A "PJ Masks" Birthday

I was not aware until recently that PJ Masks is a new show, but in our house, we are all in.  My kids know the theme song.  They come up with PJ Masks stories to play out.  Even Derek will sit down and watch an episode with them in the evenings and chuckle at it!

Last week was Wyatt's 6th birthday.  I cannot believe that my baby is six years old!  I still remember that surreal moment when he was born, with his tiny little cry, and the tears that were streaming down my face.  This kiddo is something special, and I love him so much.

We are trying to tone down the kids' expectations of birthday parties, because with four kids so close together, we can't do a big party every year.  However, when they request a certain theme for their birthdays, I see no reason why we can't oblige!  Wyatt wanted a PJ Masks birthday "party", so I tried my best to accomplish that theme for him.

This was nothing fancy guys, not nearly as elaborate as some of the other parties I've thrown, but Wyatt was still so happy with it!  The only things Derek and I did:

1. Buy PJ Masks plates and napkins.
2. Hang decorations that matched the color scheme.
3. Make homemade Cat-boy, Gecko, and Owlette masks for the kids.

The masks were a big hit, and the kids ran around singing the theme song with the masks in front of their faces.  It was adorable!

We opened a present in the morning, and a present at night, and in between we took a trip to the museum as a family.  It was a good celebration of Wyatt's sixth birthday and my sixth year year of being his mom!



Buddy, I am so proud to be your mama.  You are such a thoughtful and smart boy.  I love how you are always so ready to make a new friend, and about your loyalty to the friends you have.  You are energetic and funny, and I love all your creative ideas of things you want to build.  You want to do what's right, for the sake of others around you and for the sake of obeying God, and I love that you want to follow Jesus and care about such things even at six years old.  You make this whole motherhood thing even more of a blessing.  I'm so glad you are mine.

I love you, bug, and I can't wait to see what six years old will bring.



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Audrey Louise said...

Those masks are adorable! We don't have kids so we aren't always hip to what's keeping them entertained on TV but our best friends have two little ones and I caught a show while we were there last time! It looks like such a fun little program!
Great job on the party!!

Gina babybluemom.com said...

MY boys love PJ Masks too and would have flipped to go to a themed party for one. The party looked so special and I am sure it made for one very happy 6 year old. Time truly flies when it involves kids. One one end of the spectrum it is so amazing to see them grow and the other side you are just wanting time to stand still.

Angi said...

This is absolutely adorable! I firmly believe there is no need to spend months scouring Pinterest for the perfect birthday theme, then go on to spend a ton of money on decorations and party favors and treats and Lord knows what else people spend money on for kid parties. A six year old doesn't know whether you spent $20 or $200, they just care about having fun. And it sounds like your kiddos had SO much fun!!

Shae said...

My youngest wanted PJ Masks this year, too. We had so much fun. Looks like y'all had some fun, too. :)

Callie said...

It is a really cute program! The masks definitely kept them entertained, and I was happy, because they were nothing fancy but they were good enough!

Callie said...

It really does fly! I kind of love that all my kids are into PJ Masks - it's a great "superhero" show that doesn't get too dark and scary! We aren't the types to let our little kids watch PG-13 movies like Spiderman or whatever, so this fills the gap. :-)

Callie said...

I agree! We went all out for everyone's first birthday parties (and have had one almost every year for the last five years), so it was nice to tone it down for this one! You are so right, they don't care how much we spend on the party - regular birthday decorations and cake are just fine!

Callie said...

It was fun! We could barely even find any PJ Masks birthday decorations at the party store! I thought that was surprising at first, but then I realized the show is almost brand-new. There will probably be more next year!

The Lady Okie said...

So fun! You did a great job with the party! Love the masks :)

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