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I have never read anything by John Piper, though I have heard good things.  I saw the A Godward Heart was up for review, and I decided to request it since I had been wanting to read one of Piper's books.

A Godward Heart is somewhat like a devotional book - it contains 50 chapters, and they are short enough to read in 5 minutes or less.  I think some of the readings might be excerpts from some of his other books, but I don't think all of them are.

I would say that this was not like a typical light devotional!  Piper discusses some deep theological topics and tough issues in light of what Scripture says.  Each chapter really made me think, and it brought my focus back to God.  I found myself reading several at a time, because though the subjects were not light, it wasn't the kind of book where you have to stop and think about each point before moving on to the next one.  Each chapter encouraged me and made me want to read the next.

After reading a Godward Heart, I am interested in reading more by John Piper!  I'd definitely recommend this for anyone who is looking for a devotional book that goes deeper than the surface and dives into biblical truths.

Note: I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multonomah's Blogging For Books program in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.
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Veronica and Daniel said...

Ooo! I'm a big John Piper fan! I usually have to take his books a few pages at a time because they are just so thought provoking - I think I would enjoy this book that is already broken up into "bite sized" chapters :) I think my favorite JP book is A Godward Life.

Melanie said...

Sounds very good!! I need to get back into my reading..I've been a total slacker lately!

Kenzie Smith said...

That sounds like a really wonderful book, especially since it prompted you to do so much deep thinking yourself!

Emily @ Ember Grey said...

Hi Callie! I just stumbled across your blog from over at Heavens to Betsy :) SO glad I did, I adore your blog. Just wanted to say hello from your newest reader!


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