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The Wednesday Five | Vol. 6

A Quote

"The woods are so human that to know them one must live with them.  An occasional saunter through them, keeping to the well-trodden paths, will never admit us to their intimacy,  If we wish to be friends, we must seek them out and win them by frequent, reverent visits at all hours, by morning, by noon, and by night; and at all seasons, in spring, in summer, in autumn, in winter...They have their own effective way of keeping aliens at a distance and shutting their hearts to mere casual sightseers.  It is no use to seek the woods from any motive except sheer love of them; they will find us out at once and hide all their sweet, old-world secrets from us.  But if they know we come to them because we love them, they will be very kind to us and give us such treasures of beauty and delight as are not bought or sold in any marketplace."
- Lucy Maud Montgomery, The Blue Castle

A little anthropomorphizing of the woods for you this morning, ha!  I always like L. M Montgomery's fanciful descriptions in her books though, and this one was sweet and a little true, I thought.

A Book

So, I started reading Little Women, which I've never actually read.  You are all welcome to be shocked now.

A Bit Of Nature

If you wake up early enough, and keep an eye out, there is a five minute window when the light coming up over the mountains is just gorgeous.

A Recommendation

So, I thought I'd give you a couple recommendations that were given to me this week.  One is this pumpkin chili recipe.  I had friends over for a book chat this week, and the conversation turned to different chili recipes.  Pumpkin chili sounds interesting, so I think I'm going to have to try it one of these days!

The other recommendation was Wick Wish Candle Co - this company makes "literary and fandom" candles.  One of the girls brought over a couple of hers on our book chat night, so we could smell them, and they were so cool!  And weirdly they did smell like the books they were representing.  I want one now (maybe for Christmas).  The ones I smelled were "Jane Austen", "Anne Shirley", and "Little Women" and they were so good.

A Moment Of Happiness

This one is going to double as one more recommendation - if you have the room, you should consider a big dog.  Maybe a bloodhound mutt, like our Harvey.

(Harvey, crashing the pictures I was trying to take for the Stitchfix post that I keep forgetting to share!)

As I was doing my devotions this morning, our big 'ole dog came over to me and stuck his nose on top my lap, and while it can be a little annoying at times, I love how sweetly he gets his message across.  I scratched his ears and let him outside, and now he is back in, snoring behind me as I type this.  The sound makes me smile.

I love having a big dog, because whenever the kids are outside I know he is keeping an eye on them and will alert me if any strangers or questionable wildlife come too close.  And when Derek has to be gone for work trips, I honestly don't know what I'd do without Harvey - he sleeps at the foot of the stairs and makes me feel safe.  I'm really grateful for him.  He started out a little like the puppy in Marley And Me, but just like in that movie, he is a better and better dog with each year.

(If you want to join me for your own "Wednesday Five", feel free!)

Currently | April 2019

Do people publish blog posts on Saturdays?  Is that done?  Well, I guess I'm doing it.


Reading...A Serial Killer's Daughter by Kerri Rawson.  Why do I get sucked into these true crime stories?  This one is a little different because it's actually less about the crimes and more about the daughter's own experience finding out what her dad had done.  It's a Christian publisher, so I'm hoping there will be some hope from her perspective, because I imagine that would be pretty traumatizing.  Why am I reading this book again?  It is interesting though.

Worrying...About Harvey.  If you didn't know, Harvey is our dog that we got before any of the kids were even on the way.  We found out last week that he had a tumor, which we initially thought was a simple skin tumor that would most likely be benign.  Turns out it was bigger than anticipated, so the prognosis is not looking as good now.  But we don't know what it is yet.

