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Last Launch

I don't have much to say today, and I'm typing on my iPod, which is not easy, so I'll keep it short.

But did you hear about the last space shuttle launch today? I'm not able to watch, because I'm at work, but I wish I could be there for the launch. Is it really the last space shuttle ever? I find that very depressing. I think space exploration is important - and now it's over? Boo! I hope our next president starts the shuttle program back up again (if we can ever afford it again, with the crazy national debt).

Do you know how many advances in technology came as an indirect result of research done for the space program? Pretty much anything worth having. And they just ended it.

Needless to say, I'm not happy about this. But when you spend trillions of dollars in three short years you have to cut somewhere, right? It makes me sick.

Today could mark the end of an era.

But I'm not giving up hope yet. This could still turn around, right? I'll give up hope when I'm fifty and there's still no space program.

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I Did Some More Research . . .

Yes, I'm addicted to research. I need to know all the facts before I can really make a decision. Please see the addition to my previous post, because it is in answer to the thought that the available research is inconclusive on the birth control issue.

I agree that it is somewhat inconclusive, because a specific study hasn't been done to show what happens after breakthrough ovulation when on the pill. But based on the information that is available, I think the chances are significant that birth control pills could have an abortifacient effect, and until a study is done that could show otherwise, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Please see the added information in my last post, because it's important to know everything, and I spent alot of time finding all that stuff for you guys! Just consider me your own personal research assistant.


For Christmas Derek and I got the movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed!". Derek and I saw this movie when it was in the theaters and it was so good that I decided to buy it when it came out on DVD, so I bought it for one of our Christmas presents to ourselves! We haven't really had a good oppurtunity to watch it together until tonight. It was just as good the second time around.

This movie inspires me, and makes me want to stand up for my views, and help with breaking down that "wall" in academia which is discussed in the movie (you know, the one that stands between the acceptable "scientific" theory of evolution, and non-acceptable but still valid alternative theories, such as intelligent design). Re-watching this movie reminded me of a review I wrote after we saw it in the theaters the first time; however, for some reason it never got posted on here. So I thought I would post it now. For those of you who have never seen "Expelled", I think it's definitely worth your time; certainly on my "must-see" list.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I saw the movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed!" with Ben Stein last night, and it was excellent! If you care about preserving our freedom of speech and academics in America (which any of you who are Americans should care about), then you should really see this movie!

I thought the documentary did an excellent job of bringing to the viewer's attention some of the inadequacies of the theory of evolution and how scientists are being denied the right of expressing their doubts or exploring any alternative views (specifically intelligent design) for fear of losing their jobs. The suppression of these scientists is only hurting America and those of us who live here, because brilliant scientists are being prevented from performing their research or teaching at our universities, simply because some evolutionists are afraid of a little competition for their theory. However, competition is the catalyst of progress, which is being stunted right now because many brilliant scientists are being prevented from exploring certain scientific possibilities.

This film also touched on the connection between Hitler's atrocities and Darwinism, and included interviews with many evolutionists who pathetically insisted that intelligent design is not compatible with science, one evolutionist even complaining that the theory of intelligent design is just so "boring". These objections are, of course, just excuses to keep theories other than evolution out of the academic system; once again, inhibiting our freedom of speech. Freedom is what our country was based on, and is what makes our country great, and if we care at all about preserving that freedom we need to preserve it at every level, including academic and scientific freedom; this is why this film should be supported.

I'll close my review of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed!" by sharing a moment in the film which (to me) was one of the most inspiring. At the end of the interview with Richard Dawkins (a devout atheist), Dawkins stated, in response to one of Ben Stein's questions, that if he were to "run into God" after he died that he would ask Him why He took such pains to hide Himself. Ben Stein's narration then continued to explain that intelligent design scientists do not think that God is hidden, but rather think that we may actually be able to encounter God through science: and what could be more intriguing than that?

The above image is from the "Expelled!" website.

By The Things That Are Made

I recently read the book “Case For A Creator” by Lee Strobel. I tend to be a science geek anyway, so this book was very interesting to me. Our God's imagination and power just amaze me, and studying science has always reminded me of that. This book allowed me to read about many more ways that our God has shown just how amazing He is through His creation. It consisted mostly of interviews with various scientists who are experts in their given fields and who are inclined to lean toward intelligent design as a viable theory of how the world originated.
Reading this book put me in my “science geek” mode, and inspired this post. These are some interesting quotes that I found not only in the book but through my own searches as well, and I’ve compiled them according to basic topic for you here. Please take time to read through them – these kinds of quotes are always encouraging and inspiring to me, and I hope they are to you as well.

