My Daring Girl (And A Perfect Book For Her)

Have I mentioned that Gwen is over 21 months old now?  I can't believe she is approaching her second birthday already!  It feels like she was just born.

I have an update post on Miss Gwen coming soon, but one unique aspect to her personality is just how spunky and daring she can be.  Derek and I joke with each other that she has no proper sense of danger.  And while she can occasionally come close to giving me a heart attack, I also love that she is willing to take risks - and as she grows, I want to teach her to channel that risk-taking into the most important areas, like taking risks for Jesus, in order to further God's kingdom!

Because of this aspect of Gwen's personality, I think the Brave Girls Bible Stories book will be perfect for her as she grows older!  It's a new Bible storybook by Tommy Nelson geared toward girls who are 4-12 (it seems like a wide range, but I think there are different aspects that would appeal to different age groups).

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The book begins with introducing the five modern-day "Brave Girls" - Hope, Glory, Honor, Gracie, and Faith.  Each Brave Girl has a different interest and personality, so girls reading this book will be able to identify with at least one of these characters!  There is also a fun quiz in the back of the book to tell your daughter which Brave Girl she is most like.  I took it for fun, and I'm a mix between Glory and Honor.  I'm guessing Gwen will be a mix between Hope (the tomboy), and Glory (the one who loves beautiful things)!

Through the rest of the book the Brave Girls take turns talking about different stories of women in the Bible - how they were brave and how God used them to do great things for Him!  Even though this book is geared more toward older girls, I have been reading a story to Gwen each night anyway, and we have been enjoying it.  Gwen loves her "pink Bible", and the colorful pictures are fun for her to look at, even if she can't quite understand the stories yet.  I think this will be a favorite for her as she grows!  I am excited to see the other Brave Girl resources that Tommy Nelson will publish in the future too.

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If you have a toddler or school-aged girl, I definitely recommend checking out this book!  I know I would have loved it when I was a girl, and I am excited for Gwen because I know she will love it as she gets bigger.

For more info, you can check out this letter from the Tommy Nelson Team to girl moms, or check out a preview of the Brave Girls Bible Stories book here.  Or watch this cute video!

Note:  I received a copy of the Brave Girls Bible Stories book for free from Tommy Nelson in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.
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Lauren said...

thanks for the review! i may have to add that to Elyse's Christmas list!

betsy green said...

Looks great! Think My EB (almost 3) would love it!

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