It's hard sometimes to be a pet owner.  You love your pets, they bring so much fun to your life, but you will almost certainly outlive them.  I had an engagement present Yorkie, Ralphie, that died a few years back after an attack, and I never could bring myself to write about it here.  I have a hard time knowing what to say, or if I even want to write about grief or worry related to dogs.  Every time one of my pets gets sick or dies, I experience a weird mix of grieving for the dog I'm going to lose, but also gratefulness that my children and husband are all healthy and happy.  Maybe that's just what experiencing death so close does, at least for me, and perhaps because it is a dog and not a person.  I'm sad for what I might lose and grateful for what I have.

And I honestly just try not to think about it too much in the meantime.  Hopefully it's not too aggressive and we have a couple years left with our clumsy, lovable mutt.

Frightened by...Mice!  Why are mice so scary?  I think it's partly the surprise, and partly germophobia.  When we moved we realized we had mice in this house, and after some trial and error, we figured out they were coming in through a gap in the subfloor beneath our stove.  Derek taped it up to seal it, which solved the problem for a while.  But then when we were gone in New Orleans my mom saw a mouse in our house.  She laid out some traps and caught 2.5 mice while we were gone!  Yuck!  We then realized the little varmints had torn down the tape that Derek put up.  He fixed it, and we haven't caught any others, but still.  Yuck.

Awakened by...Woodpeckers.  Every morning.  One that does slow, exploratory pecks on the wall right above my head.  And another one that does a jackhammer peck on the metal flue that goes up from our laundry room, which causes an obnoxious echo through our entire house. (It's metal, bird!  Give it up!)  We would pull out the BB gun, but apparently woodpeckers are protected under some migratory bird law or something.  So we just yell and hit the walls first thing in the morning.  Great way to start the day, right?  So far the birds are not taking the hint.

Puzzled by...The lack of flowering trees this spring.  I have seen a few in town, but not many, and not at their best.  I'm genuinely disappointed by this.  The flowering trees in town are the main thing that redeems this muddy mess of a season for me.

Itching...To do some spring cleaning.  I haven't had a chance or the motivation yet to clean out the closets and organize things in preparation for summer.  You would think out house wouldn't be too cluttered since we just moved in October, but you would be wrong.  That's what five kids and Christmas will do to you.

Excited about...Jury duty!  My entire adult life I've wished I would get called for jury duty so I could participate in the civil process, do my civic duty, all that.  I got called once 12 years ago, but the trial got cancelled.  I finally got called again!  This is my chance!  I'm pretty sure they are going to dismiss me on the first day, but I'm still interested to see how it all works firsthand.

Planning...For all the summer fun.  I know it's still spring, but I am ready to be in full summer mode. I bought all the kids summer clothes a couple weeks ago.  (I feel like I didn't do too well price-wise, even though I shopped secondhand - is it just because my kids are getting bigger?)  I'm thinking ahead to an August vacation (not sure where we're going yet).  I am planning for little outings I could do with the kids, and day trips we can take as a family on the weekends.  I'm dreaming of afternoons spent reading on the porch in the sunshine while the kids play outside.  One more month and our summer break is on!

Looking forward to...Taking my girls out for some girly fun today!  Derek and his dad are big fans of the local college football team, and they decided to take the boys to spring practice.  The girls would probably enjoy going too, but this is kind of their guy thing, so we're going to let them have their time.  We are going to a Mommy-And-Me Mermaid Tea Party.  Yes, apparently there are such things.  It should be crazy keeping Georgie out of the paint (did I mention there is paint?), interesting to see what a Mermaid Tea Party is, and impossibly cute for obvious reasons.

What are you up to this fine Saturday?

Giveaway + Why I Will Always Be A Dog Person

When I was four years old, I named our family's first purchased pet.

We already had one dog, but my parents had just decided to get another one.  We got a miniature dachshund, who was with us for years.  He was adorable.  He used to bound through the deep snow in the winters, and he was so short that whenever he landed he would disappear beneath the snow - so you would see him as he jump up and forward, then you wouldn't see him after he landed.

