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I started Anchored by Kayla Aimee one evening a few weeks ago.  I meant to just read a chapter or so and go to bed, but by the time I finally turned out the light I had made it through a quarter of the book.  The next time I picked it up I made it through another 40%, and I just finished the last third(ish) today.  Once I started reading I just could not put it down.

Anchored is the story of Kayla Aimee's daughter, Scarlette, who was born at 25 weeks.  Kayla Aimee is a great storyteller, and she weaved bits of her history in with the events leading up to her daughter's very early birth, along with everything that came after.  

After reading this book, that arbitrary 24 week viability mark holds so much more weight.  I actually started reading this book right around 25 weeks in my pregnancy with this baby girl, and Kayla Aimee's descriptions of her tiny daughter and the fears of losing her tore at my heart.  This book paints a beautiful picture of a mother's heart for her child, and how fierce that love can be.  I found myself with tears in my eyes more than once as I read through this story.

The book wasn't all heavy and scary though - if you have ever read Kayla Aimee's blog, you know that she has a sharp sense of humor, which is sprinkled in perfect amounts throughout the story.  Sometimes I'd find myself still feeling teary (thank you pregnancy hormones) from a scary part of Scarlette's NICU journey, then something I read would strike me funny and I would find myself chuckling, while still trying to blink to let my eyes dry.  If a book can make me cry and laugh out loud, it is most definitely a winner.

After reading this book, I look at my own kids, and I appreciate each of them just a little bit more.  Life is fragile and precious, and sometimes you just need someone else to remind you of that in the midst of picking up toys, finding fruit snack wrappers hidden in the couch, and realizing one of your children is using a (full) potty chair as a step stool to climb onto the kitchen counter.  Even when things get crazy, my kids are here, they are healthy, and I am incredibly grateful for that.  Each life is an irreplaceable gift from God.  Anchored drove that home for me.

Now I just remembered I need to go get some sanitizer for the kitchen.

Note: I received a digital copy of this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for this review. This is my honest opinion.

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