Friend Me Review

After reading the description for Friend Me by John Faubion I was too intrigued not request it.

In Friend Me, Rachel and her husband Scott discover a new social media platform that allows them to create a "virtual friend". While Rachel tries to re-create her friendship with her deceased friend, Suzanne, Scott falls into the trap of setting up an "intimate" virtual friendship through the service, trying to convince himself that he is not being unfaithful to Rachel.  What neither of them knows is that an insane employee of the virtual friend company has fallen in love with Scott and is targeting both of them through their "friends".   Scott and Rachel slowly figure out what it going on and try to come up with a plan to rescue their marriage and lives.

What I wasn't so sure about:

The plot line creeped me out a little bit, just because it was so believable.  If a social media company ever figured out how to use artificial intelligence to create realistic virtual people, I think everything in this book could potentially happen, which is a little scary!  It made m
e want to avoid reading it at night so I didn't freak myself out (I avoid all suspense books at night anyway though). 

It was also disturbing to me how Scott used the site to cheat on his wife, while justifying that it wasn't really cheating because it was virtual.  Disturbing, but also a reasonable premise with this website's technology.  Let's just say I hope such a company/social media site never exists!

I felt like more of the book focused on the infidelity than I would like.  The other thing that confused me was an attack scene that was thrown in toward the end of the book - it didn't seem to fit in or add to the plot at all.

What I liked about this book:

It was a very interesting premise, and (in a scary way) quite believable.  The book was suspenseful and kept me wanting to read more to find out what happened. 

I also felt like it opened the door to look at social media with more critical thinking skills - social media as it is now can be misused in so many ways, and the extremes in this book bring up issues that people should be thinking about with current social media use as well - like online predators, the dangers of letting your virtual life become more important than your real life, marital unfaithfulness online, etc. 

I felt the ending was rushed, but it was also an ending with a positive note. If you like suspense and want an interesting read that will make you think, this book might be one to check out.

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Note: I received this book for free from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinon.
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