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Imagine if you could impact that many people.

What you might not realize is that you can.  And you might be even now, without realizing it.

I recently read a book called Beyond Bath Time by Erin Davis (highly, highly recommend this book for all moms - it was so good), and this caught my attention.

"A woman who has two children and whose children each produce two children for ten generations will by the  tenth generation have 1,024 offspring.  But a woman who has four children and whose children each have four children will be the tenth generation have 1,048,448 descendants!" 

(Quote was taken from "Turning the Tide: Having More Children Who Follow Christ" by Holly and Bill Elliff.)

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I always considered motherhood a calling and a ministry - that is something that my mom passed on to me.  And I have thought about the big picture of the fact that my work as a mother is not just affecting my children, but their children and everyone else they impact.  But I never really thought about the fact that the number of my own descendants could be that large, and that I have the power to impact them all for good or ill.

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I don't think I'm over-stating it.  In most cases parents (particularly mothers, since they are typically the ones spending the most time with the kids) have more of an impact on their children than any other people.  They affect them more deeply than anyone else can.  In countless little ways they affect how their children view the world, how they behave, how they treat others, how they feel about themselves, how they view God.  And those things don't just stop with that child, because that child may grow up and have children of their own and pass down the things they learned from their parents.

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For all you moms - don't let anyone tell you that you are wasting your talents or time on motherhood.  You are making more of an impact than you think.  Use your influence wisely - pray for wisdom to give your children a godly worldview, teach them how to be polite, teach them about loving others and treating them kindly, make them feel like a blessing and not a burden, teach them about following Jesus and living to further His Kingdom.  

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These seem like small things, but they aren't.  These are the big things.  These are the things that will truly last when you are gone.

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Don't short-change yourself or minimize everything you do as mother, as if it's not a worthy use of your gifts.  It is.  You are making a difference.  

You are changing the world.
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Lauren said...

this is a great post...and such a wonderful reminder about how much influence we really do have!

& of course I LOVE the photos of Gwen & Wyatt!

LeAnna said...

LOVE this! As a Mama who has been talked down to for "wasting" my young years caring for multiple small children, instead of following a career, this is something I've shouted from rooftops. Motherhood is a huge calling, ministry and mission field. I am so saddened by even some in the Church, that think you're not doing enough if you stay at home. You also must lead small groups, or mom's studies, or be involved in every possible ministry in your "spare" time. I don't have spare time. But I do have a calling AND a ministry, and an honorable one at that. There's a quote that goes something like "Children do not interfere with greater things; children are the greater things." Great post!

Ashley said...

Beautiful post! =D

Emily Powell said...

such cute faces! by no means are they a waste of time!

Melanie said...

Great post! Really makes you think how many lives can be impacted!!

Jenni Lynn said...

Amazing post, and soo true!! I am doing a Bible study, called " Called to be a Keeper" and so much of it is about what you touched on here. It was the first time I had ever heard anyone say that a women's ministry is often her home and her children. I also love that you mentioned how having 4 kids can impact the world as opposed to 2. So many people stop at 2, which is so fine and wonderful and what I used to want, but I feel like I get looked down upon more for having more children, and it is nice to hear something encouraging about having 4!

Robin said...

Wonderful post Callie! And so true! As the old saying goes, "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." Be proud to be a mother who loves raising her children to serve the Lord! Love, mom

Robin said...

Wonderful post Callie! I did not realize the extent of the influence a mother has even to the tenth generation. It confirms the saying, "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." Great post!

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