Why I Pick Birthday Party Themes Early ($150 Minted Giveaway)

Disclaimer:  This post on planning for a first birthday party is brought to you in partnership with Minted.com, and contains affiliate links.  I was given credit to order products to review for this post.   All opinions are my own.

When I was growing up, we didn't have birthday parties every year.  There are a few birthday parties that I specifically remember, filled with balloons, streamers, and organized games.  But so many years we just stayed home, maybe had a friend or my grandparents over for dinner and presents.  Looking back now as a mom myself, I think my parents struck the perfect balance.  Birthday parties were fun and special, but we didn't expect a big party every year.

This year we've been toning down our birthday parties with our kids, but I am a firm believer that there are a few special years when a big party is called for - and one of those, of course, is my baby's first birthday! 

I am fully aware that my kids won't actually remember their first birthday, but for me, it feels important.  Their very first birthday party seems like it should be special - I have dreams of many more birthdays spent with my children, and I want to start it off right with this first party.  This is totally for me, not for them, but I do believe they will enjoy seeing the pictures someday!  I still have the pictures of my own little circus-themed first birthday party, and they are fun to look at.

Since Pinterest has taken off I have realized just how all-out some people go on their children's birthdays.  I am not immune to the pressure to pick an adorable, perfectly-coordinated theme (plus it's just kind of fun to see what I can come up with).  But after planning 3.5 first birthday parties so far, I have learned one thing.

If you want a Pinterest-worthy first birthday party, it helps to pick a theme early.

By early, I mean when your child is still a newborn, or even in utero.  That might seem a little ridiculous at first blush, but hear me out.

When you pick a theme early, there is less stress in finding things to fit with your theme.

With all my kids I have picked a theme in the first three months of their life, and then through the rest of the year I am always on the lookout for things that will go with their party theme.  I realized the advantages of having so much lead time when my initial theme for Gwendolyn's first birthday party ended up being too difficult to match, and I chose a different theme that was more manageable for me.   It would have been a nightmare to change a theme with only a couple weeks left before her birthday, but because I started planning so early, I had plenty of time.  If you start early, you have more wiggle room to find the perfect decorations, food, etc, and adjust the theme as needed.

When you pick a theme early, you can incorporate some things into nursery decor.  

This is something I only attempted with my last two children, but it is so convenient to have a first birthday party theme that is similar to the nursery colors/theme.  If you can work this out, you can pick party decor that can be used in your baby's room, or vice versa.  Killing two birds with one stone!  

I was able to work this out beautifully (so far) in planning Clarice's first birthday party.  Before she was even born I had been mulling over different party themes, and I thought about going with a "woodland" theme.  When I was looking for some art to hang over her crib, I found a beautiful aspen tree canvas.

When I recently had an opportunity to order some birthday invitations and party decor with Minted, I knew exactly what I was looking for!  They had these adorable floral birthday invitations that I think will go perfectly with a floral/woodland themed first birthday party.  

I had never ordered from Minted before, and I was impressed with their birthday party lines!  If you happen to be reading this post with not much party-planning time to spare, I definitely recommend Minted.  They have a party package option with everything you need to throw a perfectly coordinated, Pinterest-worthy party.

We ordered from the "Botanical Affair" birthday party line, and I was excited to get two birthday banners, some table confetti, cupcake toppers, and table signs that all match the invitations.  The design of the decorations is adorable, they will work perfectly with her theme, and I can use the part of the banner with Clarice's name as nursery decor since the party and her decorations have the same woodland feel!

When you pick a theme early, you can take advantage of good deals and it's easier on your budget.  

When you have a theme chosen so far in advance, it is much easier to wait until things go on sale, which is easier on your wallet.  It is also more budget-friendly when you are able to spread out the cost over several months by buying things as you go, instead of having to fork over a big chunk of change for everything all at once.

Speaking of good deals - Minted is offering to give one of my readers a $150 credit!  If you have any parties coming up, this is enough to get you invitations and coordinating decorations, or you can check out their home decor, art prints (I really like the "Mornings Away" print and "Out To Sea" print), cards - there are so many options!

You can enter the giveaway by clicking here and entering your information!

Do you choose your party themes early?  What other party-planning tips do you have for first birthdays?

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Raven Kees Jones said...

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love the print and banner above her crib.. Absolutely precious!!! And so smart to choose early. Definitely cuts out some stress and helps you to really decide what you want as apart of the decor!

TraciMLittle said...

Everything is so beautiful! (As usual). I love themed birthday parties... not always done early though :-)

Callie Nicole said...

Ah, thanks Traci! I love picking a theme too - no-theme birthday parties are great too, but the themes are more fun for me, haha! :-)

Callie Nicole said...

Yes, the birthday party stress is so much more manageable when I start early! I have thrown parties both ways, and feeling overwhelmed does not make the process fun. :-)

Katie Bennett said...

You have a lovely blog Callie! I look forward to following along!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you Katie, I am looking forward to reading your blog too!

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