A Happy Three Years

Today my sweet Wyatt-Boy turns three years old!

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He is the sweetest little three year old I know.  Favorite things right now include trucks, cars, Thomas the train, Winnie the Pooh, chocolate milk.  Balloons (especially filled with helium) are his favorite, and he asks for one every time we go to the grocery store.  

He has been chattering for weeks about how his "birthday is comin' soon", and he has asked about his birthday "cek", and birthday balloons, and birthday presents - he was definitely wanting a party, so a Thomas the Train party it was!

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He holds conversations with Derek and me, and he loves to make us laugh.  He crawls into bed with me in the mornings to snuggle.  He tells me he loves me without being prompted and gives me sweet little hugs and kisses that melt my heart.  

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He asks sometimes to "come up da stairs" with us at church instead of going to his class, and he sits next to us, with his blankie and truck, through the church service.  He likes to help put Gwen to bed, and always shouts "G'night Gwen, I love you!" on the way out the door.  He likes to brush his teeth.

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I call him Pumpkin Pie, Bugaboo, Bug, Wyatt-Boy, and any variation thereof, and he knows I'm talking about him.  He likes to point to my stomach and announce that "New bebe is getting bigger!"
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He tries to bargain in more time at night by asking to "sit wif you for few mimutts."  He giggles and shouts with glee when Dad plays "rocket ship" with him, launching him into bed at night.  When he sees someone fall, or a car crash, or similar things on TV (which we try not to let him watch too often) he always looks at me and says "he's okay though. He's okay," until I reassure him.  

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He likes crafts, especially anything involving glitter.  He asks for us to sing "Jesus Loves Me" to him every night.  He is quiet, but when we read Bible stories together at night I can tell he is taking a lot in even if he doesn't say much.  

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He has such a sweet, soft heart.

I can hardly believe sit was already three years ago that we packed up our bags and headed to the hospital, knowing we would be coming back with a baby.  I was nervous - nervous about being a good mom, nervous about meeting my son, nervous about how a baby would change our lives.

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But then he was here.  The doctor handed him to me and I wasn't nervous anymore.  Just so, so grateful for this precious little life.  

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And I am still so grateful for the privilege of having him as my son.  Back then I had no idea how much joy was in store for me, but I know now.  And I thank God every day for that little boy who made me a mama.

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(For more pictures of his party, click here.)
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Tiffany said...

It is amazing just how cute they can be and how quickly time goes by. It looks like it was such a fun party!

Tiffany said...

Isn't it just amazing how fast time flies and how cute they can be. I still cannot believe that Sydney will be 5 in September. :-\ it looks like it was a beautiful party!

Lauren said...

so precious! Happy Birthday Wyatt! I can't believe he's already three!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Happy birthday Wyatt! :)

Rachel and John said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt!! I can't believe our boys are 3 this year. Just a few months until Henry's birthday too!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday to Wyatt! What a sweet post about him, he will love reading it one day. And goodness, he just sounds like such a sweetheart! And I nearly teared up thinking about how fast time goes with your babies... oh my. I'm sure he loved his Thomas party, it looks so fun! You did a great job :)

Susannah said...

Happy birthday to your precious little guy!

Kate Craig said...

I love these kinds of posts :) Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

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