“Exquisite Order”

“It is hard to resist the impression that the present structure of the universe, apparently so sensitive to minor alterations in numbers, has been rather carefully thought out . . . The seemingly miraculous concurrence of these numerical values must remain the most compelling evidence for cosmic design.”
- Paul Davies, Physicist

“The exquisite order displayed by our scientific understanding of the physical world calls for the divine.”
- Vera Kistiakowski, Physicist

“Through my scientific work I have come to believe more and more strongly that the physical universe is put together with an ingenuity so astonishing that I cannot accept it merely as brute fact . . . I cannot believe that our existence in this universe is a mere quirk of fate, an accident of history, an incidental blip in the great cosmic drama.”
- Paul Davies, Physicist

“A commonsense interpretation of the facts suggests that a superintellect has monkeyed with physics, as well as chemistry and biology, and that there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature.”
-Sir Fred Hoyle

“Created For Man to Live In”

“Would it not be strange it a universe without purpose accidentally created humans who are so obsessed with purpose?”
-Sir John Templeton

“All the seemingly arbitrary and unrelated constants in physics have one strange thing in common – these are precisely the values you need if you want to have a universe capable of producing life.”
-Patrick Glynn

“If the universe had not been made with the most exacting precision we could never have come into existence. It is my view that these circumstances indicate that universe was created for man to live in.”
-John A. O’Keefe, Astrophysicist, NASA

Designed To Do Science

“What intrigued me was that the very time and place where perfect solar eclipses appear in our universe also corresponds to the one time and place where that are observers to see them . . .What’s more, perfect solar eclipses have resulted in important scientific discoveries that would have been difficult if not impossible elsewhere, where eclipses don’t happen.”
-Guillermo Gonzales, PHD

“Our main point is that there’s no obvious reason to assume that the very same rare properties that allow for our existence would also provide the best overall setting to make discoveries about the world around us. In fact, we believe that the conditions for making scientific discoveries on earth are so fine-tuned that you would need a great amount of faith to attribute them to mere chance.”
-Jay Wesley Richards, PHD

“One purpose for which we were designed is to do science itself.”
-Lee Strobel in Case For A Creator

Fanaticism of Evolutionists

“It has been my experience . . . that the ones who oppose the theory of design most vociferously do so for religious reasons.”
-Michael Behe, Biochemist

“Scientists propose hypotheses all the time. No big deal. But if I say ‘I don’t think natural selection is the driving force for the development of life; I think it was intelligent design,’ people don’t just disagree; many of them jump up and down and get red in the face. When you talk to them about it, invariably they’re not excited because they disagree with the science; it’s because they see the extra-scientific implications of intelligent design and they don’t like where it’s leading.”
-Michael Behe, Biochemist

"I wish I were younger. What inclines me now to think you may be right in regarding [evolution] as the central and radical lie in the whole web of falsehood that now governs our lives is not so much your arguments against it as the fanatical and twisted attitudes of its defenders."
-C.S. Lewis

A Sure Path to God

“It may seem bizarre, but in my opinion science offers a surer path to God than religion.”
-Paul Davies, Physicist

“Only a rookie who knows nothing about science would say science takes away from faith. If you really study science, it will bring you closer to God.”
-James Tour, Nanoscientist

“Nothing we learn about the universe threatens our faith. It only enriches it.”
-George Coyne, Astrophysicist

" I became exposed to the law and order of the universe, I was literally humbled by its unerring perfection. I became convinced that there must be a divine intent behind it all... My experiences with science led me to God. They challenge science to prove the existence of God. But must we really light a candle to see the sun?"
-Wernher von Braun.

"Nature is too thin a screen; the glory of the omnipresent God bursts through everywhere." -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“Beyond Those Stars”

“Many have found that the awesome sight of the star-studded heavens evoke a sense of wonder, and awareness of transcendence, that is charged with spiritual significance. Yet the distant shimmering of stars does not itself create this sense of longing; it merely exposes what’s already there. They are catalysts for our spiritual insights, revealing our emptiness and compelling us to ask whether and how this void can be filled.
Might our true origins and destiny somehow lie beyond those stars? Might there not be a homeland, from which we are presently exiled and to which we secretly long to return? Might not our accumulation of discontentment and disillusionment with our present existence be a pointer to another land where our true destiny lies and which is able to make its presence felt now in this haunting way?
Suppose that this is not where we are meant to be but that a better land is at hand? We don’t belong here. We have somehow lost our way. Would not this make our present existence both strange and splendid? Strange, because it is not where our true destiny lies; splendid, because it points ahead to where that real hope might be found. The beauty of the night skies or a glorious sunset are important pointers to the origins and ultimate fulfillment of our heart’s deepest desires. But if we mistake the signpost for what is signposted, we will attach all our hopes and longing to lesser goals, which cannot finally quench our thirst for meaning.”
-Allister McGrath

"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse . . ."
-Romans 1:20

An Encouraging Bit of News, and Other Updates

Well, I finally have a day at home to put up my new decorations (yay!). I'm about to get started, but I wanted to do a quick post.

