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Screen Time - How I Handle It (Or Not)

Yesterday I quit Facebook.

I decided at least for the month of December, me and ol' Facebook need a break.

Back in October when I tried to do the "How I Handle It" series on my blog, one of the prompts was "how do you manage screen time".  I admit I was a little prideful at first - I don't have a screen time problem!  What's there to manage?

But maybe that question just needed a little time to sink in, because I started noticing more and more how much time I was actually spending on my phone.  And while there are a few different things that draw me in, Facebook was the number one culprit.  I feel a little embarrassed admitting that, because I always felt I had struck a good balance with Facebook - until the last couple weeks, when I had an epiphany.  

I was using Facebook as an escape whenever my life started to feel a little boring or hard.

Yes, I have become one of those people.  And it's not healthy.

And what's so great about Facebook anyway ?  Even at it's best, I've always recognized that it's also a bit of a waste of time.  I've quit it before.  I can share photos with grandmas though texting instead, and do casual blogs really need a Facebook page?  I'm saying no.  So I signed out of Facebook on all my devices, and cut the cord for (at least) a month.

While I've felt the urge to check Facebook a couple times since then, I weirdly almost immediately felt some of my creativity coming back.  I've always had words just bundled up and bursting to come out, and I was happy to learn that eliminating Facebook has made me want to spend a little more time pouring them out here on the blog, instead in Facebook comments that are forgotten almost as soon as someone clicks on the notification. 

People can say what they want, but I will always think of blogging as one of the good things that can come from the internet, at least for me.  It doesn't have the same instant gratification as Facebook, it's not addictive in that way.  You have to sit still and focus to read (or write) a blog.  You have to think through what you want to say.  It's a producing online activity, instead of just a consuming one.  It's less about that shot of social media dopamine, and more about sharing life and documenting things you don't want to forget.

Yeah, I think quitting Facebook will be a good thing.

So how do I manage screen time?  I'm not very good at it for myself, honestly.  But quitting Facebook is the first step.

Are you on Facebook?  If you've ever quit Facebook, how'd it go?

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