a few things he didn't know!  It was so fun to hear him say "submarine".  I liked that it was a board book too, because he's less likely to tear the page when he "reads" by himself.

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The other book Teresa sent us was called "Driving My Tractor".  I thought this book was so fun, because not only were the pictures beautiful and the story perfect for a two year old, the book came with a music CD!

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The lyrics on the CD are the same as the words in the book.   Wyatt was too busy looking at the pictures in the book for us to listen to the CD the first time - we probably spent five minutes on each page.  He was so excited about the tractor and animals and was exclaiming over everything! But I love that it comes with a CD!  Wyatt also loves music, and I think it will be so fun to follow along with the song.

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Gwen got in on the book action too!

Teresa was also so thoughtful and sent along a worksheet/craft idea that goes along with the book!  I had no idea that Barefoot Books came along with activities!  The website has activities to go along with many of the books! I think this will be a great resource for some fun home pre-school projects this year, and in homeschooling years to come.  

The craft she sent me was a cut-out coloring sheet to make paper finger puppets, and she even sent along some popsicle sticks in case we didn't have any!  So Wyatt and I sat down and colored the pages together.  It was such a fun project for the two of us!

This one was a joint effort (see the green scribbles):

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So was this one:

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Ah, but this one was Wyatt's masterpiece!  I think he was really trying to stay inside the lines (up to now he hasn't cared):

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If you haven't checked out Barefoot Books, definitely visit their website - they have so many fun books.  I think some of them will be great for future homeschooling lessons, and they have a lot of books that are just for fun and perfect for gifts!  Be sure to order through Teresa Banner - I highly recommend working with her.  She's so knowledgable about all the books that are available, and she is very thoughtful!  Thanks again Teresa for the opportunity to review these great books!

Note: Teresa sent me these books for free in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion!
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