The Wednesday Five | Vol. 13

A Quote

But I”m glad it’s not rainy today because it’s easier to be cheerful and bear up under affliction on a sunshine day…It’s all very well to read about sorrows and imagine yourself living through them heroically, but it’s not so nice when you really come to have them, is it?
-Anne Of Green Gables

Anne, she says it like it is, right?

A Book

In case you hadn’t surmised, I have added a re-read of Anne Of Green Gables to my morning routine.  I haven’t actually read the books for close to 20 years, if I’m not counting listening to them about 10 years ago.  Now that I am almost old enough to be child-Anne’s mother, I thought it would be time for a re-read.  I do find myself relating to Marilla more and more, but I still find Anne pretty delightful!

A Bit Of Nature

This tree outside our library is always the first to give us a hint of fall.  However, overall I am shocked at how many of the leaves up here are already looking yellow-ish!

A Recommendation

I highly recommend the Acorn Spice cleaner by Mrs. Meyers.  You don’t have to tell me how it’s not very effective and not very natural - I use it for the smell.  I still haven’t found another cleaner that makes me so delighted to be cleaning.  This particular scent is deliciously fall-ish.  A few times I have found myself wondering what that wonderful smell is, and then remembering that it’s my all-purpose spray!

A Moment Of Happiness

We started homeschooling this week - a soft start, so every subject except reading/math instruction.  I was showing Wyatt his history and language arts books, and explaining his work for the day.   When I told him his language arts book would replace his old reading curriculum now that he’s in 4th grade, he perked up.  “No reading?  This book is it?”  When I told him yes, he said: “Hmm.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going to like school this year!”  That’s what I like to hear!
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