Galveston Island - Part Two

Once we were on Galveston, we spent a lot of time at the beach, the hotel pool, and out on trails!

We tried a couple different nature trails, and we saw so many interesting birds that we don't have where we live.  When we were driving in the car in Houston, I spotted a bird with pink wings flying overhead, but I couldn't tell what it was.  "Oh," Wyatt said, "maybe it's a roseate spoonbill."  Well, lo and behold, when we went on a nature walk, what did we see?  A bunch of roseate spoonbills in a pond!  It was so cool to see those birds, because they really aren't anywhere else in the U.S. except right along the coast in Texas and Florida.  We also saw a blackbellied whistling duck, a yellow crowned night heron, neotropic cormorant, and a common gallinule.

We ate picnic lunches along a canal (it looked like a popular fishing spot), and the beach.  We also went out to eat a couple times.  Our favorite was The Rainforest Cafe!  We don't have those where we are, and the kids thought it was so much fun!  Well, except for when the "thunderstorm" started - then Georgie slapped her hands over her ears and made the cutest little face until it was over.

We went miniature golfing, and really, is there anything cuter than little kids trying to hit a golf ball?  I think not.

We went to the beach a couple times and built sand castles and waded in the water.  None of us went out very far though, because there were rip tides a few of the days that we were there, which is terrifying to me.  I'm a born mountain girl, and the ocean scares me in general, so we are very cautious with the kids by the water.  We make them wear their life jacket/floaties whenever they even put their feet in the water, and they aren't allowed to go our past their ankles without one of us holding their hand.  Like I said, the ocean scares me a bit.  But I loved getting to relax, and play in the sand with the kids, and read!  I got a little paper reading in, but I mostly do audiobooks on the beach so I can watch the kids at the same time.  Even with Derek there, it's good to keep two sets of eyes on five kids.

We also loved the hotel pool, and we went swimming almost daily.  The kids are getting more and more confident in the water!

This was a quieter vacation for us overall - we generally pack our days with all the local sights, but this trip we just took it easy.  It was a nice reset from months on stay-at-home orders, though I told Derek I felt like we needed another week!  One week to get back to a stressless baseline, and another week to really refresh.  But still, it was a timely and needed vacation.

(See the spoonbills?)

 (We walked along the seawall to get to a gift shop we wanted to visit called Murdocks - which is funny, because Murdocks at home is a country-western store, not a store filled with seashells!)

(The seawall had these tiled benches all along it, and they had information about ocean-related things.  We stopped and read each one.)

 (All kinds of neat coral and shells.  We let the kids each pick out a shell as a souvenir.)

(Rainforest Cafe!  We also got the kids little stuffed animals here, which they proceeded to play with the rest of the trip.)

(Inside the cafe.)

(Mini golf!)

(This would be a great picture of me, if it wasn't for the mini-golfing/overalled figure behind me, ha!)

(The ocean, just after a big rainstorm. Of course we proceeded to walk on the beach, because the light was so interesting and pretty.)

(These pelicans just kept flying past in a huge line.)

(Frozen yogurt in the evening.)

(Lots of evenings at the pool!)

(And more sandcastle building and reading on the beach!)

We saw a few pretty sights on the way home, so last part of our vacation photos coming next week!
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Maria Rineer said...

That's cool how your son knew the name of the bird you saw. I've only been to a Rainforest Cafe once and that was in Florida- it's a fun place to eat. Glad you guys had a great time.

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