We used to let him sleep on our beds at night, and we would argue sometimes on whose room he would sleep in.  Most of the time my brother would win.  Our little daschund would crawl under the covers and lick your feet until you fell asleep - which in hindsight could have been annoying, but as kids, we loved it.

He was to tolerant of all of our childish schemes, and he was the perfect dress up dog.  We even had a dog wedding with him once, as we dressed up both of our dogs in bride and groom attire and conducted a ceremony.

But back to the naming.  We picked him up when I was pretty little, and mom said we would let dad name him when he came home.  I had an opinion on the matter though, and when dad came home I told him that he could name our new dog.

"But," I said, "we could name him 'Winnie' or somethin'".

You know, after Winnie The Pooh, my favorite cartoon ever.

My dad is such a good sport, and Winnie was his name.

I thought of our little Winnie dog when I read the book "Henry Hodges Needs A Friend".  This is a cute book about how Henry Hodges is lonely, and his parents tell him they are going to get him a pet.  Henry starts imagining about all the possibilities, and he ends up with a sad little dog, who he names "Happy".

This book was so cute and imaginative, and the illustrations were adorable.  I always loved slightly silly plays on things when I was a girl, and this book has many funny ideas of what Henry thinks his pet will be.  I think it makes it really interesting for kids, to spark their little imaginations.  The text also rhymes, and I am a huge fan of rhyming books for kids!  I wouldn't necessarily recommend it if you don't have or want a dog, because Henry and Happy will probably make your kids want one!

The lesson at the end was such a cute one too, about how God knows what we need when we are lonely or sad - and how our friends need us when they are lonely or sad too!  This book will probably go on our favorites shelf.

If you are a cat person, you may not understand (I kid - sort of), but dogs, can be such comforting little friends to have as a child.  Dogs love you no matter how bad of a mood you are in, and there have been many times when I was upset or crying about something, and one of my dogs would crawl up into my lap and snuggle, or lick my face in an attempt to make me feel better.  They love you even when your ugly side shows, when life is messy.  Sometimes you just need that little example of unconditional love and loyalty.  I'll always be a dog person, and it all started with a short little dog I named Winnie.

Did you have a dog when you were a kid?  Will you get your kids a pet?

And if you are a cat person, here's your chance to make your case.  Comment below!


Tommy Nelson has also offered to give one of my readers a copy of "Henry Hodges Needs A Friend" - and I'm going to try something a little different and host the giveaway on Instagram!  So if you don't already follow me on Instagram, you are missing out!

To enter the giveaway, stop by my Instagram and check it out!

The giveaway will end on March 31, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST!

Note: I received a copy of "Henry Hodges Needs A Friend" from Tommy Nelson in exchange for a review.  This is my honest opinion.

Good-bye, Miss Quince


A couple months ago we found our dog Quincy a new home.

DSC_0060 copyblog

You’ll remember Quincy from that time last year when she went on vacation without us?  She was sure a character, for a dog.

She really was the sweetest little dog you’d ever meet, most of the time.  But occasionally she would show aggression toward other dogs.

I never really mentioned it on here, because it only happened once or twice a year, tops.  And usually just with my parent’s dog, so we made sure to keep them apart.

However, I always worried about her a little bit, especially before we had Wyatt.  But when he was born she was just an angel dog. She didn’t have any aggression issues for over a year, and Wyatt could pull on her hair or ears and she’d just sit there patiently and let him play with her.  She was wonderful with Wyatt.


But then randomly, at the beginning of this year, she showed some aggression toward Ralphie (our Yorkie).  Enough that it started to scare me a little.  And it was so weird, because she and Ralphie were always the best of friends.

It was after that when I told Derek that I thought we should start keeping an eye out for another home for her.  I didn’t want a dog around that I couldn’t trust.  Even though I loved her to bits, and I went back and forth on whether I really could do it or not.

A couple months went by, and we didn’t find anybody.  I knew I couldn’t give her up to just anyone.  I had to know that she’d be happy.


