Why I Won't Be Sorry To Turn 30

(Note: We took a trip to the beach recently - vacation recap coming soon - and I got this dress from Pinkblush just in time before we left!  They sent it to me for free in exchange for the feature I am including in this post, but I totally used it as my dress for an unofficial 30-year-old photo shoot on the beach!)

There is something about those decades skipping by that seems a little more of a big deal than normal birthdays.  Some of us mark the 10 year increments with bigger birthday celebrations (that's me!), but I think for a lot of people there is a twinge of sadness or anxiety in growing older.

In less than a month, I will be turning 30, and I'm not bothered by it.  Not even a little bit.  Here's why.

1. Growing older means more experience.  

You all know I'm a talk radio fan (honestly, I listen to way too many shows and podcasts), and Rush Limbaugh often says how he is never sorry to grow older, because it means he has more experience and knows more than he used to.  I have to say, I love that.  I've adopted his attitude over the years, and especially as I've been surrounded by wise older people.  Some of them are decades older than me, like my parents or grandparents, some are people just a few years further down the road of life (ahem, like my husband), but I always look at them and think about the experiences and growth that they've walked through and I haven't yet.  So the passing of a year, even a big year like 30, is just another year that I've grown and matured and learned more.

2. Let's be honest, 30 is not that old.  

We all like to joke about how old we are getting when these decade markers pass us by, but really, the early 30's are still relatively immature.  We all think we know more than we actually do.  Just watching the people in my life who are approaching 40, I see the difference even that one decade makes in maturity and wisdom.  I'm not naive enough to think I have no more growing to do.  Thirty is still very young (maybe not always in a good way).

3. I'm surrounded by people who love me (and vice versa).

It is not lost on me how much of a blessing it is to enter my 30's with my own family established, and surrounded by family and friends who love me.  I think maybe the hardest part of getting older is not being quite where you thought you would be, whether that's professionally, relationally, or personally.  Being surrounded by the people who are most important to me, feeling like I belong somewhere, was always one of my biggest hopes for 30, and so my heart is full. When I look to the years ahead, I can expect a continuation and maturation of the fun I've already been having with my husband and kids and family and friends, and that's a blessing!

4.  I've figured out who I am.  

Maybe this is just me, but I've always had these arbitrary marker years in my head, ages that I look ahead to and think "Wow, when I'm that old, I will have arrived."  Well, I haven't really arrived because every time I reach the magical age there is another marker age on the horizon.  But 30 was one of those years for me.  When I thought about 30, I envisioned having figured out my own identity and style, and feeling confident in who God made me to be and what He wants me to do.  And maybe it's just the power of suggestion, because of the mental picture I've developed surrounding the age of 30, but I do feel like I've figured out who I am.  I just think 30 is going to be good.  (The next marker age is 36, in case you were wondering.)

(Speaking of style...I think one of my favorite parts of this age is that I've figured finally figured mine out.  I like to try new trends, but I fit them in around casual and feminine basics - this dress from Pink Blush is a good example!  PinkBlush is my go-to for maternity clothes, but I love PinkBlush's non-maternity clothes too because they are the right cut for my grown-up, post-baby body, with tons of flattering options.  Thirty means abandoning the juniors section for good, and finding brands that look good on my figure, and with options like Pinkblush I'm okay with that!  You can check out the dress I'm wearing here.  It's a perfect beach dress, right?)

5.  Each year I live on this earth brings me closer to Jesus.  

Each year I live is that much longer I have to grow in my walk with the Lord and learn to serve Him better.  Life on this earth is only an incredibly small sliver of eternity, and for those of us who have trusted in Jesus for our salvation, we have eternity in Heaven to look forward to.  And anything good that we experience here will be magnified and perfected there.  Really, how can I be sorry to grow older when I think about that?  Every year I spend here is one year closer to when I'll see Jesus face to face.  As a believer, there are only good things to look forward to when you take the long view.

Was 30 a good year for you, or was it hard to leave your 20's?  Or if you are in your 20's, do you look forward to or dread turning 30?  

Comment below, I want to hear!

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Bekah said...

I loved turning 30 (other than being so brokenhearted that I wasn't married yet, when that was the greatest desire of my heart), but 31 was really hard. 30 came with parties and fanfare, and then 31 felt like a bit of a letdown. My 30s were great to me, though. I got married and have a whole new life now. I am so grateful! I just hit 40 this month and am excited to see what God does with THIS decade! Happy birthday and BAUTIFUL dress!

Tanya said...

I’m 48 and truly admire that you have yourself figured out. I don’t. I’m still searching for who I am truly at the core. At 30, I was a first time mom to a one year old and loving it. Being a mom is my favorite job/gig/thing to claim myself as but other than that, I get off track. Loved this post.

Elizabeth said...

Oh girl! I am all about the 30s!! They are the new 20s ;) But really, I love being 30!! And I love all these things!

Emily Powell said...

To be honest...I'm 32 and it kind of unsettles me. Like, I can tell my skin is aging. My life doesn't really look like I thought that it would (not that it has to) and I feel really dumb about it. Of course I am thankful for the life the Lord has given me but I don't know...I just feel the age thing a lot more than I should.

Elizabeth said...

Turning 30 was okay because I became a mother a month later! It was definitely a relief to finally have a family, but I hope I would have been just as thankful if I had still been single. After I turned 30 I actually started losing track of my age, so I just add 30 to my son's age. So what's supposed to happen when you turn 36? That's me this year! I will say that probably a hard part about growing older is not feeling older myself, but seeing my parents age. Anyway, I feel like I've had more and more adult responsibilities and that can be challenging. And yet I still feel like a kid and have lots of growing to do. I love your dress and all of the photos!

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