Abolishing Abortion (A Review)

The pro-life movement is something I feel very strongly about, and it is something that has been weighing on me especially this year.  If you haven't been paying attention to the news, you need to look up the video series that has been released over the last couple months by the Center For Medical Progress, exposing the illegal trafficking of aborted baby parts by Planned Parenthood.  The videos are enlightening and disturbing, and they hit me especially hard since they came out during the last couple months of my pregnancy with Clarice.

When I saw the book Abolishing Abortion: How You Can Play A Part In Ending The Greatest Evil Of Our Day by Rev. Frank Pavone, I knew I had to read it, especially in light of everything that has happened with the pro-life movement this year.  It is my biggest prayer for this country that abortion will come to an end, and I of course want to play a part!

I have to admit I was nervous to get into this book.  I really started reading it after Clarice was born, and even before I started it I had a few days where looking at Clarice made me want to cry for all the babies who never got a chance to see the light, who never got a chance to snuggle against the chest of someone who loved them.  

I wasn't sure I could handle reading any descriptions of abortion, because I already know what happens in detail and it hurts to think about while you are holding a newborn, but thankfully that was not the focus of this book.  This book is full of solid encouragement and and motivation for those of us who are pro-life to get involved and speak up about this greatest human rights issue of our time.

I loved the first few chapters that addressed why the life issue is central to all the rights and freedoms we experience in America, and why abortion is not just a threat to the most vulnerable among us, but also a threat to the rights of every citizen. And if you have ever wondered if Christians should really get involved in the political arena, Rev. Pavone makes a wonderful case for why Christians should be involved in politics in this book.

There were three chapters in the middle of this book that got pretty detailed about the legal issue of the tax-exempt status of churches, and why church leaders should not be intimidated into silence about political issues such as abortion.  I thought those chapters were good for anyone to know, but would be most helpful for pastors and church leaders.  Pavone mostly draws from his experience as a Catholic minister, but the information he shares is helpful for any denomination.

The last few chapters were a summary of the two issues that must be addressed when addressing abortion - the idea that it is not a child that is destroyed by abortion (it is), and the idea that abortion benefits the mother (abortion harms the mother).  The last chapter was especially powerful and explained why the pro-life movement embodies love toward the child and the mother.

This book was full of great information and encouragement to be more passionate and active in opposing abortion.  I also loved that this book was full of biblically-based examples and arguments to mobilize the Church to take action.  The life issue is not a partisan political issue, and we cannot "agree to disagree".  If we claim to follow Christ we must do everything we can to stop this travesty, and this book provides a great argument to why that is so important while urging Christians to speak out.  I highly recommend it.

Note: I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.

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Cheryl Smith said...

Oh, bless your heart! I am sure this really hits you hard right now, having just given birth to a precious baby of your own. Oh, dear friend! This is a burden that lays heavily upon my heart, too. Having endured 12 1/2 years of infertility struggles and yearning for so many years for a baby, then having the precious gift of God opening my barren womb for one moment in time and allowing me to experience the full gamut of pregnancy and childbirth and the wondrous ongoing joys of daily raising our precious son, I cannot even come close to imagining how anyone could ever agree to the ending of a baby's life. If it hurts us this much to think of it, how does our dear Lord look down and watch these things happen? His heart must be so broken!! I had to stop watching the videos, simply because I could not handle it anymore...it just hurts SO much! I have cried many a tear over it. YES, it is high time that we, as Christians, stop being passive, and we MUST merge our faith and our politics into one! If we don't pray and stand in the gap and defend the innocent, who will? Thank you for this wonderful post...I am so grateful to you for getting the word out about this book. I haven't read it, but it sounds like a battle cry to me. We better wake up and start becoming proactive and being the people God is calling us to be in these end times. Dear Lord, help us all.

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