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Are you one of those people who complain every time it snows in the winter?  Because I am so not one of those people.  I just don't quite understand how you could not want it to snow in the winter.  You could have brown ugliness, or you could have this!

I think I can rest my case.

Borrowing the prompts here this time around, I'm currently...

Choosing...things for the house.  The renovation is back in full swing.  Derek is planning on finishing up the kitchen details this weekend, and then the master bathroom is next on the list. I'm trying to make decisions about bathroom tile, and vanities, and decorative items, and which chair to buy for the corner of the living room to tie everything together.  Also, have I shown you this flower box thing we have in our living room?

I have it filled with a garland leftover from Christmas at the moment, but I'm trying to decide what to do with it long term.  We could tile it over and make it a plain old ledge, or I could try to get creative and think of something cool to fill it.  Since I have a black thumb, actual plants are out of the question.  What would you put in here?  I'm tinkering with the idea of a fake succulent garden, but I haven't found quite the right thing yet.

Tidying...nothing.  Everyone is experiencing a bout of house-tidying madness after Marie Kondo's Netflix special, and I'm over here actively avoiding starting any tidying projects.  My life over the last several months has been so not normal, between church issues and moving and renovating and Christmas - I just don't think I can bear to put anything else into upheaval.  So I'm hunkering down with my piles of stuff, and I'm liking it, thank you very much.  I'll tidy in the spring, when my bathroom floor is no longer bare plywood. unread shelf.  One of my goals for the year is to refrain from buying any new books, and to read and/or make a decision on whether to read the books that I own and haven't yet read.  There are a lot.  I'm just warning you now.  In reality, clearing my unread shelf will be a multi-year project, but I'd like to get through at least half of my books this year.  Go look at my unread books on Goodreads, and tell me if you've read any of these and what you thought!  You can help me know what to read and what to gift to my local Goodwill. (Also, why can't you give away ebooks?  This should be a thing.). actually follow through on my goal of going one week a month sugar-free.  I attempted to go sugar free the first week of January, and also the second week of January.  After succumbing to stress-induced candy heart cravings, I decided the third week in January was not going to be a winner either.  It's just been stressful, okay!  I think I'll make next week the official no-sugar week.  I'm doing so great on my New Year's goals, huh? style a little bit.  I've had a limited selection of things that have fit me over the last year because of baby weight, and I realized that my style identity has suffered some as a result.  I'm not really sure anymore what items in my closet are things that I feel good in, and which things need to be updated and refreshed.  I would like to shop my closet and figure out which things still feel like "me", and which things should go.

That sounds suspiciously like tidying, doesn't it?  But hopefully a little less chaotic and a little more fun.

What are you all up to this January?
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Rachel said...

My reading habits are usually determined by what's available within reach--at Angel's school's library, mostly, which probably explains why I read probably too much middle-grade historical fiction. I'm more likely to buy a book for Cyrus than an actual grown up book...the selection just isn't great over here and I'm not a big re-reader. I looked at your list, and "The Princess Bride" is one of those books I love so much that I actually do own it. And have re-read it. It's so weird that I'm sure a lot of people would find it a bit annoying...but it suits my sense of humor.
I'm looking forward to finally wearing my dresses that I haven't been able to wear in so long because of nursing, haha! Weaning is on January's agenda.

Maria Rineer said...

Your Goodreads list- I'm in awe!! I want to read many of them based on the title of the book alone. Did I read correctly that you own all of the books in the list? I've read several on your list. I'm a 19th century Russian literature nerd so I MUST recommend The Brothers Karamazov. The flower box thing is AMAZING! I would consider trying to grow plants, maybe succulents in it. Many plants that have been give to me (and hence I don't know the name of) are still alive and well and I've done nothing but water them and sometimes then only horribly sporadically yet they've lived. I'd google easy to care for plants. Finally, your winter pictures are wonderful! I love the snow if I don't have to be out and about (ie driving) in it.

Amanda said...

"Actively avoiding tidying" during a home reno after a big move and the holidays sounds like a wise decision. Haha! Succulents are gorgeous, but my kids would constantly pull them out of that planter like they did with my spring table centerpieces year. Oops. Mama tried. And I agree about the snow. Far more breathtaking than ugly brown everywhere. Wishing for snow to blanket our muddy yard asap!

Felicia said...

We have a lot of similar books on our unread shelves! We should try to buddy read some of them ;) Passenger by Alexandra Bracken was just okay, and the sequel wasn't that great, so I wouldn't rush to read that one.

Michelle said...

We have a legit blizzard coming tomorrow and I'm so excited for it. I love snow. It never bothers me unless I have to drive in it.

Steph L said...

I love the snow too. It's beautiful!

I taught preschool for a long time and while keeping track of so many tiny hats/boots/mittens could get hectic, we always had so much fun in the snow. Also my son is really starting to be interested in the snow now and it's so much fun to watch him explore and play!

Heather said...

I wish we had snow this time of year! Honesty, our winters are very wet and cold and brown. So far, we've had to "dustings" of snow and that's it. I envy your winter pictures! ;)

I'm in the midst of tidying, purging and cleaning. Only because my favorite consignment sale is in a few weeks, and I like to sell everything there.

Oh...your bookshelf. Three Wishes was probably my least favorite of Moriarty, but it was still a fun read. How to Find Love in A Bookkshop is currently in my living room side table...unread. And I've heard Crazy Rich Asians is super fun!! It's on my to read list.

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