But then she ran away a couple different times (remember how she’s a runner?), and the first time she came back she had clearly been given a bath.  I don’t think I was ever able to get her hair quite that fluffy.

She ran away again a few weeks later, and some people called to say they had her.  Derek went to pick her up, and found out it was the same people who had her before.  They had two little girls, and they mentioned they’d like to keep Quincy.

So Derek told them the whole situation and explained that we’d been trying to find a home for her.

He brought her back and told me, and I just knew she’d be happy there.  Both times she seemed to be almost sorry to leave this family to come back here.  I knew they could give her the attention that we just couldn’t give her with two other dogs and a baby.

So we said goodbye.


The family was so sweet, and the little girls wanted us to know that we could come visit or have her back here to “spend the night” whenever we wanted to!

It’s still sad though.  I miss the way she’d wag her whole back-end when she was happy to see us, and I miss seeing her and Ralphie playing together.  I’ll miss having her around for Wyatt, because she would sit still and let him play with her while the other dogs either slobbered on him in passing or wouldn’t give him the time of day. And I’ll even miss how she had no sense of personal space – she’d just scoot closer and closer to you until she was practically on top of your head. It was cute.


She was a sweetie, but I’m glad we found a good home for her.  The Lord really just dropped the solution in our laps, and I knew it was the right move.  They love her, and I know she’s happy.

I miss you, Quincy-Girl.  Thanks for being part of our family for a little while.

The Prodigal Has Returned

So yes, remember the week of my surgery? Something else happened that week that I never got a chance to blog about. We lost our dog Quincy on that Wednesday.

Honestly, we weren't too worried. We knew we'd get her back.

That may seem like a callous reaction at first glance, but oh, you do not know this dog.

She's a runner.

I can't remember how many times she's ran away from us since we got her, but it's a big number. The first time we were worried and I cried, and we thought we'd never see her again. Then we got her back.

Then she ran away again, and we got her back again.

And again.

And again.

Everytime she runs away, we get her back somehow. So it's kind of gotten to the point where we don't even think twice when she runs away. Usually this is what happens.

I call Derek: "Guess what?"

"What?" he says.

"Quincy ran away again," I say with a twinge of frustration.

Sigh from Derek's end of the phone. "When did that happen?"

"This morning. I drove around for a few minutes, but I couldn't find her."

"Oh well, she'll come back. She always does."

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, back to the story.

So she ran away the week of my surgery. Obviously alot was going on that week, so it took us a couple days to track her down. Derek finally found a small little ad placed on an online forum that said a small dog had been found on our street.

We knew it was her, but the people didn't leave a phone number! I mean, if you advertised a found dog, wouldn't you leave some way for the people to contact you?

Derek jumped through a few hoops, got a hold of the administrator for the forum, and got the number.

We called. The people wanted to keep her, which wasn't surprising. She's a cute dog. No wonder they didn't leave a number.

Oh, but that's not all. We found out that our little dog was no longer at the house just down the street.

No, our dog was in Missouri.

Apparently the people who found her had a trip scheduled and took her along. And they wouldn't be back for three weeks.

We waited the three weeks and wondered if they would ever come back.

Turns out they were delayed. We finally got her back last week. Four weeks after we had lost her.

She had been all over the country. And (surprise, surprise) we found out she had run away from the people who had found her too - twice. At least we know it's not just us.

It was kind of different having her back at first - we had lived with two dogs for a month, so when she came back it felt like we had gotten a brand-new dog again.

The prodigal dog has returned!

I'm afraid we didn't exactly kill the fatted calf. Instead we gave her a chewy and promplty beefed up our invisible fence.

Yep. That ought to hold her this time.


As a note - we really are glad to have her back. She's the happiest little dog I know, and it just wasn't quite the same with her gone.

And I was just thinking - isn't it great that no matter how many times we may stray from following our Master, the Lord Jesus, He always runs to us with open arms when we return? And He really does kill the fatted calf to celebrate. What a loving God we serve.

