Three Mothering Books Worth Re-Reading

Here is a little confession: as much as I love to read, I am not really a re-reader.

I have been listening to some book podcasts lately (most notably "What Should I Read Next?" which was introduced to me by my friend, Felicia), and it is shocking to me - shocking! - how many people re-read books.  I have only ever re-read one book in full, Anne of Green Gables.  And I actually listened to it through Librivox, so I'm not sure that counts.

However, I have re-read portions of several books, and I notice that the ones I consider most re-read worthy are books that have encouraged me as a mom.  So I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you today, with Mother's Day coming up on Sunday!

Bringing Up Boys/Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson.  

This is kind of cheating because these are two separate books, but I lump them together because they are two sides of the same coin.  I love all the parenting books by Dr. Dobson that I have read, but these ones specifically address different cultural issues that pertain to raising boys and girls today.  Both of these books really made me think about my role as a mother and how my actions will affect how my kids see the world.  I thumbed through them again in preparation for this post, and I may have to start another re-read of certain chapters!

Loving The Little Years by Rachel Jankovic.  

I have re-read portions of this book at different points, especially the sections I have highlighted (there are many).  This book is a quick read and full of encouragement for the day-to-day of mothering.  The chapter I remember most is the one on accepting your post-baby body, and I have quoted it to myself and others many times.

Beyond Bathtime by Erin Davis.  

This is another slim volume, which is perfect for busy moms!  But if you have every questioned whether this motherhood thing really matters, this is a book to check out.  Each chapter really impacted the way I think about my job as a mom.  One statistic I first read in this book has especially stuck with me, and inspired me to write a whole post on the potential of mothering well (check it out on Tommy Nelson's blog today).

These are the three re-read worthy books for moms that came to my mind, but I'd love to hear your list! 

What books have impacted you most as a mom?

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Alex Jacobson said...

What books are next on your docket? I thought it might be fun to read along. :-)
- Alex

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, Alex, that would be fun! Let's see, I'm reading so many right now it's ridiculous - I have actually been listening to a few too, haha! So I probably have 8 different books going. Were you thinking fiction or non-fiction?

Hannah M said...

I have heard about and seen "Bringing up Boys" but never actually read it! I'm sure it's filled with valuable insight and one that I really need to get my hands on. Maybe one of these days I'll get it and give it a ready. Thanks for reminding me about it!

Heather Pedersen said...

I really ejoyed Beyond Motherhood! It was both encouraging and challenging!

Keri Snyder said...

I need to read Bringing Up Girls! These are great ones to remember. Now that I think of it, I need to re read Bringing Up Boys!

Emily said...

I just finished Bringing Up Girls. So good!! Dobson has so much to share and I love the way he writes. It doesn't feel like homework. :) I enjoy picking up his books. Loving The Little Years is also so enjoyable. A few of her stories had me laughing out loud!

I have never heard of Beyond Bathtime. I'll have to check it out!

Natalie @ She Builds Her Home said...

I have been going through Bringing Up Girls and I love it but it has been really slow going! My fault...I'm too into the fiction I'm reading.....
I am not a re-reader, either! I think I have re-read one or two parenting or marriage books but that's about it! I love the suspense of not knowing what will happen in the book and I feel like that would be lost the second time since you already know!

Kelsey said...

I've read bringing up girls and have read Loving the Little Years every year since becoming a mom. I think often of her wisdom when she says "look at the clock. Give yourself twenty minutes. In twenty minutes this will most likely have passed." And it's true. I need to check out the last one you mentioned ( and since I have three girls I skipped BRinging up boys :) ). I also like Meg Meeker's books. And Elisabeth Elliot's "The Shapingof a Christian Family" (first chapters are slow). Thanks for sharing

Lauren English said...

I am so glad you're sharing some recommendations! I've been wanting some good books connected to parenting and might have to add these to my Amazon wishlist. I especially like the sound of that one about bringing up boys...I am so curious and excited to see the joys and challenges that having a little man will bring!

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