HeBrews: A Better Blend Review

Hebrews a better blend review

Last fall I started a personal study of the book of Hebrews - mostly because it was a book I just didn't really understand.  And wouldn't you know, I saw that a study called HeBrews: a Better Blend by Leah Adams was up for review!  It was perfect.

I really enjoyed this study.  Adams has split this study up into eight weeks, and she opens each chapter with a recipe and coffee recommendation, which I love!  I appreciated all of her illustrations and the way she uses Scripture to interpret Scripture.  She references many other places in the Bible for clarification of difficult concepts in Hebrews, and I really liked that.  She also had a really good variety in the types of exercises in this study, and it kept each section interesting!

She did jump around Hebrews a bit, instead of going chapter by chapter, and though I can see how she was trying to address each topic in Hebrews, I still found it a little confusing.  I am also not sure why the publisher did this, but there were two places where an "Editor's Note" was included, and it felt weird to me - like whoever the editor was, they were trying to insert their opinion into a study they didn't write.  I think the intent might have been to add a different perspective so all sides were understood, but it was awkward to me.

The one point I did not agree with the author was when she said that the passage in Romans 8 that talks about nothing being able to separate us from God's love does not include us - that we can separate ourselves from the love of God.  Her point was that we need to cling to the Lord and spend time in Bible study and prayer, but I totally disagree with her thought on that passage - "nor any other created thing" (Romans 8:39) would include us!  We are part of creation, no?  That bugged me.

Overall, Adams has a great, conversational style to her writing, and she has a way of making difficult concepts easy to understand.  Aside from the point mentioned above, I think this study is sound, and I can recommend checking it out.

Note: I received this ebook for free from Netgalley in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.
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