Lonely Fur-Babies

This morning I woke up to the sound of poor Harvey outside, crying. You know, that low mournful sound that dogs make when they're sad?

Derek had to leave for work a little before me this morning, so he got the dogs all ready to go so I wouldn't have to (he's so thoughtful). However, this meant leaving Harvey outside in the dark for a while.

He gets lonely.

Then there are the little dogs, Ralphie and Quincy, who get put in the laundry room during the winter days. They have a little dog bed in there, and they curl up on it together. Whenever I pass by they both look out at me with these sad, hopeful eyes.

Boy, I hate leaving my dogs home alone on the days I work! They look so pathetic and depressed.

Thankfully I have five whole days in a row with them during the week, so that helps - but I think they're feeling neglected this week, because I've been so busy I haven't had much time to cuddle. Ralphie and Quincy follow me around the house all day. Harvey hasn't been nearly as annoyingly cheerful as he normally is - a sure sign he's feeling sad.

My poor fur-babies.

Don't worry, guys. The next couple of weeks will be better. (You know the dogs read my blog when I'm gone during the day, so I'm sure they understand . . .)

P.S. Thank you all for the sweet advice on "The List" yesterday! I know we'll get it done eventually. Hopefully, anyway!

P.P.S. Don't forget to enter the Christmas giveaway if you haven't already! Last chance today!

Oh, The Horror!

Warning: This post should not be viewed by teddy bears or any other stuffed creatures because of the graphic nature of the content.

Morbid, isn't it?

I bought these little stuffed animals for the dogs last Friday. Within two hours the three of them had all the eyes pulled out. The next morning the poor eyeless things also had their little stuffed innards scattered all over the floor.

Within the week they will be completely de-stuffed.

Within another week the stuffing-less legs will be pulled off.

And soon this will be all that's left.

It's like a horror film for stuffed animals. Except it's real.

Cue the creepy Psycho music.

Goodbye Earbuds

Sometimes I wonder why I agreed to get that dog. Then he gives me a big slobbery kiss, and it's hard to stay mad.

I don't think my little earbuds are salvageable.

At least he didn't chew up the actual iPod. Then I think I would have had to cry.


My Good Black Boots

Look at what that dog did to my good black boots!

What's a girl to do but just sigh?

Dog On The Outside, Puppy On The Inside

When my family came over on Sunday for the Superbowl, my brother and sister-in-law brought their dog Bella. Bella and Harvey have met before, but not since Harvey was little enough that I could still carry him.

Harvey can be a handful - he has a lot of energy, and he's pretty big now, but he still acts like a puppy. It makes me frustrated sometimes because he does the playful biting, jumping, and chewing, and I feel like he should be better behaved by now. I have to remind myself that he's still only six months old or so, and he still needs to be trained and played with. Even though he's huge.

Well, Bella came over and she and Harvey "met" again. Harvey is about the same size as Bella now, and they just had a grand old time playing! They chased each other around the living room, chewed on each other, tackled each other - it was so cute! I caught part of it with my digital camera. I think Harvey liked playing with a dog his own size.

Harvey and Bella from Callie on Vimeo.

Harvey playing with my brother's dog - they're so cute!

Isn't he so big now? It's crazy. He's like a grown dog on the outside, but he's still a puppy on the inside. I think I just need to remember that and have a little more patience with him sometimes.


Young Married Group And A Lost Dog

Monday night was our first meeting of the young married group that Derek and I started with some friends of ours.

We decided to meet at each other's houses and just rotate with each meeting. Derek and I volunteered to have the first meeting at our house.

I spent most of the weekend rushing around and cleaning. I wanted the house to look perfect, because neither of the other couples have been to our house before.

I thought it went well. Basically I made some desert and we just had a nice time visiting and doing our study together. It was nice to get to know the other couples a little better. There are only two other couples beside Derek and me, and I think that's a good number. We had a nice time.

