Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

 I'm still working on the birth story post for Clyde - I'm hoping to have it up next week!  In the meantime I wanted to get this post up about the kid's' Easter baskets, because I always have so much fun picking out stuff for them.  Stay tuned for more on Baby Clyde!


I'm really looking forward to Easter this year.  I feel like Wyatt is understanding more and more.  The other day we were talking about how Easter is the day that Jesus came back to life, and he has brought it up a few times since then!  He was also pretty interested in his Easter basket "presents", but I know more and more about Jesus is sinking in too, and that is what is most exciting to me.

Anyway, we went shopping for the kid's Easter baskets the other day, so I wanted to post some of the things we picked out!  The best part is that most of the things I found for their baskets only cost $1 - I like that price!  So here are my (inexpensive) Easter basket ideas for toddlers.

DSC 3676blog

If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart book - Alright, we already had this book, but I wanted to post it here because it's one of my favorites.  I can't even explain it, you just have to read it.  It makes me cry every time, and I think it's such a sweet little book for an Easter basket, so I thought I'd recommend it now!

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Hot Wheels cars - Wyatt loves Hot Wheels cars - the other day at the store he grabbed one and was asking me if we could buy it, and I told him we'd have to wait.  So I'm going to sneak one or two into his Easter basket.  I love that he loves these, because they are only a dollar, and such an easy present that I know he'll like.

DSC 3710blog

Bubbles - What toddler does not like bubbles, I ask you?

DSC 3683blog

Ponies - Gwen picked out these little pony horses at the dollar store the other day - similar to My Little Ponies, but cheaper.  I want to try to find a couple more for her basket.  This is the first toy that she has actually picked out for herself, which I think is so cute!

DSC 3712blog

Water bottles - Thank you dollar aisle at Target.

DSC 3684blog

Fun dough - Or Play Doh, or silly putty.  Whatever you like best.

Flower growing kits - I found these at Target too and snapped them up.  I think it will be a fun project, for Wyatt especially, to water them and watch the flower grow!  Hopefully they actually do grow or it will be disappointing, but if these don't work I have some seeds and some soil in our shed we could use instead.

DSC 3680blog

Yogurt Melts - I just feel weird about putting too many jelly beans in the kids' Easter baskets.  Plus Gwen can't chew that stuff even if I did want to put it in her basket!  Yogurt melts are a good alternative, and my kids think they are candy anyway.  I just put a few in each of their plastic eggs!

DSC 3687blog

And I decided to change it up a little and put it all into these:

DSC 3685blog

Toddler Backpacks - These are Skip Hop backpacks - I had been eyeing them, but I just wasn't sure I wanted to spend $20 a piece on backpacks for the kids right now.  Then I was walking through JC Penny the other day, and spied these on clearance for $6.99 each!  Yes, please!  They only had the shark and the ladybug, but I wasn't going to complain if I could get them for such a good price!  Wyatt has been really into bags lately, and I think he'll love having his own little bag to carry his stuff around.

And Clyde is a little small yet for all this fun, but his favorite thing at the moment happens to be his pacifier - so I finally broke down and got him one of these:

415Bug cuBL SX425

 He might get to use his before Easter though.

DSC 3677blog

What are you putting in your kids' Easter baskets?
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Amanda said...

What cute backpacks! Can't beat clearance. I got goldfish crackers, watercolors and a pad of paper, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, twistable crayons that I hope Natalie won't be able to break like her other crayons, and a play doctor kit. I am really looking forward to Natalie understanding more about the true meaning or Easter though!

Melanie said...

Love the backpack idea! I never thought of doing ponies either (Makayla likes them too!)..we have a $1 plastic slinky, stuffed monkey, lots of books, and a necklace in Makayla's to name a few!

The Clem Family said...

For my 3 and 5 year old boys I am putting $1 bible story books from the grocery store, Dino eggs and Star Wars playskool figures from dollar store, water guns from target $1 spot, ninja turtle bubbles, play-doh filled eggs, egg shaped sidewalk chalk/chalk paint, rabbit pez, $3 Lego kits from target, goggles for swim lesson (was going to buy anyway), and lego minifigures for the egg hunt instead of a ton of candy. I started picking up things here and there several months ago so I think I actually over bought this year bc I kinda forgot how much stuff I bought. At least they were good deals. Another fun and cheap idea I have done in the past for my kids is Easter rubber ducks for the bath tub.

Hannah said...

Such fun baskets! I am sure they will love them, and how cute that Gwen picked out the ponies! :) I'm sure you Love that Wyatt is understanding more of what Easter is all about! And I love those backpacks, they are too cute! What a deal! I wish I could find those for that cheap, I've been thinking about getting one for my little guy :)

Rae said...

You make Easter so fun! Those are some great ideas and it was so cute how on Sunday Wyatt wouldn't put his backpack down, he loved it! What fun Easter basket gifts!

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