Cats In Paris (A Coloring Book Review)

Have you joined in on the adult coloring craze yet?

I bought my first coloring book on the day before Clarice was born, so this hobby holds a fond place in my heart.  I sat down to color that evening, and there was something so relaxing about it.  It's nice to just not think about anything for a while except which color scheme you want to go with.

When I saw this coloring books Cats In Paris by Won-Sun Jang, I had to snag it!  I admit, I had a couple cat-loving friends in mind, and I wanted to check it out.  I am so glad I did! As the name suggests, this book features illustrations of cats in various Paris scenes, but it includes some flowery repeating patterns to color as well.

The thing that I really appreciated about this coloring book was that it leaves some room to be artistic with your coloring.  It has simple patterns and shapes that you can fill in with a solid color, but I think someone who has an eye for art could also have some fun adding colors and shading to the cats' fur and some of the marketplace-type scenes.  

My favorite page was the one with the cat on the bookshelves, of course.

This coloring book is appropriate for people who have never bought a coloring book before, but I think it is perfect for someone who wants to color but also has some artistic talent! The pages are gorgeous, and the scenes make me want to visit Paris.  This is a fun themed coloring book, and I'd recommend checking it out, especially if you like cats!

Note: I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for a review.  This is my honest opinion.
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Hannah M said...

Though I don't get to do it often, I love coloring! Right after Oliver was born my sister showed me hers and then I got one for my birthday. It's so relaxing to just sit down and color for a little bit. I love the pictures and any chance I have to color.

Callie Nicole said...

I wish I could color more often too, because it is so fun!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

I love this book! It is so adorable!

Callie Nicole said...

Isn't it cute! I gave it to my artistic friend who loves cats, because I was pretty sure she could really do amazing things with it! But I wish I could have kept the bookshelf page, I loved that one. :-)

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