Despite the fact that we almost lost one of our dogs about a half hour before they were supposed to get here!

Quincy tends to run away, so we always have to put her on a chain when we take her outside. Well, I put her on the chain when I got home and left her out there for a little while. She's stuck in the kennel all day when we're gone, so putting her on the chain outside gives her a chance to stretch. However, when Derek got home and went outside to get her she was gone.

She's run away before, and one time she got about two miles away before we even realized she had gone. So I thought she could have been anywhere, because I didn't know how long it had been since she got loose.

We jumped in the car and scoured our street for her. I was beating myself up for not keeping better track of her, and I was a little worried that she could get hit by a car since it was dark out by this time. We were just praying that we'd find her, and quickly, since we only had twenty minutes to find her and eat dinner.

Thankfully a few minutes later we spotted her trotting down the road toward us a couple minutes later. When I got out of the car to get her she just hung her head. She knew she was in trouble! You can just read her emotions so easily - I've never known a dog as expressive as she is.

She used to be a stray before we got her, so for some reason she still just runs wild if she gets loose.

She gives us more trouble than either of the other dogs, but I'm glad we got her. She's just a sweetheart, and I love her.

Ah, that dog.


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Opening Christmas Presents

Here's a video of my dogs opening their gifts on Christmas morning! Just to make you smile.

Ralphie is pretty good at unwrapping, Quincy just sits and waits until we unwrap it for her, and Harvey is still trying to figure out what's going on!

Please pardon my dog-talk. I know, I'm just getting them all riled up (especially Ralphie), but it's cute.

Opening Christmas Presents from Callie on Vimeo.

Our three dogs opening Christmas presents!


Chewed Cable And Recipe

You'll never guess why our TV wasn't working.

The cable for the satellite runs along the outside of our house, and about six inches of it shows on the corner of our porch.

I was wondering why Harvey spent so much time on the porch.

That's right, he chewed the cable almost in half. No wonder it wasn't working.

Thankfully we had bought some sort of protection plan without knowing it, so the satellite company replaced the wire at no extra charge.

This is getting a little ridiculous, no? That sidebar list is coming soon.

I got a few things baked last Friday, but not nearly as much as I wanted to. Derek and I had a great weekend seeing extended family for Christmas - I'll tell you about it as soon as I have time to write a real post! It was a great weekend, but there was no time to get caught up n baking, so I'm planning on doing more tomorrow.

I'm just going to end this post by sharing the recipe of one of my favorite Christmas cookies - Snowdrop cookies! Because of their white appearance my husband fondly refers to them as Snowman droppings, but they are fabulous and pretty easy to make, so if you have a chance this week, give them a try!

Here's the recipe:

Snowdrop Cookies

2 egg whites
¾ tsp. cream of tartar
¾ c. sugar
1 c. chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 F. Take out the oven racks and place foil over them before heating. Leave racks out of oven. Beat egg whites with hand mixer until foamy. Add cream of tartar; beat until stiff. Slowly beat in sugar; beat until stiff. Add chocolate chips. Place by teaspoon on foil-covered racks and put racks in oven. Turn oven OFF. Leave overnight.


The Dog And My Freezing Toes

The laptop is currently out of commission!

No, it didn't crash on me (thank goodness). Actually, you know that dog? The one we decided to get in October that has brought the dog count up to three? He's in his chewing stage. It's ridiculous how much stuff he has chewed up. And the funny thing is, it's all my stuff.

Funny. Such a fluid word. It can mean strange, interesting, puzzling, or it's literal meaning. I'm not using it in the literal sense.

I really do love Harvey. Don't think I don't. And I actually should thank him, because he's giving me blogging material. Look for a "Things Harvey Has Chewed Up" list in the sidebar, coming soon.

