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In case you missed it yesterday, I did end up changing my blog design!  With this lovely rollover header/navbar.  Cool, huh?

Screen Shot 2013 11 06 at 3 01 42 PM

In the process of blog designing this time, I discovered a resource that I overlooked before - free photoshop brushes, patterns, and shapes!  So for all of you who like to play with Photoshop Elements or do your own blog design, I thought I'd share where I got some of the tools for my current blog design, as well as some websites I've found with fun free resources.

One of the issues with getting "free" things on the internet (like photoshop stuff or fonts), is that it may only be free for personal use.  If you advertise on your blog at all (which I do), you have to use items that are free for commercial use.  It makes it more challenging to find what you are looking for, but not impossible!  


As of this writing, the following resources are free for commercial use!  But read the license before you download to make sure, in case something changes.


Free (for commercial use) Photoshop animal shapes - I used this set of free animal shapes for the deer, bird, and moose in my rollover header images (I just used some of the shapes I already had for the other rollover shapes).  It only comes as a jpg, but you can use the magic selector tool to select the shape, drag it into your new image, and then use the paint bucket tool to change it to whatever color you want!

Free (for commercial use) deer brushes - I downloaded these too and didn't end up using them this time around, but they are nice and free for commercial use!  You can use brushes as shapes as well - just create a new layer (SHIFT-CTRL-N), put the brush on the new layer, and then you can use the paint bucket tool to change it's color, make it a gradient shape, and resize it using the free transform tool (CTRL-T).

Free (for commercial use) tree brushes - I was thinking about using these for the trees in the main part of my header, but I ended up making my own tree brush instead.  But once again, more free brushes!  Yay!

Free (for commercial use) snowflake brushes - I'm thinking about using these to spiff things up around here for Christmas, if I have time.

Free overlays and free "paint" brushes - I used one of the overlays in this set to create a pattern in Photoshop Elements to use behind the trees in my header (see this tutorial on re-coloring overlays). Then I used some of her other brushes to create another pattern, which I added behind the first pattern for more interest. I love this site because she has so many great Photoshop freebies!  The ones that are free for commercial use are marked with a "CU".  I also got the little arrow brushes that I used in the above image from here.


And those are all the resources I used!

I found several more sites with photoshop resources that are free for commercial use in the midst of my search, which I might share at a later date.  Or if you just can't wait, you can check out my bloggy Pinterest board, in which I pin all things blog, and you can find them there!

For installing shapes check out this tutorial, for installing brushes look here, for installing patterns see this.

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Amy said...

I love the new blog design! So cool!

Mariah Rist said...

Love the design it is so PERFECT!

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

LOVE the new design. The color palette is my fav:)

Kate Craig said...

I didn't know about those either! I was debating whether or not to tell you that I really liked your new colors, but I thought the categories font was really hard to read. So I'm glad you changed it. :) The rollover thing is really fun!

Jessica and Stephan said...

I love this design! I find it simple, elegant, chic and feminine!

Kenzie S said...

Your new design looks amazing! I love it!

la petite lulu said...

I LOVE the new design! The colours are gorgeous and the icons really sweet :)

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