What's On My Christmas List

Aren't my kids so cute decorating the tree?

Over the last couple years I have started to make a Christmas list for myself to give to Derek.  He always picks me great gifts, with or without a list. But he asked, and it's fun to be able to pick out things that I would like but probably won't buy myself!  I thought I'd share my list today, just for fun.  Maybe if you aren't sure what to put on your Christmas list, it'll spark some ideas!

Washi Tape

I found this website that sells gorgeous Washi tape a while back, and I've been eyeing a few of their sets!  I use Washi tape in my bullet journal or on letters, to dress up the page and add some sparkle.  I use it in a really basic way, but some people really decorate their pages or letters, like my penpal Felicia (her envelopes are always so pretty!).  It's just fun, and I'd love to get a little collection started.


These three books are on my Christmas list!  The first two I have read before and they were excellent - to the point that I would like to own a physical copy and re-read them.  

Eve In Exile is about feminism, it's negative effects on women, and the purpose for which God really created women.  I feel like that makes it sound a little boring, but it was so good.  

Glory In The Ordinary is about the value of work, and the biblical purpose of our work, and I remember finding it really encouraging especially as it relates to the struggle many women have with feeling...perhaps less-than for working outside of the home OR for not bringing money in for the family.  It was great.

Black Coffee kind of intrigued me, because...well, coffee, but also because I read in the description that it is a Hercule Poirot play that Agatha Christie wrote which was adapted into a book by a different author.  Hercule Poirot is my favorite of her characters, and I'm really curious to see how it is!  

Psalms Scripture Journal

I have one of these scripture journals for the book of Hebrews, and I love it!  It has the biblical text on one page, with a dot grid for notes, decorating, or whatever you want on the opposite page.  I write about things that stood out in the passage, or bits of commentary that I've gathered from other places.  I usually don't fill up a full page, so I am thinking they will be useful for going through the books of the Bible multiple times until it's full.  I'd love to have another one to work in, and Psalms felt like a good place to start!

John MacArthur Study Bible

I have the digital version of MacArthur's study notes, and I really appreciate his study Bible notes - it is always helpful and clarifying when I come across a tricky passage.  I would really like to have a physical copy of the MacArthur study Bible, so I can highlight and read the notes a little easier. I found a damaged copy on this website for cheap, so I'm hoping Derek snagged it for me!


Opal Ring

Turquoise Oyster Ring

I used to love wearing "costume jewelry" rings in my twenties, but I haven't for several years now.  I think my fingers got a little fat for my collection while I was pregnant.  I'd like to get back to wearing pretty rings, but I'd also like some that won't turn my finger green (hopefully).  Even though these are the priciest thing on my list, they are relatively inexpensive and I think they're pretty for a little extra shine.

Art Prints I’d Love To Have Framed

Okay, I am a little hesitant to show you actual pictures here because I don't want to reproduce the artist's work without her permission, but if you click through on anything in this post you have to check out these prints.  I'm linking my three favorite prints below, but Lore Pemberton's art just speaks to me.  All of her paintings are wonderful, but these three are my current favorites and I'd love to get a print of one of these.

This one brings back the feeling of rocking my babies against my chest in the middle of the night.  

We go on a fall hike every autumn, and this one just reminds me of traipsing through the woods with my children.  I can almost smell the leaves.

This one brings to mind the stargazing nights we've done with the kids, and the wonder we are hoping to inspire in them by introducing them to the night sky.


What can I say, I like my makeup!  I've particularly enjoyed Colourpop's eye products for a while, and this cool-toned palette caught my eye (which is currently sold out, so I might not be getting it after all!).  The single shadow is one of their super-shock shadows, which I've heard good things about and would like to play around with.  And I've been wanting to try one of their lip glosses - this color looks pretty.


I realized early this year that I've used up most of my perfumes, and a lot of the ones I've liked over the years are no longer produced.  Don't you hate when that happens?  You find a scent you like, and then they just stop making it.  Tough luck.  I smelled a sample of this one a while back though and I remember liking it, so I put it on my Christmas list just in case Derek needed one more idea.  Time to find a new perfume I guess!


That's it!  I was trying to put a wide variety of things on my list so Derek would have a lot to choose from.  I obviously will not be getting everything here (budget, you know), but I wanted to give Derek lots ideas so if he ends up only buying from my list, I'll still be somewhat surprised!  

What sort of things have you put on your Christmas list? Do you and your spouse make lists for each other?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, your posts are simple, thoughtful and inspiring. Thanks so much for helping a single gal without a family keep her mind on what is lovely.

Heather said...

Oh, those rings are so lovely! I always ask for chocolate and coffee. ;)

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