500 Hats Of A Modern Day Woman Review

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The 500 Hats Of The Modern Day Woman is a book by Joyce Ellis that discusses some of the various roles that women fill in our everyday lives.  These roles might include wife, mother, working woman, daughter/daughter-in-law, and others.  Ellis offers advice and insights for 10 different "hats" that women wear in the chapters of this book.

I thought Ellis's writing style was conversational and easy to read.  She offers lots of stories to illustrate her points.  She concludes each chapter with resources to help with the particular "hat" she is discussing, as well as Bible verses and questions for further personal study.  This book would be great for a Bible Study in an individual or group setting, especially for those who are new to Bible Study since it was more light and conversational.

I felt like the train of thought in some of the chapters was a little disorganized for me.  I like clearly laid out points (that is probably my Type A personality showing through), and each chapter felt more like a stream of consciousness, so it as hard for me to pull individual points out at times.  Also, though she briefly touches on it in the final chapter, this is not a book on how to balance all of our "hats" as women - you won't find time management or organizational advice in this book.

Still, I thought the thoughts Ellis shared in 500 Hats Of The Modern Day Woman were helpful, and this was a fun book to read.

Note: I received this book for free from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.
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