Thank you all for praying for my working interview yesterday. I think it went pretty well, but I won't find out if I got the job or not until next week. Please keep praying that I can get the job! It would be really nice to know we can pay the bills each month.

I saw an encouraging bit of news this morning while I was watching The Fox News Channel. Apparently some textbook board down in Texas is discussing how they want evolution to be taught in textbooks, and they are discussing wanting to address the theory's strengths and weaknesses in future textbooks. This is exciting news because if they succeed in this new approach it will probably filter through to the rest of the country - Texas is a big state, and a lot of the textbooks that are made for Texas schools are used across the nation. Textbook companies tend to tailor the books for Texas because the state is a big market.

I thought this was really encouraging! If it's brought to the students' attention that the theory of evolution is not proven or perfect, it will not only improve their minds (because they will be forced to weigh the evidence and make a decision for themselves, rather than just accepting everythng they're taught as fact), but it will encourage them to have open minds when it comes to other theories of origin (like creation)! This is probably a story to keep our eye on, my fellow Creationists!

Evolution: Science or Religion?

One subject that is important to me is the evolution versus creation debate. I've been interested in biology ever since my first high school biology course, and since then I have read several books, watched many DVDs, and taken several classes that have to do with this subject. One thing that I don't understand is how scientists can honestly look at the evidence and still claim that evolution is how life originated. Science is about observing, gathering the evidence, and coming to the most sensible conclusion based on that evidence. Yet time and time again, evolutionists ignore or distort the evidence to make it agree with what they want to believe. That's not good science. That's not even good ethics.

Here I must distinguish between microevolution and macroevolution. I find that alot of people get these two mixed up or think they mean the same thing. Microevolution, or small changes within a certain kind of animal, does occur and can actually be observed. We observe it when bacteria become resistant to certain antibiotics, or when we see a lot of variety within a kind of animal, such as with dogs.

Macroevolution, when one kind of animal changes into a different kind of animal, has not been proven, nor can it ever be proven. Why? Because we can't observe it happening; there is no way to observe it therefore there is no way to absolutely prove it happens. This applies to every theory dealing with the origins of life, evolution and creation; we can never prove how life actually started.

As to which theory is more likely, however, there is no doubt in my mind. There is no conclusive evidence for evolution whatsoever, in fact there is evidence against it. Many evolutionists have admitted to this, even Darwin himself. As I stated above, I've done some studying on this subject, and there is a lot of evidence that evolutionists just can't seem to fit into their mold, so they ignore it or twist it to make it look like it says what they want it to say. I can't get into all of the evidences right now or this blog would be way too long , but I will give one quick example.

The sun is slowly getting smaller. Not to worry, it's still so huge that it won't burn out for millions of years yet. But it stands to reason that if the sun is getting smaller, it used to be bigger. Some scientists did the math, and if the universe is really millions of years old, then millions of years ago the sun would have been so big and so hot that life could not have formed on earth. The proteins that make up even the simplest of cells denature, or unravel, at high temperatures; they could never have formed. Interesting, huh? Yet I've never heard an evolutionist or textbook address this.

If you want more information on the evidences in the creation/evolution debate, you should read "The Case for a Creator" by Lee Strobel (student or full version, both are good). You can also check out these websites that I've listed below. Answers In Genesis, founded by Ken Ham. Dr. Ken Hovind's Site. You can order some great DVDs from here too! The Institue for Christian Research. Lots of scientific research articles. There are a lot of articles on this site too.

So why do evolutionists still believe that evolution is how we got here? One of two options. Either they are truly ignorant of the evidence, or they are aware of the evidence and choose to believe in evolution. If this is the case, it must take just as much, if not more faith to believe in evolution as it does to believe in creation. So should there be another religion called Evolutionism? I think so. I think evolution is a religion hiding behind "science". So why do they get to put their religion into public schools, but whenever we suggest that the world may have been created we get a bad grade, suspended, or fired? It's not right, is it?

I know there are some Christians who believe in evolution and creation at the same time. They believe that when the Bible says seven days of creation, it really stands for millions of years. My question is this: Why? Why do they believe that? All the evidence that I've ever seen or read about fits with the theory of creation.

If the seven days of creation in Scripture really means millions of years, why stop there? Maybe the parts where it says that Jesus is God don't really mean that either. Maybe when it says He died to save you it doesn't really mean that. When you cheapen one part of the Bible, you cheapen the entire thing. There is absolutely no evidence against creation, and there is absolutely no conclusive evidence for evolution. Why not take God's Word at face value?

I've done my research, and I've made up my mind. What about you?

I know there are some of you out there don't agree with me. My challenge to you is this: Do some research. Check out the resources I mentioned, or find some of your own. Spend some time in prayer and ask God to show you the truth. Then come back and let me know what you think!

End note: I got the above image from the sample images on my computer.

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