Christian Mama's Guide to Parenting A Toddler Review

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The Christian Mama's Guide To Parenting A Toddler by Erin MacPherson includes topics from getting your child to eat healthier, to teaching a love of learning, to getting back to date night with your husband.  Each chapter covers a specific topic and give tips relating to that topic, along with a Bible verse and prayer.

The moment I started this book, I immediately wondered if the author was a blogger.  Something about her style of writing? So I turned to the page with the author's bio, and I found out she is a blogger!  Can I call it or what?  I guess sometimes bloggers can just spot one of their own.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this book.  While I did not agree with everything the author said (ex. didn't like some of her suggestions on dealing with toddler tantrums), she included a ton of tips and ideas that I would like to try.  Her writing style is easy to read, and I found myself laughing and relating to her stories all the way through the book.  

When you are a toddler mom it's easy to wonder if you are doing anything right, but she tells it like it is in this book in a fun way.  I left feeling encouraged and normal, and like I'm not alone.  As I said, even though I didn't agree with everything she said, I would recommend this book just because it was so fun to read, and I think I may look into some of the other books in the "Christian Mama's Guide" series.

Note: I received this book for free from Booksneeze in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.
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Diana Hill said...

I will have to give this book a read! We have entered the terrible 2's and it is really tough at times. I am looking for advice and ideas,so thank you for the review!

Melanie said...

Love this!! Do you know where I might be able to purchase it?? Looks like something I'd enjoy reading!

Lauren said...

thanks for the review, sounds like something I should check out!

Erin MacPherson said...

Thank you so much, Callie, for the wonderful review. I really appreciate it.

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