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Blog posts are actually what got me started on thinking about cloth diapering.  Honestly, I had never even considered it before, but shortly after I had Wyatt it seemed like I was hearing about cloth diapers somewhere every week!  There were a lot of posts from fellow bloggers that I found helpful, and I starred them at the time thinking I might use cloth on our next child.

Then I had a little panic attack about how much money we were wasting on disposables, and I decided to give it a go.  I was glad I had all those posts starred, because they were great to refer back to.

So this is a list of the posts that I read way back then and some that I’ve found since that I have found helpful.  There are probably more that I’m forgetting, but these were the ones that I starred.

Ashley wrote a great series on cloth diapers:


Leanna wrote a post on cloth diapering which is what got me to thinking about it in the first place.


Jenene wrote a two-part series, and I bought some of our diapers based on recommendations from her.


Bridget wrote a very informative post, and her post made the washing process sound really simple.


Rachel wrote a post on the products and routine she uses as well.


Chloe wrote a post on cloth diapering, and she uses some diapers that I haven’t heard of before.  I might give them a try after reading her post.

Lauren wrote a post that included a lot of great resources (if you’re interested in further reading) and she wrote a post with her thoughts on how cloth diapering has worked for her family.

And finally, Brittany wrote a post recently that I thought was helpful as well.


And that’s it, so if you are considering cloth diapering, definitely check these posts out!

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Laura said...

I cloth diaper too and found some great info in blogs when I was starting out!

I've never blogged about our diapers though, maybe I will!


Natalie said...

That faux denim cloth diaper is hilarious! I Have never seen one like that before :)

Anonymous said...

This is a great resource post, Callie! Thanks for including my links! I'll have to bookmark this post so I can come back later and check out some of the other ladies you mentioned. :)

HIS daughter said...

And you wrote some post about cloth diapering and it is what got me started in the first place :) We should be getting our first cloth diapers in the mail today and I can not wait!!! :)
I love the resources and links you have shared! I have all of them favorited and go back and read and re-read them over and over again :)
thanks for your posts! :) they really did help me just starting out :)

Amanda said...

thank you so much for these resources! i am strongly thinking about doing cloth. i think i even have husband on board too. this might be a silly question...but everyone talks about starring or bookmarking helpful posts like these and i don't know how to do that! i don't want to loose track of this post! :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for all the great info! I have my cloth diaper stash ready to go once our disposables run out, but I'm still nervous about making the switch! This info will really come in handy!

Bridget said...

Thanks for the shout out, and super excited to check out these other mamas cloth diaper posts. I love how the blog world is such a useful resource! Glad you are enjoying your new diapers!

Emily Powell said...

bookmarking this...if I actually get my butt into gear and order any...sigh :)

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