Pink Lemonade Birthday Party!

I am finally getting around to posting about Gwen's 2nd birthday party!  I am determined to always make a big deal of Derek and Gwen's birthday, since it falls right after Christmas.  It's hard having a Christmastime birthday because people tend to forget with the busyness of the holidays.

We didn't have a "party" for Gwen this year, per se - we just had some of our immediate family over for cake, and to give her presents.  Still, I see no reason why I can't have a birthday theme anyway!  This year I had a couple packages of pink lemonade cookie mix in my cupboards, so I decided to go with a Pink Lemonade theme.  It turned out really cute, and I think this was one of the easiest parties I've done! 


For the party I just got some yellow and pink balloons and streamers.

I used some old scrapbook paper and made a few labels and a birthday sign for Gwen.

I made pink lemonade cookies from a mix, and I used the same mix to make a pink lemonade cheesecake - which was so good!  I wish I knew how to replicate it without a mix.

Of course we also had to have pink lemonade.

I put a yellow tablecloth on the table, and got some lemons to add to the decor.

Gwen and I got all dressed up in pink and yellow!  I just happened to have the perfect yellow dress and pink hair bow for Gwen's birthday outfit.  I told you, everything just came together!


For those of you follow my photo blog, head on over there to see more pictures of Miss G at her birthday party!  She is pretty adorable.  I'll send out a link in my next newsletter as well!

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Shawnelle Eliasen said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

This turned out absolutely darling, Callie! I just love it!

Hannah said...

You always have the best parties! I love this simple and sweet idea! It looks so fun and cheerful and those cookies and cheesecake sound amazing!

Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

This is precious! I love pink lemonade, these are such fun, happy colors for a birthday party!

Elizabeth said...

Nice idea and not too complicated! I have a boy, so sometimes I feel like I'm worlds apart from friends with girl babies! But this idea would actually work for any girly tea party or get-together.

Melanie said...

Love the idea! And such a nice change up for that time of the year too!

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