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Dancing With Fireflies by Denise Hunter is a small-town, Christian romance book.  Jade arrives back in her hometown pregnant and alone, looking for a job so she can support her baby.  Daniel, who Jade has always viewed as a brother, helps her as she settles in.  but Daniel has had feelings for Jade for a long time, and tries to hide it from Jade to avoid scaring her away.  Through the course of the book Jade starts to have feeling for Daniel too, but has to overcome some previous traumas before she realizes she needs to trust God and allow herself to love someone again.

I've read a couple of Hunter's books before, and I like them because she knows how to keep the reader interested in the story throughout the book.  But not in an infuriating, you-want-to-shake-the-main-characters kind of way, more in a I-have-to-keep-reading-to-see-what-happens type of way.  This book was no exception, and I didn't want to put it down!  The characters were likable, and not too perfect, and the story was interesting.

The one thing I don't like as much about Hunter's romance books is that in certain scenes I feel like she focuses a little too much on the physical attraction/temptation aspect of the character's romance.  Nothing inappropriate ever happens - the books I've read from Hunter have been clean.  The descriptions just get a little heavy for me at times.  Also, in this book Jade finds herself pregnant as a result of date r.ape - I feel like Hunter handled this plot element with tact and didn't put an excessive focus on it, but I would recommend discretion before letting a younger girl read because of those elements.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this book!  Hunter's writing style is easy to read, and I don't know how she keeps a relatively simple story so interesting, but she does.  If you want a quick, romantic read, this is one to check out.

Note: I received these books for free from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.
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Sounds good!! Always enjoy reading your book reviews!

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