He chewed up the power adapter for my laptop. And the laptop battery only lasts so long. We're hoping to get another cord soon.

In the meantime, I have to blog in our cold unfinished basement, because that's where the other computer is. At least we have another computer. But from now until we get a new power adapter, you can all picture the posts on this blog being written by poor little me in several layers, possibly a winter coat depending on the weather outside, and big warm socks. I may even resort to shoes.

I can just picture myself getting bundled up, pulling on my winter coat and boots, and Derek asking me where I'm going. "Don't worry Babe, I'm just getting ready to blog". Yeah, it's pathetic.

In other news, the satellite guy is coming over sometime this morning to fix our TV. Yep, the satellite upstairs is broken too. So if I want to watch TV, I also have to do it in the cold, unfinished basement. Adding a scarf around my neck and grabbing a couple blankets, "Don't worry Babe, I'm just going to watch some TV." Even more pathetic.

Here's the list of things to do today:

1. Write a couple blog posts, until I get too cold to do any more.

2. Bake ginger cookies, chocolate cherry cookies, little loaves of flavored bread for gifts, make two different kinds of fudge, work on chocolate covered pretzels.

3. Wrap Christmas presents! It's terrible how long it's taking me to accomplish that one thing.

4. Work on reading my books. I have a couple more that I'm determined to finish before the new year!

5. Get ready to go out, because Derek is taking me for a shopping/coffee trip tonight.

And that's it for now, though I have no doubt there will be more on the list by the end of today. It's kind of a fun list though, because some of those things have to do with Christmas - and Christmas chores are always kind of fun, right?

By the way, head over to Be Jolly, By Golly to read my post on Christmas traditions.


A New Member Of The Family

Derek and I are welcoming a new addition to the family. No, it's not a baby! I had you fooled, didn't I?

I think we are crazy, but we are getting another dog! Derek has been wanting a "big dog" for a while (I guess Quincy isn't considered a big dog?). A couple weeks ago a litter of puppies was brought to the animal control for our county.

Let all be warned - these are the dangers of having your husband and mother work right next to the animal control office! Derek says he wants me to have a bigger, scary-looking dog around to protect me from any strangers that stop by on my days off. I guess he has a point.

I was resistant to the idea at first, but Derek wanted me to stop by and see him. That was my first mistake.

Derek and my mom and sister were sitting on the tailgate of my mom's vehicle, and on the ground next to them was the puppy. He was just sitting there very calmly.

I told Derek to bring him on over and give him to me before I had to leave for work. That was my second mistake.

He just sat there and looked up at me with those sad eyes. He's part foxhound and part something else that we aren't quite sure of, but he's got the personality of a hound. Very mellow, and with big, brown, sad eyes.

By the time I got to work I was trying to figure out what we should name him.
We went to see him at the shelter a few days later, because apparently it's a law that we can't take him home until he's fixed. He's definitely not the runt of the litter - he was the chubbiest puppy there. I think he'll be a big dog. But when I picked him up he just tucked his little head right under my chin. I melted.

We went to visit him again earlier this week and he jumped up and wagged his little tail when we came in. I think he remembered us! We brought Ralphie to meet him, but I think we probably should have waited, because places like that make Ralphie nervous. It'll be good for them to meet again when we bring the puppy home, which will be on Tuesday!

I hope the puppy and Ralphie and Quincy get along well together. I'm not too worried, because the puppy is very mellow and seems nice and friendly. I suppose it will take them a little time to get used to each other, but I think they'll be good friends.

And now for the name (drumroll please) . . . Harvey! Isn't that cute? Especially when he's this humongous dog walking around the house.

I'll leave you with a video. Yes, I've finally figured out a relatively easy way to get personal videos on the blog! You all have never even heard my voice, huh? Well, you'll here a little bit of me talking on here too. Forgive the fuzziness, it's from my digital camera.

Harvey One More Time from Callie on Vimeo.

