My Morning Routine, If You Can Call It That

One of my goals for this year has been to develop a better morning routine.

I have had visions in my head of getting up before the kids, accomplishing my devotions and a ton of writing work before they even get out of bed, then graciously closing my laptop, giving my darling children a kiss, and going upstairs to make everyone a picture-perfect breakfast.  I look adoringly at my troop while I drink a cup of hot coffee.

Yeah.  That hasn't been going so well.

This is closer to what our mornings actually look like.

6:30 - The sun starts shining through the window, and wakes me up, but I am still exhausted from the night before. This isn't even just Georgie's fault - the three youngest and the dog all conspire to wake me up at least two or three times a night.  I turn my head and try to go back to sleep.

6:40 - I hear little feet pounding around upstairs.  I roll out of bed and call up the stairs, telling the kids to go read books in their room for a while.  I stumble back to bed and fall asleep.

6:55 - More foot-pounding.  I ignore.

7:02 - A child starts to come downstairs.  I want fifteen more minutes of sleep.  I remind them to stay upstairs and try to squeeze in a few more minutes.

7:10 - I realize it is futile to resist and get up.  I brush my teeth and wash my face, put in my contacts.

7:20 - I go upstairs and make the kids breakfast, while reminding them they can't actually eat it until they make their beds and get dressed.  Breakfast used to always be cereal, but then I realized the kids where a little calmer if I didn't hype them up on simple sugars first thing in the morning, so now sometimes I make them oatmeal.  After I make them breakfast, I remind them to put their dishes in the dishwasher.  I go back downstairs to fix my makeup and get dressed.

7:40 - I finish my makeup and go back upstairs.  All the bowls are still on the table.  I remind the kids to put them away again, and then tell them to go play while I drink some much-needed coffee.

7:50 - I sit and read or type or listen to a podcast and try to get motivated to actually start the day.

8:30-9:00 - Georgie wakes up.  I make her a bottle and go downstairs for some snuggles.

9:30-10 - We actually start some sort of school.

Give or take 30 minute on all those time slots, and that's how our morning usually goes!

While I still think it would be wonderful if I could manage to get up before the kids and get some of my own stuff done before the day, our actual morning routine isn't completely terrible.  I would like to be more productive, but there is a part of me that truly loves this slow start to our day.  I'll probably continue to try to drag myself out of bed early, mainly because I would love to be able to squeeze in morning devotions on a regular basis, and I think that is something that truly would be worth making a change for.  As it is, I do my daily devotions at night, which is also fine, but ideally I'd like to refocus my day right from the start.

Do you have  morning routine?  Do you wake up before your kids?  HOW did you become disciplined enough to wake up before them (especially if you have early risers)?
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Michelle said...

This actually makes me feel a lot better. I've had the same goal of trying to get up before G, but I struggle so much with sleep that I need every minute I can get. Plus she's an early riser, and honestly I'm not sure I can handle getting up any earlier! We have really slow mornings too, and I like that.

Felicia said...

My morning routine is not much of a routine. Lately it's been, wake up, get ready for work, grab breakfast from a drive-thru (bad habit that I want to change), and in the last week or two, I've been pushing myself to get to the prayer room at church to do my devotions before work. That helps a lot, instead of trying to do them at home because then I just get distracted by everything to do in the house.

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I never understood how people could wake up before their kids. I am NOT a morning person, and my kids were always my alarm clock. Last year, I tried doing it and it actually went really well. I would get up around 6, work out shower, and start my Bible reading and they would wake up sometime during that. Since I had already gotten myself ready for the day, things were a lot calmer since I only had to focus on getting them ready. it really did help. But then summer came along and I couldn't make myself get up since we had nowhere to be most days, and it all fell apart haha! I am trying to get back to it now because I feel like it makes us have a calmer morning, but I just really dread mornings. I'm a night owl through and through!!

Elizabeth said...

I hadn't caught this post. No, I don't wake up before my kids, though I wish I could. Sometimes I calculate what time I should go to bed, in order to get enough sleep to wake up at least a little before the kids. But then something changes with the toddler's sleep and we're back to square one. My 6 yr old is finally to the point where he can hang out by himself in the morning, sometimes 1-2 hours if we've had a rough night with the toddler. It's hard when you have different ages! If I had early risers I would probably enjoy the evening time alone and NOT try to get up before them. However, my kids go to bed between 10 and 11 pm. You'd think I would just go to bed and try to get up before them, but no, I stay up for a few more hours and then I'm totally dragging in the morning. So I guess my feeling is that you either get your evening alone time OR morning time without kids (if the kids are on the same schedule), but doing both will probably cut down on your own sleep.

Elizabeth said...

We always have hot breakfasts and I love that you're doing oatmeal! I also like that you have kids making their beds and clearing their dishes. We tend to do chores later in the day. In Russia, people wear loungewear/casual clothes at home to keep their nice clothes in good shape. So we don't even have a very good getting dressed routine if we're not going anywhere in the morning. Basically we take a long time in the morning to have breakfast, and then I drag my feet trying to get motivated to get outside while there is daylight.

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