First Birthday “Round-Up” Party!

Cowboy "Round Up" First Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

I tossed around several ideas for Wyatt’s first birthday party theme, but the second that the thought of a cowboy theme came up, I knew that was what I wanted to do.  Here are some pictures of the invitations, decorations, and food for Wyatt’s First Birthday Round-Up!

Cowboy "Round Up" First Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Cowboy "Round Up" First Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Cowboy "Round Up" First Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass
Cowboy "Round Up" First Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Cowboy "Round Up" First Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass
Cowboy "Round Up" First Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass
Cowboy "Round Up" First Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass
Cowboy "Round Up" First Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Invitations:  I made them myself with a blank card set and my scrapbooking software.

1. I ordered a reprint of a 1950’s children’s book to use as a guestbook – guests wrote Wyatt a birthday message on the inside.

2. I made “Cowboy” Coffee Cupcakes and Root Beer Float Cupcakes, and I baked them in mason jars – I made the tags and tied them to the jars with raffia.

3. I made the “Happy Birthday” banner with burlap and cowboy fabric, then stenciled the letters onto it.

5.  Ordered the birthday cake from King Soopers.

6. Root Beer Float station.

7. Monthly picture banner – I used string and mini clothespins to hang up Wyatt’s monthly pictures.  It was a great way for everyone to see how much he’s grown during his first year.

8. We served coffee, and I made the sign that says “Coffee – strong enough to float a horseshoe.”  Derek had all my signs and tags laminated for me.

9.  Wyatt’s highchair, with a sign that says “This seat is reserved for the Birthday Cowboy, Wyatt!”

10.  Guest book station, and I also put out a stuffed bear that Derek bought for me while I was in labor.  I had a picture of Wyatt as a newborn with the bear that I displayed for comparison.  He was barely bigger than that teddy bear!

11.  Chili and cornbread for dinner.

12.  Birthday Boy shirt from Target (on clearance last summer).

13.  Tied the balloons up with thread – so much better than trying to use tape!

The links are either to recipes, or to some of the ideas that we modified or used for our party.
Overall, I’m really happy with the way everything turned out – I gathered everything gradually over the last six months, so it didn’t hurt my wallet much; I had a lot of fun making the banners and signs and putting everything together; the mason jars, rafia, and twine I’ll use for other projects in the future, so the extra won’t go to waste; and the decorations aren’t specific to a first birthday, so I can keep all the decorations and do another cowboy-themed party a few years down the road!

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Amanda said...

What a lucky little boy and a creative mommy!! :)

Anonymous said...

You did a great job! SO cute.

Anne said...

What a cute idea. The decorations are so cute. I bet he loved it!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Aw Callie it's so cute!!! Great job! :)

Emily Powell said...

that was SUCH a cute idea! good job!

LeAnna said...

Oh, how adorable!!! Love the cupcakes in a jar, that's perfect!

Lyndsey said...

Such and adorable first birthday party, Callie! Great job! I love all the DIY touches! I hope Wyatt enjoyed his yummy cake!

Meghan said...

It all looks adorable! What a fun and memorable party day.

Laura said...

Wyatt's party looks SO fun! I absolutely LOVE the cowboy theme. You really did an amazing job with the decorations, it's so true that it's all in the details.

Love the sign about the coffee being strong enough to float a horseshoe!


Stephanie said...

Adorable! So cute- good job mama!

Veronica and Daniel said...

So fun! I love the cupcake in a jar idea. What a lucky little cowboy to have such a creative mamma!

katie said...

It is all so cute and it seems like the theme fits you guys so well! You are so creative and thoughtful.

I really wish I could try one of those mason jar cupcakes! Too cool!

He will love looking back on these pictures I'm sure!

RTB said...

Such a cute celebration - so sad we missed it. Wyatt is worth celebrating!

Natalie said...

What a cute party!!! I love that you 'reserved' his high chair-I am going to have to remember that touch :)

Jenna said...

Such a great job with the party! It turned out fantastic. Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Krystle said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
Adorable!!! What a great job!

Melanie said...

What a great idea!

Nicole said...

OMG, everything is A-Dor-A-Ble! You totally outdid youself! Pinterest is like idea central... but you really made it happen!
Nice work!

Happiness Is... said...

Super cute - love the theme! Came together well!

Kate Craig said...

so cute! and the pictures are great!

Unknown said...

Everything is adorable! You did a great job!

Ashley said...

I LOVE your cowboy theme!! You did such a good job planning all the details - they went together so well! I'm sure Wyatt will look back and be amazed at the great 1st birthday party he had! :)

Jessica said...

I know this is a totally late comment (I'm so behind on blog reading!) but EVERYTHING is so adorable! What a special first birthday party for Wyatt :-)

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