Some video footage of our new puppy, Harvey!

Pass The Hand Sanitizer

Earlier this week I went shopping with my mom. I actually did fairly well - I didn't spend too much money! Sometimes I just like shopping too much . . .

Ever since I was young I've had a slight dislike of thrift stores. I'm not sure what seems so horrible about them, because alot of times I'll comment on some cute article of clothing or decoration and I'm told it's from a thrift store. You can get some great stuff from them, so they really can't be all bad. But whenever I leave I feel like I need to sanitize my hands.

One of the items we were trying to find yesterday was a little baby gate so that we can block off a section of the basement for Ralphie when we're gone. We've been trying to keep him in his kennel, because Quincy does fine in hers, but Ralphie is a really small dog, and he just can't hold it. It's so sad when we get home and he comes out of the kennel all wet - he looks so relieved just to be out! But then we have to give him a bath, and he just looks so lovably pathetic. Ralphie hates baths.

My mom is quite a smart shopper, so she thought it might be worth it to check a thrift store to see if they had a baby gate that was inexpensive (those things are not cheap if you buy them new). I walked in there, and I was fine as long as I just looked, but once I picked something up I got that annoying urge to wash my hands again. Honestly, thrift store merchandise can't really be that dirty! Most people probably wash things before they give them to a thrift store (at least we always did). Sometimes I think I have a mild case of OCD.

Anyway, we were on our way to another section of the store, browsing as we went, when what do you think I saw? A pair of roller skates! I couldn't believe it, because roller skating has been on my mind since I visited my friend Hazel. I was actually thinking about calling different roller skating rinks to see if any of them were selling their old skates. I think it would be fun to have my own pair so that I could skate around this lake in town if I wanted, or even skate on our cement pad out back (we have this huge cement pad next to our house that will eventually hold a garage). I love skating - it's one form of exercise that I truly find enjoyable.

The skates were a size too big, but they were only six bucks! I figured I could stuff a little bit of toilet paper in the toe and they would work wonderfully; and for six bucks you can't go wrong. Do you know how much skates cost brand new? If you can even find skates - they aren't too common anymore. I can't do roller blades because my ankles are too weak - I've never been able to hold my ankles straight when ice skating or roller blading. I really like the stability of the four wheels on roller skates.

Well, needless to say, I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that. So I bought the skates. I haven't been able to try them out yet, but I'm pretty excited! Maybe on Friday, since I'm planning on spending the entire day being lazy and having fun. It's been a crazy two weeks.

I think I need a skating buddy though - maybe I can convince Derek to skate with me if he gets a pair.

Come to think of it, I was so excited by the skates that I don't think we ever ended up looking for a baby gate for Ralphie at the thrift store! Never mind it was the entire reason we went in there in the first place. Oh my.

And just in case you were wondering, I did sanitize my hands once we were in the car. Twice.

Campfires, Fairs, and Mini Golf

This weekend we went on a little two-night trip to the state fair with my family! We also got to bring the dogs, which made me happy. It was my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, and Derek and me, and three dogs. Quite a crew, but we had alot of fun!

It was so exciting - I've never really been to any fair before, and this was the state fair! We camped Friday and Saturday night at an RV campground with my parent's camper, and we visited the state fair on Saturday. Then we came back and enjoyed a campfire and steak dinner - Sunday we visited my grandpa for awhile, because he lives near the fair, then we headed home. Here are some pictures!

Derek rode a mechanical bull! He did great!

We saw a lumberjack show. I like watching them on TV, so it was fun to watch one in person too.

In front of the piglets.

Miniature golf later at the campground - I came in dead last, for those of you who want to know.

Me and the dogs!

A campfire and steak dinner!

We had a really great time! Hope I didn't bore you to death with pictures.

By the way, in case any of you missed the last post, I have a painting blog, and there is something new posted on it! Check it out here: Dalla Prima Pennellata: From The First Brushstroke.
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