Five Books To Give As Baby Shower Gifts

When I was registering for my first baby shower, I had one strategy - register for only the things I absolutely need.

No cutesy outfits.  No blankets. No stuffed animals.  No Sophie The Giraffe or womb-sound alarm clocks or knit hats.  Only the necessities.

It was a good strategy, because I actually did receive almost everything we needed as gifts.  We hardly had to buy anything ourselves.  But thankfully my family and friends also bought me some "cutesy" items anyway because as a new mom, you do need some of those too.  You need to bury your face in fluffy blankets, wash and fold tiny baby clothes, and tuck stuffed animals into the corners of the waiting crib (and then take them right back out because you know the rules).  I knew my loved ones would remember the sentimental items even if I didn't register for them, and they didn't let me down.  I treasured each one.

Since my guest of honor days are (probably) over at baby showers, when I put together baby shower gifts as I attend now, I follow the same recipe.  Mostly practical items so the brand-new parents will have less to buy - and one sentimental item.

And what is my favorite sentimental item to include?  I bet you can guess!  Read more about why I love to give baby books on FaithGateway today!

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